Good Deal or Not? “coveted Art Deco building” edition

1 Scott Circle Northwest

This rental is located at 1 Scott Circle, Northwest. The listing says:

“New listing of beautiful corner Jr. 1-bedroom unit at The General Scott, the coveted Art Deco building 2 blocks from Dupont Metro. Flooded with light from its multiple windows. High ceilings, old-world charm. Condo fee includes most utilities. 24-hour front desk, extra storage and panoramic views of the city from the roof deck. Open Sunday 1-4.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $250,000 ($462 monthly fee.)

Ed. Note: We looked at a rental option here in May.

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  • That’s a great deal for the location! Wish it had been up for sale a year ago when I was looking.

  • Nice place and good investment, but emphasis on “Junior.” Looks like they just added a glass wall?

    • In some of the units, the solarium is the bedroom: when you have a glass wall, a door, a closet then you can legally call it a one-bedroom.

  • huge condo fees

  • maxwell smart

    Yeah, even with the condo fee that mortgage would cheaper then my rent AND i could almost roll out of bed and be at work. Interiors look a lot better then I was expecting for this building.

  • That’s a studio with a wall, not a true one bedroom, but it still looks like a decent deal. However, I had a friend who owned a place there about 10 years ago and complained about poor management and a bad condo board, so it could still be a mess of a building.

    • Bf has lived there for 11 years. No complaints about condo board or management except that they are pretty strict on the rules for use of the roof. Pretty good reserve, too.

    • Sounds to me that maybe it was your friend with the problem. The building has a green roof and healthy cash reserves…..How about that, fancy buildings!

  • Good deal. I do wonder if they priced it low so it would get bid up.

  • Many many years ago I had a friend who was a male escort who lived and ran his business out of his junior one bedroom there.

    One time we were vacationing in P – Town and asked Jon if he was going to join us bar hopping to meet men and he said “No I’m on vacation. “

    • You posted the same exact thing when POP listed the rental for this place months ago.

    • He must not have had clients visit him. One of the things that some people like– and others hate– is that all guests have to sign-in and be announced: not a an environment conducive to the escort business.

  • This isn’t a rental, it’s for sale. Or am I missing something???

  • It’s a good building. I lived there 10 years ago, and have no complaints with the condo board at all. Front desk people were very nice at the time (and the building maintenance person fixed something for me for $25 that a plumber was asking $500 for). It looks like a low floor, which helps with the price, but it is one of the larger units in the building.

  • This is a studio. This isn’t even a ‘jr’ 1br, in that there’s no real separation between the living room and ‘bed area’. I really hate the ‘jr 1br’ label.

    That being said, it’s actually pretty gorgeous and a *very* reasonable price, even for a studio. This kitchen is probably a bit cramped, but at least the doorway was clear. Anyone find any floorplans?

  • It is an older building, but really well maintained. It does not have a ton of amenities beyond the roof deck. But the location is amazing. And while the fees could be lower, that is still an amazing price for a condo in the Dupont/Logan area.

  • They claim this building is constructed in the Art Deco style and yet it was built in 1891. Was it refurbished in the 1930s or something?

  • Two blocks from the Dupont metro? That’s a bit misleading.

    • reminds me over the fight about how far is the Whole Foods. Some people say two blocks, some say one; But the WF is on the next block, ol.

  • There are quite a few buildings where the bedroom is a tiny space may originally have been some sort of sun porch. The Valley View has units like this and I’ve seen others; they usually call them junior one bedrooms. In other cities, a junior one bedroom tends to be a place with defined dining area or perhaps just an island/pass trough at the kitchen.

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