Good Deal or Not? “an easy peaceful farmhouse feeling” edition

816 G Street Southeast

This house is located at 816 G Street, Southeast. The listing says:

“Lump in my throat. Game changer. Conjures cottage, an easy peaceful farmhouse feeling centered in a splintered world. Set-back in balance with its lot stop shopping houses, seek synergy tween work, play and personal lives. You need feeding. Chicken soup for your inner-homebody. Betsy Ross put on her party dress, left pie on the sill, hit the strip chasing men in uniform. See me re steel structure.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $748,500.

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  • Whoa, I wish this had come on the market during the three years we were searching on the Hill. It’s not often I say this, but I’m feeling buyer’s remorse (we bought a very nice house for about the same price a couple blocks from here, 3 years ago). This looks like a very good deal and I’d be surprised if it stays on the market longer than a week.

  • justinbc

    Having almost bought a house half a block from this one, I can say that this is definitely a good deal for the location. The house interior is beautiful, one of the more unique Faison listings I’ve seen (a lot of his remodels look classy but rather cookie cutter). The amount of light in this place is fabulous.

    • We almost bought a house half a block from this one too. It was listed for around the same price, but four of us jumped on it immediately and the price escalated to over a million. And that was 4 or 5 years ago. I think this one will see a bidding war too.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I liked it until I got to the heinous kitchen/dining room combo. Everything else was pretty nice.

    • Oh wow, I loved the kitchen and dining area. I think it looks updated but still old-worldy. What don’t you like about it?

      • I loved it too.

      • Guessing it’s all the dark wood… but the natural light coming in makes up for it IMO.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I don’t like kitchen dining room combos. I want a separate dining room. The other stuff is cosmetic. I hate light fixtures, the dark wood, the floor, the style of the cabinets with those drawer pulls.. and what’s up with the stain on the back of the island and side of the cabinets not matching? Should have done a better job with that and put some switch plates on the island that at least match the lighting fixtures or the drawer pulls…which those should match too. The whole room is a fail for me except the windows.

        • a separate dining room in a house this small is only going to make the house seem smaller.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I disagree. I’m not the hugest fan of open floor plans, but if it must be open, make the living room and dining room open and leave the kitchen separate. I hate looking at a kitchen unless I’m actively cooking.

          • “I hate looking at a kitchen unless I’m actively cooking.”
            I feel that way too– even if you’re really neat and clean up dirty dishes right away, there’s still a lot of not-that-attractive stuff sitting out on counters. These setups always look a lot better staged, without people living in them. For this house, though, I’d put up with it.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I probably would too, the rest is really nice. Kitchens are such personal things, I feel like I’d have to basically redo any kitchen to be happy in a house I own. I’m way more flexible renting.

          • Hm Emilie & Anon 2:28 interesting! We redid our entire first floor and had toyed around with the idea of opening the kitchen to the dining room, but it turned out it was a load baring masonry wall so it would have cost too much to do. I absolutely love how my kitchen turned out and I actually like having it be a separate room too, but I worried other people wouldn’t and it would affect resale value!

        • PDleftMtP

          Could not agree more. These kitchens are made for people who order in sushi, not people who make big splattery delicious messes for their friends. It’s pretty hard to find kitchens that aren’t open to the world in anything that’s been redone at all recently, though.

  • I’m not that familiar with this neighborhood, but it looks close to E. Market, and is so pretty on the inside, and that back yard… very nice. I’ll say deal!

  • So this agent is tripping acid again, but this description is even more incoherent than most of his others. This was a bad trip, for sure: “seek synergy tween work”?

    • maxwell smart

      I couldn’t even understand any of it. It’s like it’s written in Emoji or something. I didn’t know real estate was being marketed to 12 year old girls.

      • My first reactions to the description were “I can definitely out-negotiate someone who writes listings like this” and “I’d fire my agent if I saw that description online,” but the house does look nice. I’m not familiar with neighborhood to comment on how good the price is, and while the kitchen doesn’t come across well in the pictures (a lot of wood), I’m sure an area rug and some other color will go a long way and add some personal touches to the space.

        • This agent has been doing this for years– apparently it’s working or at least not hurting. Those descriptions are pretty meaningless anyway, so I appreciate his decision to mock them.

        • Besides, you shouldn’t try to negotiate with Crazy.

        • Are there any house being sold by the person(s) living in them an not a flipper?

          I do think this will go over asking but don’t have a sense of how much.

      • It might be ridiculous but this guy knows how to sell houses.

    • I do like the image of Betsy Ross flirting with Marines at the Ugly Mug.

  • I wonder what Tom Faison is smoking to come up with these descriptions of his.

  • Perfect for an empty nester!

  • Very nice. It’s just across the street from the historic home of the Marine Commandant and is one of the oldest homes on the Hill, as you can tell by the front door facing sideways instead of G Street, when homes were built before the street pattern was fully laid out.

    • You can also tell it’s old because it’s wood. In the mid-1800s the city imposed a law that new structures in the L’Enfant city be made of brick, for fire safty reasons.

  • So, this is so nitpicky, but anyone else driven nuts by the combination of wood and white trim everywhere? Pick one!!

  • For those thinking this will go significantly over list where does that put 644 E St SE? $80k less on list, slightly smaller, but basically the same, lesser finishes, different layout, but closer to metro, further from 8th st, closer to parks, AND in the best elem school dist on the hill…. If I were in the market for a similar property E St seems like a much better deal IMO.

  • I think it’s a good deal for the neighborhood and is likely to go very quickly. In the last couple months prices on the Hill have started to accelerate again. There are few 3-bedroom houses available for less than $850K (and one over by Barney Circle just went for $930K). Two bedrooms will naturally for for a bit less, but with such a great location my guess is this house will end up at $800K or more.

  • @CHRE-

    I think 644 E is a notch and half below 816 in terms of layout and finish, and am not sure that people buying either house are going to be focused on schools. Having said that, unless there’s something structurally wrong with 644 I would think when they open bids tonight they will end up with something closer to $700K.

    • 644 E has an odd layout from what I can tell, and looks more like a bland flip (aside from a few fireplaces they saved). I think both will sell for above list, but 816 G will ultimately end up selling for more.

  • Anonymous 1:15, pleasure to meet you and glad that we find similar qualities in each other’s words. Friends often send your posts and I’m flattered. (any publicity is good right? so thanks). A few things though, might enlighten, or inspire you to be more gentle with your comments: 1. The tedious blurbs written by agents on our system are limited to exactly 400 characters, so yes, I take full advantage of any abbreviation available, even one’s I invent. It’s like a real estate tweet. You should try it. I’ll pay you for a good one. Only rules for me are exactly 400 characters, and you can’t write about anything that can be seen or touched. 2. I can’t recall if I’ve ever dropped acid before, but I have met Timothy Leary, Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir(look them up), all in a house at 710 North Carolina SE, 30 years ago. (hard to recall as well) 3. The Wharton School of Business recently described what I do as brilliant on an NPR interview(look it up), although I’m much more in your camp that the write-ups are utterly ridiculous, some more than others…Can you imagine doing 50 a year?
    So, Anonymous 1:15, stop hating and write me a house description! If there’s an age issue between us you can always make Twilight or Hunger Games references.
    The True (maybe) Story about This House?
    Legend has it that more than 200 years ago, when Thomas Jefferson was on horseback surveying the land for the Navy Yard and Marine Corps Barracks, he pointed at a few shacks swaying in the breeze near the Anacostia River, and directed, ‘Get those out of here.’
    They were hitched to teams of horses and dragged on their joists like sleighs up and away from the river…

    Ok, go outside and play now.

  • Lots of comments on here, which I suppose is always a good thing. Like the man himself said, it’s not the easiest thing to describe a house in 400 characters. I think the wit is what makes them interesting and entertaining, and half the time it’s got very little to do with the house. However, that’s why agents have Open Houses — so you can go and look at them yourself and get a feel for them. You can’t always tell how nice the kitchen is or what the layout is like until your inside the damn thing. It’s not being sold by pictures and a write up; those are just tools to get people in the door.

    So the question of Good Deal or Not is answered by the buyer. I’d say that given it’s location (primo) and its amenities (ie backyard), plus its charm, this house is a Deal and will likely go for over the list price. The fun part is sitting back and getting to see it unfold.

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