Getting Close to Compass Coffee in Shaw

1535 7th Street, NW

Thanks to all who sent us emails and tweets about the new signage at Compass Coffee opening soon in the former laundromat next door to Ivy and Coney in Shaw.

“We are a new cafe and roastery dedicated to making real good coffee. We import our beans from all over the world and roast them on site in our cafe to ensure we produce the best tasting coffee in the city.”

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  • pablo .raw

    I’ll be your client for sure. Coming from a coffee farmers family I appreciate good coffee.

  • I’ve been following the Washington Post series on them for a while. Very excited for this to be in the neighborhood!

  • Great addition to the neighborhood. Looking forward to checking it out.

  • The first of many amazing businesses on that stretch of 7th St, I hope.

  • I’ll be a regular supporter provided that things aren’t as inflated as Vigilante’s prices are/were… I like artisianal coffee, but not as an every day thing… It’s also right next to Bread for the city, so it shouldn’t be an affront for pricey coffee prude snobbery (citing that) in my opinion. Also I hope that they’ll have good pastries/cookies and iced drinks as well, but that may be reaching…

    • WaPo just did a piece on their pastries. Looks like they’e putting a lot of thought into it!

  • tonyr

    Stopped by Ivy and Coney (next door) to watch the Brazil vs. Colombia game and they were painting the facade (of the coffee shop), on July 4th no less. The paint fumes made me even more loopy than usual. Luckily the weather was cool enough for them to be able to turn off the a/c or there would have been full-blown hallucinations.

  • ^ cool story bro. Though in all seriousness very excited for this opening. Can’t wait for 7th Street to be thriving.

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