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  • I’ve heard Meridian Hill Park is a good place to watch. Can anyone confirm this information?

    • Did that one year, and yes it is a good spot to watch. It does get crowded though, so you’ll want to get there early to claim a good spot!

    • Meridian Hill Park isn’t the best place to see the fireworks if you’re standing in the middle of the park. My friends and I tried to see it from there last year and saw little to no fireworks. I think those closest to the ledge (near the Joan of Arc statue) had a better view, but I’m not sure.

  • epric002

    the soldiers home in petworth!

  • Wonder if the Soldier/Airman’s home is doing their deal again this year?

  • I was hoping to go to Fort Reno or Geogetown or someplace along the Wisconsin corridor. Are there any good spots there? National Cathedral maybe?

  • I had a great time at the Soldier’s Home last year but to be fair, it is NOT a great place to *watch the fireworks*. It is a a lot of fun to go and relax and hang out picnic-style with people from the neighborhood, but the actual fireworks are off in the distance and partially obscured by the treeline at the far end of the field.

  • A good viewing of the illegal fireworks can be seen on about any block around N. Petworth or on your way to the Old Soldier’s Home.

  • Luckily I have a good view of the fireworks from my house, as I am forced to stay home every July 4th to hose down my roof and deck in hopes of preventing another fire. My life long resident neighbors don’t mind the no fireworks laws and every year throw a gang party to view the fireworks from our back alley and then shoot off professional sized fireworks of their own in the alley until they run out about 3am. (they somehow find more later as they continue it through the next week). They have set a tree on fire, burned down about 3 houses, caused our building 25k in fire damages and exploded a mis-guided bottle rocket under our car.

    Funny story………………. last year I thought justice was finally being served. As we were looking out the back windows waiting for the next fire to start a MPD car pulled up in the alley with sirens blaring and lights flashing. I was like BAM the popo on the stick tonight, enforce that law! then I saw the neighbor kid jump out of the front seat and realized it was his daddy on the force who gave him a ride in to impress the other kiddies. He just backed on out and drove away, fireworks exploding everywhere. We just shook our heads and hosed down the deck and trash cans again.

    • They literally burned down three houses? Like, burned to the ground? If that’s the case I can’t believe they wouldn’t be in jail…

  • justinbc

    Going up on my new rooftop!

  • Last year it sounded like the invasion of Baghdad in my neighborhood. At least my cat isn’t bothered by the noise — I remember several people posting in previous years that their dogs get really freaked out.

  • how is the view from cardoza? can you see it from the upper parking lot or even in the stadium upper levels?

  • Anyone watched from Cordozo or McKinley? Can you see the fireworks or is it more just fun for the crowds? I want to actually SEE the show!

  • Last year we went to the Yards Park. It was really peaceful– lots of people around but not crowded at all. We grabbed a few tables and watched for a couple hours. You can’t see the Mall fireworks that well, but you can see the fireworks across the river all going off at once. It’s a neat experience. Then if you want to see the mayhem of neighborhood style fireworks you just need to venture a couple blocks into SW.

  • So I’m guessing the police will do NOTHING on the 4th if I report people setting off fireworks in the alley behind my house?

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