From the Forum – To the good samaritan on 6th & M NE – I have your beach towel! and Where to find a canary melon?

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To the good samaritan on 6th & M NE – I have your beach towel!

“I’m hoping you can help me reunite this beach towel with its owner. On Saturday afternoon at approximately 2:10 PM, while traveling northbound in the bike lane on 6th St NE, I was hit by a large van turning left from 6th St onto M St NE.

Many people responded (and thank you to all of you), but one was nice enough to wedge her towel under me as protection from the hot asphalt. I was loaded into the ambulance and didn’t realize until going through my belongings after being discharged from the hospital that the towel ended up coming with me.

It’s blue and green and I’d love to return it to you – thank you so much for responding. Though I’d never wish the circumstances on anyone, it was heartening to see the response that the 6th & M corner provided. Thanks again.”

Where’s the canary melon?

“I once had a canary melon. It was delicious. I’d like to find one again. Anyone know where I can find a canary melon in the DC area? Thank you”

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Sometimes Safeway has canary melons.

  • I briefly walked past the section, but I’m pretty sure I saw some canary melons at Whole Foods on P St.

  • 14th and U Farmer’s Market has them.

  • Props to the good samaritan. Sometimes it’s the small acts that mean the most.
    My mom and a friend had a pact that if anything bad ever happened the other one would go over and clean out their fridge so they wouldn’t be embarrassed when people brought food. When that friend’s daughter committed suicide, she said the only thing she really remembered from that week was my mom cleaning out her fridge.

  • This post inspired me to buy a canary melon and dear lord, it is tasty. Picked it up at Whole Foods on P St. So tasty

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