From the Forum – Pet care options for low-income folks? and Regulations for erecting a sign on commercial property?

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Pet care options for low-income folks?

“I remember hearing something a while back about DC having community pet health expos? I was wondering if this was still the case. If not, does anyone know about other kinds of free or low cost resources are out there for low-income folks with pets? Ex: spay/neuter, routine shots, and care for other minor health concerns for dogs and cats. Either scheduled events or consistent programs are helpful. I do social work, and this is a relevant issue to a lot of our clients but I’ve been struggling to find good solutions.

If anyone has any information on the subject it would be wholly appreciated!!!”

Regulations for erecting a sign on commercial property?

“I’m wondering if anyone knows if there are regulations for small signs on a commercial property? I have a small sign for my business, and it appears you need a permit for large signs, but the regulations for small signs are just not there at all! And I tried to check the website…. nothing. I called, and the DCRA are being their usual nonhelpful selves. So, I wondered if anyone knows how I can put my sign up? It’s about 2 feet high and about 3 feet long.”

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  • Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL) has a clinic that is open to income-qualified residents of DC and surrounding counties (you have to make $55k annually or less). They do exams, vaccines, spay and neuter, dental work and non-emergency illnesses. They will also do spay and neuter for non-income-qualified for a fee.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      WARL also has low cost vaccine clinic open to everyone, IIRC its Wednesday night. Wash Humane also has neuter spay and vaccines open to everyone. Check the websites.

    • WARL is open to all but they offer a 25% discount to those who make $55,000 or less.

      The Washington Humane Society also has low cost spay/neuter and a low cost vaccine walk-in clinic (Wednesday only) at their Navy Yard National Capital Area Spay and Neuter Center. They do not have an income requirement but tend to book up fast for spay/neuter surgeries so there can be a bit of a wait.

      • That’s not exactly correct – the Humane Society has no income limit and has vaccine clinics on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday every week. It’s first-come, first-serve and the Saturday clinic can be very busy (I waited 4 hours once), but anyone is welcome to come for vaccinations.

        • Keep your paperwork for vaccinations close and in a safe place though!! Every time I board my dog (at a local vet) they ask me for documentation on his vaccinations (from other vets) and I can’t imagine getting proof of VAX in to boarders quickly to the boarding location from the humane society though because they are so overwhelmed with other things, bless their hearts!

  • I believe that Takoma Park Animal clinic will work with low-income customers and has some programs available. It might be worth it to give them a call.

  • Timely! This just came up in my facebook feed from the Washington Humane Society.
    Get your pet up-to-date on in their vaccines with WHS. Our National Capital Area Spay Neuter Clinic offers affordable vaccines and services such as $35 microchips to help make sure you pet has a better chance of finding his way back home to you!
    Regular vaccination clinics are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00am–2:00pm. No appointment is necessary. Service is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    For more information and pricing, go to

  • I just got done on spending $2,000 for surgery on my parrot. He caught an infection while he was being boarded at a pet shop. Care for exotic animals costs a LOT more than Dogs & Cats. While I realize it’s a first world problem, it has made me broke… I applied for a card to finance the operation at and they approved me for 6 months without interest if paid in full. I plan on paying it off in 4 months just to be safe because the penalty if not paid in 6 months is 24% for everyone, but it’s a lot better than not getting emergency care for beloved pets. I went to Pender animal hospital in VA and they were great, well worth the hour long trip outside of DC, and they care for pretty much any pet you can bring to them including parrots, mice, and lizzards.

    I have gone to Petworth animal hospital (for my dog) and the service there is costly and nerve racking despite them promoting that they’re a low cost vet.

  • There’s been a past PoPville post about this:

    It seems that the Department of Health is now holding annual animal health fairs in the spring with free vaccinations. There’s no information on the next one yet, but I imagine it’ll be in Spring 2015 again, so I would reach out to the Department of Health to find out exactly when for your low-income clients.

    • Yes!!! Thanks a lot. This is what I was thinking of, but couldn’t find info on it.
      I figure most dogs (mine included) just go to the vet once a year, so if we could find something annually plus a couple back up options to let folks know about maybe that would be good.

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