From the Forum – H2 Bus and Buying Bruised Fruit

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H2 Bus:

“Can anyone explain the inconsistent patterns of the H2 bus and what causes these issues? It is never on time and occasionally just doesn’t even show up without any warning from wmata.”

Where to buy bruised produce?

“I realize this is a bit of a strange question.. Has anyone come across a grocery store/market in Northwest DC that sells bruised produce? Ideally these would be reduced price bags of a bunch of different fruits/veggies. I’ve seen this in Eastern Market but it isn’t really convenient for me to make the trek all the way out there for that.”

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  • justinbc

    Pretty much all the produce at the Safeway on 17th Street is bruised, whether intentionally sold that way or not.

  • In the spirit of community here goes.
    “Mexican Produce” in the Florida Ave. markets area…SW corner. I think it’s 4th and Penn. Street. Maria is fantastic and her brother is a trip. Go early…

  • RE: H2 Bus – if you are using the Metro App, are you sure you are selecting the correct direction of the H2 bus?

    • pablo .raw

      I’m a big fan of the Next Bus DC app; recently I’ve noticed that it is a little bit faster than before.

      • I’ve used various apps and wmata website, h2 westbound is without doubt the most inconsistent route I’ve ever come accross. Posses me off when bus doesn’t show but an empty bus drives by saying ‘not in service’ makes me suspicious that someone is at the end of there shift and making sure the clock off in time (admittedly pure conjecture)

  • The Bestworld in MtP sometimes packages their older produce and sells it at a discount. Though given how bad their regular produce is, the old stuff looks atrocious.

    • I really like Bestworld, but you’re so right about the quality of some of the “good” fresh produce. They have produce you wouldn’t normally find in bigger grocery stores, but the quality may not bee up to bar. Prices are decent too.

  • As we get more and more into Summer, I ask the vendors at the Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market (Sundays) if they have any “seconds” on tomatoes. They’re the best for making tomato soup. They usually send me around back to a box with all sorts of bruised and broken tomatoes and I take my pick. I’ll bring what I want back to a register and I get a deep discount. (Haven’t had a chance this year though). The stand with the best tomatoes is the closest to the Metro exit. It’s Sunnyside or something. I guess they have the best terroir for producing tasty tomatoes. (Terroir – on Bastille Day – Yay – I got to use a French word today. Bonne Fête Nationale).

  • Could be worth asking the managers at smaller markets and the staff at farmer’s market stands near the end of the day re: bruised fruit. I bet a lot of them would make a deal with you. I’m guessing that this would be harder to do at larger chain stores with corporate offices and policies – but it still could be worth asking.

  • Yes Organic Market understands the strong demand for bruised produce and thus sells it for a hefty mark-up

    • Except for bananas which are cheap, cheap, cheap when bruised. Usually $0.99 for 6-7.

    • Hmm, I usually buy a lot of bruised produce from there and it’s never more than 99 cents per package

  • This is not a problem exclusive to the H2 route. Nearly all the bus routes run inconsistently, and the Nextbus application is often inaccurate, especially on weekends.

  • Re: bruised produce, the Yes! Organic Market in the Union Row building at 14th and V NW often sells discounted, bruised, repackaged produce.

  • Lots of grocery stores have discount racks of produce that is “not perfect”…so silly since it’s fine! Seriously, you should see some to the produce they toss in the dumpsters. I’m all for Freegan foraging.

    Farmer’s Markets also often have bins and I’ve actually asked the owners of the stands and they usually have some in the back or are willing to negotiate with you. I used to do that at my market with my “favorite” farmers who started bringing some just for me from the farm (:

  • I’d like to know which vendor(s) in Eastern Market sell bruised produce. I live a block away, so it’s very convenient, but have never noticed anyone selling it.

  • I’ve found that all of the H buses are really inconsistent. The H2 bus route is horrible, the H3 and H4 occasionally do the same thing, suddenly no bus will come despite the apps saying one is near! Recently I’ve had to wait as long as 30 minutes for any of the H buses.

  • Yes in Petworth sells trays of bruised fruits and veggies for .99

  • I have lived near the H2 line for 8 years and there is a reason I call it “the mythical H2.”

  • +1 for Best World

  • Eh, the H2 comes regularly enough (it’s my preferred bus over the 3 or 4 towards Tenly) and the apps are mostly accurate. Now, if you want to talk about a mythical bus, what’s up with the H8 — where the hell is that thing going, anyway?

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