From the Forum – Early morning dumpster noise in NoMa and Which is better Red Apron or Stachowski’s?

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Early morning dumpster noise in NoMa:

“My husband and I are woken up nearly every work day (between 4:15am and 5:30am) and every Saturday (around 6:30am) by the extremely loud banging of dumpsters. It sounds like it is coming from the unit block of M or Pierce St NE. I know that NoMa is commercially zoned, so there are no restrictions regarding trash pick-up times, but for the love of God, this is cruel with so many apartments being built in the neighborhood. I’ve been working with my property manager to find the culprit, but since we are the only ones who have submitted a complaint, it has been hard to get traction.

Does anyone else in the neighborhood hear this?!”


Red Apron or Stachowski’s:

Which butcher/sandwich joint is better? Stachowski’s is more old school, but Red Apron has some cool sandwiches, like the epic Porkstrami. I’d love to hear about some of your experiences.”

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  • Very, very tough question. I will have to go with Red Apron for their homemade scrapple and tigelle breakfast sandwiches.

  • Bub and Pop’s.

  • justinbc

    Better is an odd question without a qualifier. While they both offer similar business lines their products are quite different as is their business approach. Also, which Red Apron location are you referring to? The one at Union Market is different than the one in Penn Quarter in both experience and items available… More detail is needed by the OP in order to answer this question properly. I’ve used both of these butchers quite extensively, but for very different things. [Of particular note, the best meatball sub ever is at Stachowski’s, and the best steaks I’ve ever grilled at home were from Red Apron.]

  • Red Apron for sandwiches and sausage. Stachowskis for big orders of meat.

  • Regarding early morning dumpster noise, I’m surprised no one has yet chimed in with one of those annoying “why don’t you move to Clarendon” comments.

    I thought the trash trucks couldn’t operate before 7:00 am all over the city. I didn’t know that applied only to residential areas. DCRA does issue fines when trash trucks are caught violating the time restrictions. You might double check with them on the rules that apply to your area. If it’s loud enough to wake you up, in a residential building, you ought to be protected. Maybe the rules need to change.

    If it’s a commercial establishment and you can figure out which one, you might get voluntary cooperation out of them – in the interest of good neighbor relations.

    • Not sure what time it is but I am always asleep (between midnight and 6am) but I hear the city trucks outside emptying the corner trash cans frequently so I feel ya.

  • Well, I’ll chime in — with a not-quite “move to Clarendon”comment. When someone choses to move to an edgy commercial / residential area — it seems a bit much for them to complain about the noises that result from businesses doing exactly what they’ve been doing before the the residents discovered the neighborhood and decided to move there. So you didn’t do your due diligence and now want the business to accommodate your needs as a resident. I think it’s fair to ask — but an unrealistic expectation. Let’s say that the business could arrange for a special pick up time and an additional dumpster for the additional trash that might accumulate due to the later pick up time. Would the resident be interested in paying for the change in service made by the business to accommodate her request? I’m curious re: how far and in which directions being a good neighbor will go here.

    • I’m with you. It comes with living in a commercial area. When I lived on Woodley Road one summer, my window faced the alley shared by the establishments on Connecticut, and the garbage trucks would come by in the early morning. It’s an annoyance, but it’s one of the tradeoffs when living in a city. If they did it later in the day they might be interfering with traffic or some other business operation. I dunno, I’d just get some ear plugs and be happy I live in a vibrant, urban place.

      • Trash trucks operated by the DPW don’t have to abide by the noise ordinance. However, private haulers have to abide by it, which states that they cannot operated from 9 PM – 7AM in residential zones or within 300 feet of a residential zone.

        I’ve dealt with this problem myself. Private haulers were violating the ordinance by emptying dumpsters outside my apartment building very early in the morning. I first went to the DCRA and filed complaints, but the DCRA did NOTHING.

        I then went out and visited with the managers of these haulers and told them what was going on. They were glad I brought it to their attention and they said they would tell their drivers to stop violating the law.

        I have not had any problems since.

  • I like both, but you get A LOT better bang for the buck at Stachowski’s. I got a pittance of meat last time I had the porkstrami at Red Apron, but I get heaps upon heaps of meat on every sandwich I’ve ever had from Stachowski’s.

    • justinbc

      The 4 meat grinder could reasonably be considered 4 meals worth of food:

    • Bigger does not equal better! I would prefer less meat and a good sandwich. Every time I’ve gotten a sandwich at schawoski’s the bread has fallen apart and I’ve thrown more than 1/2 of the sandwich away.

    • I got the pastrami sandwich for dinner once from Stachowskis, and only ate half (which in and of itself is unheard of). The next evening, I removed the bread from the leftover half to reheat the pastrami, and on a lark decided to weigh the meat – 14 oz. Just the meat for half a sandwich weighed 14 oz. Plus, it’s delicious.
      Whomever said sandwiches don’t make the best leftovers . . . I coudl not disagree more.

  • red apron

  • Stachowski. I go out of my way to get their Braunschweiger.

    But someone needs to help them with their website.

  • I’d like to chime in with a third option which is to get your sandwiches and raw meats in separate but nearby locations of A Litteri and Harvey’s Butcher in Union Market.

    • + 1 for A Litteri

    • justinbc

      I get sandwiches pretty regularly at A Litteri, and it’s mediocre compared to either of these two. The only thing it really has going for it is price.

      • I’ve never been to Harvey’s in UM, but I have to disagree about A Litteri. I’ve been going there for over 20 years. The selection of sliced meats is fabulous and their fresh Italian subs I feel (clearly my opinion) can’t be beat. The subs are simple – to the point, not ridiculously oversized like at Stachowski’s nor over priced like at every other joint in town.

        The only other place I’d truly recommend would be Bub & Pops. Once everyone “finds” them, game over.

        • justinbc

          For subs I would take Mother Ruckers or Mangialardo’s over A Litteri, and for me it wouldn’t even be close. I think Bub and Pops already has a huge following. Whenever I’m there for lunch the line is always out the door.

  • Re the noise in the morning in NOMA –

    When it is really hot, the city has the garbage collectors out earlier for employee protection, and that permission tends to extend for most of the summer. It’s too dangerous to be doing what they do in 90+ degree weather – and some days it gets ridiculously close to that even at their usual time (I know, I run at their usual time).

  • I really like Jamie, I think he’s a good guy and he’s really passionate about food. What turns me off is that he has a tendency (like always) to belittle and bad-mouth his customers after they’ve left.


  • They both make great sandwiches and sausage. I wouldn’t recommend going to either place for regular cuts of meat. They are way too expensive, and you can get equally good quality meat for cheaper at Harvey’s or another butcher.

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