From the Forum – Can aluminum window shutters handle hot and cold weather?

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Can aluminum window shutters handle hot and cold weather?

“I am planning to buy aluminum window sliding because it’s aluminum so it gets hotter and colder. Is this true? Not that I want to side my whole house right now with vinyl.”

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  • Aluminum (pure) has a specific heat of 0.9 J/g. This is a relatively low value like most metals in that they take less energy to heat up, and cool down quickly. Think aluminum foil. To put things into perspective, water has a high specific heat of 4.186 J/g which is why your pool stays warm on a cooler summer evening, and ice takes a while to melt. Vinyl is a polymer and although I could not find a specific heat of “vinyl siding”, I have seen values from 0.9 J/g to 2.1 J/g.

    So there are two ways of looking at this. Aluminum will heat of quicker and conduct thermal energy into the house; however, they will also cool off quicker and allow heat to radiate out of the house. Again, depends on the season and what you are trying to do. If you have a hot house and want it to cool off, or a cool house and want the outside to warm it up, you would want aluminum. If you have a cool house or a warm house and want it to stay that temperature, vinyl may be superior, given its actual specific heat value. Generally speaking, people spend energy on utilities to do the later.

  • Aluminum siding
    Aluminum window
    Aluminum shutter
    which one?

  • If you want to compare windows look at the energy ratings of the window which
    can found on a manufacturer’s website. Take a look at the U-value. Lower is better.
    You will want aluminum windows with a thermal break. (The inside frame and outside
    frame are connected by a plastic link.)

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