Friday Question of the Day – What’s Your Favorite Summer Drink?


I can’t believe we’re already more than half way through July – so it’s time for favorite summer drink. I’m looking to switch up from my standard gin and tonic. I guess we should make this a three parter – What’s your favorite non alcoholic summer drink? Favorite summer cocktail from a bar? Favorite summer cocktail that you make at home? [For the ones you make at home please include the recipe if you have it.]

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  • Cocktail made at home: New York sour. Here’s one recipe:

    You don’t need to use a spoon to top with wine – just gently pour the wine onto an ice cube floating in the drink.

    I also love caipirinhas, but I drink those year round.

  • Arnold Palmer (Lemonade & Ice Tee) + Vodka = John Daly

  • Cocktail – Salty Dog
    Beer – Pilsner Urquell
    Wine – Gruner or Vinho Verde

  • I’m gonna throw out a Dark & Stormy.

  • Favorite Summertime drink- Moscow Mule in a copper cup (I bought my own!) The cup keeps the drink crazy cold. So, crisp and refreshing.

  • BLT! – Bouron, Lemon and Tonic.

  • Favorite cocktail from a bar – Dark & Stormy
    Favorite cocktail made at home – Dark & Stormy
    Favorite non-alcoholic drink – homemade lemonade, or just a big glass of ice water

  • Gin & tonic (with Schweppes tonic being essential) or caipririhina for something with a kick

    Pressed sugar cane for something without. Too bad you can’t get it here, coconut water isn’t quite as refreshing and it seems like the overpriced cliche of the summer (the “Almond milk” of sweet drinks).

    Also good tonic water with the juice of a lime.

  • Orange Crush.

  • brookland_rez

    Frozen margarita

  • My gf and I tried making our own sangria last summer and it turned out really good and easy to make. I was surprsied that I liked it as much as I did because I thought it would be too sweet. Just cut up a bunch of fresh fruit, put it in a pitcher and pour over a bottle of wine (red or white.) Let it sit in the fridge a few hours before serving (pour over ice.)

    Mojito and fresh lime daquari (not frozen – made with light rum, simple syrup and lime, shaken.)

  • Caiprainha

  • Lillet Blanc on ice with a slice of orange. Say what you will about the French, but they sure know how to live!

  • Saranac or Curious Traveler Shandys (or homemade radlers at home) – it always hits the spot on hot and humid days.

  • Mojitooooo

  • dcgator

    Water (I know, but seriously.)

  • jim_ed

    Indoor/below 90 degrees – Gin Rickey
    Above 90 degrees – ice cold cheap beer – Natty Bo, High Life, Rolling Rock, etc. but never PBR.

  • Anything with gin. Lately it has been a cocktail made with ginger mint simple syrup, gin, and club soda.

  • Fresca, lime and vodka – its what my Tutu drank and she knew what she was doing.

  • Wray & Nephew Overproofed Jamaican White Rum, chilled.

    • Nobody drinks that stuff straight. It’s like rubbing alcohol. You can make a mean punch with it, though.

  • Surfer Rosa
    Mango Nectar (or mango juice if you can’t find nectar)
    Coconut Water
    Great beach/deck/meridian park drink – lite buzz while staying hydrated in the sun

  • For some reason I like rye drinks when it’s hot out — sazerac, rye old fashioned, etc. Although some of the other suggestions are good, too (Aperol spritz and dark & stormy in particular)

  • Can anyone tell me where there that wonderful man sells fresh coconuts?

  • Campari soda. Though I’ve been meaning to make some simple syrup so we can make mojitos with all the mint in my garden.

  • Margarita
    rose sangria

  • Iced coffee. I brew a pot of hot coffee in my french press, let it cool and pour it into a container. When I want iced coffee, I just pour some of the cold coffee over ice and add whole milk. Very quick way to have coffee in the morning.

    Another way is to brew a pot in my stovetop moka pot, pour it over ice, and add milk. I prefer this way, and usually have it like this after a long bike ride. Sometimes I add about a tablespoon of sweet condensed milk to a mug, pour the hot coffee into the mug and stir to mix. Then pour that over ice. It’s close to the Vietnamese iced coffee I get at pho places. Not quite the same, but still pretty good.

    • French press iced coffee in the summer is great. I let the grounds soak in cold water overnight and then pour it over ice the next morning. It’s tasty and high octane!

  • Becks

    Bar drink: Cucumber martini
    Home drink: Water. No ice.


  • Does anyone, like anon, have a sangria recipe they’ve perfected? My sangria is inconsistent.

    • My perfected sangria recipe:
      1 bottle of 3 Wishes Cab Sauv Red Wine
      1 bottle of Whole Foods brand Lemon Italian Soda (sparkling lemonade)
      An extended glug-glug-glug of vodka
      1/2 bottle Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade (or to taste, after vodka is added)

      Wine and both types of lemonade available at Whole Foods. Note: I believe the brand name of the Organic Lemonade may have changed. Either way, it’s the 32oz glass bottle lemonade they have all over the store).

    • GiantSquid

      I usually make Jose Andres’s recipe. For the brandy I use applejack.

  • Greyhound. With fresh or premium grapefruit juice, vodka or gin, lots of ice and a splash of bitters.

  • skj84

    This year I’ve been on a Pimms cup kick. At home I use Gin, Fever Tree Ginger Beer and a squirt of lemon juice with a cucumber slice for garnish. I’m also partial to Moscow Mules.

    My favorite non alcoholic drink is lemonade. It needs to be the right balance of sweet and tart. Perfect way to cool off on a hot summers day!

  • Bourbon and lemonade. Or, bourbon and iced tea. Both with mint.

  • Campari (or Aperol) with orange juice and prosecco! Easy to drink too many of these.

  • Ricard

    • I love pastis in the summer, though I’ve switched from Ricard to Henri Bardouin. If you see it in a store you ought to try a bottle. It’s really delicious, and about the same price as Ricard.

      • Where do you find it? I love pastis, but have never seen it in the US, outside of crazy-high-priced specialty stores.

  • Mai Tai using the original Trader Vic recipe. (You have to make your own orgeat or it doesn’t count!)

    1 oz amber Martinique rum
    1 oz dark Jamaican rum
    1 oz fresh lime juice
    1/2 oz orgeat syrup
    1/2 oz of Cointreau

    Shake everything except the Jamaican rum and strain into a chilled tumbler filled with crushed ice. Gently pour the Jamaican rum on top, and garnish with a Luxardo maraschino cherry. Yum.

  • I made a good one last night – orange soda, some lime juice, dark cherries, and gin. Also worked well with bourbon. Port-o-tonic is a nice standby.

  • During the day I like iced coffee – real good strong coffee with a touch of milk or a packet of Splenda
    Afternoon – Shandy!
    Also like an Arnold Palmer.

  • Lagunitas Daytime or a good rum punch.

  • I’ve been drinking a Pimm’s cocktail called a Pith Helmet. It’s really delicious, and really refreshing. Only problem is it’s a giant pain in the butt to make.

    Pith Helmet
    1. Muddle 6 whole black peppercorns, 3 slices cucumber, and .5 oz lemon-basil simple syrup in a shaker
    2. Add 1 oz gin, 1 oz Pimm’s, .5 oz lemon juice
    3. added 2 dashes each Angostura and celery bitters
    4. Shake it up
    5. Top with a couple of ounces of Fever Tree bitter lemon

    I will only make two Pith Helmets at a time. For larger groups, I make a Cucumber White Sangria:

    Cucumber White Sangria
    1 cucumber, sliced
    1 bottle sauvignon blanc
    8 oz vodka
    8 oz cointreau
    4 oz lime juice
    8 oz pear juice
    4 oz St Germain

    Slice the cucumber, mix it all in a pitcher. Be careful, the alcohol will sneak up on you.

  • The aperol spritz is basically July’s perfect drink. Recipe’s on the bottle, but I add a dash of peychaud’s, for giggles.

  • What’s the best affordable substitute for Cointreu??

    • Cointreau is a brand of triple sec. If you can find it, Luxardo Triplum is very good, at about half the price of Cointreau. If you want to go cheaper than that, I’d go with Bols.

      • Problem with Bols and other cheapies labelled as triple sec is that they are very sugary compared to Cointreau.

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