Friday Question of the Day – What’s the Last Good Movie You’ve Seen?

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Well we got our summer reading recs for this year and I haven’t seen a good movie in I don’t know how long. So it doesn’t even have to be a current movie, though it can be of course, for today – what’s the last good movie you’ve seen? Not just entertaining but really really good.

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  • Boyhood. Best film of this year so far, by a wide margin.

    • Agreed! Nothing happened, but everything happened without you even noticing

    • I haven’t seen it, but it sounds kind of gimmicky to me. It’s pretty cool that it was filmed over such a long period of time, but was that really necessary or was it done just to draw attention to the film? Is it really that good?

      Dazed and Confused will always be my favortie Linklater movie. 🙂

      • How can you offer an opinion on a movie you haven’t seen?

        I saw the movie, and the “gimmick” worked. It was awesome.

  • A second nod for Boyhood. Loved it!

  • Ditto – Boyhood, hands down!

  • I was coming here to say Boyhood too!

  • I guess I need to look into boyhood. Best recent movies where August Asage County (takes someone who has known that life to understand it) and Gravity, with The Book Thief being a close third.

  • Solaris (the original, Tarkovsky version).
    Eclipse (Antonioni).
    The Shining (Kubrick).

  • diploj

    Edge of Tomorrow. Smartly done, entertaining sci-fi.

    • +1 I think this was the best so far this year. They really handled the “Groundhog Day” theme in a creative manner.

      I didn’t really mind watching Scarlett’s latest movie “Lucy” because she was in it, despite the daft premise.

  • Gravity. but just for the amazing IMAX 3D effects. The story was pretty basic and unoriginal.

  • Wish I was Here

  • Obvious Child – not just the last good movie I saw but one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time

  • Grand Budapest Hotel

  • edge of tomorrow

  • Grand Budapest is Wes Anderson’s best film yet.

  • jim_ed

    Snowpiercer was lots of fun, if a little flawed. Tilda Swinton is a trip in it and the Korean style violence is way more fun than its American counterparts.

  • dcgator

    La Grande Belleza, or The Great Beauty.

    A fantastic, pseudo-existentialist story that’s still a lot of fun, and a feast for the eyes as well.

  • Dallas Buyers Club

  • Dallas Buyers Club. Excellent movie.

    • Also, not a movie, but just started watching Masters of Sex (free on Comcast On Demand until January!). Since its done in the late 50s (and done well), it kind of feels like a movie.

      • dcgator

        Wow, thanks for the tip. I’ve heard good things, and that’ll make it easy to watch. It starts with S1 OnDemand, right?

      • Well, if we’re gonna go there, Fargo, the tv show. One of the best things I’ve seen this year.

        • That’s been sitting on my DVR neglected, for quite some time. Perhaps I’ll knock it out this weekend.

          • As a big Coen Brothers fan, I was very skeptical. I decided to give it a chance and I’m really glad I did. Really great show. Apparently the next season is going to take place in the 70s.

        • Absolutely agree on Fargo. Billy Bob Thornton, especially, is excellent.

      • If we’re talking TV, I have to plug The Leftovers. It started slowly and I wasn’t sure I would stick with it. But the plot is really moody, strange and well thought out. I never know what’s going to happen next. And it’s so well acted-the cast is brilliant.

  • August Asage County and Saving Mr Banks

  • “Easy Money” – its a 2010 swedish movie from Martin Scorcese, starring Joel Kinnaman – fantastic movie.

    • Dunno if Martin Scorsese did some kind of “Martin Scorsese Presents” on this one, but he wasn’t the director or producer.
      I like how the Swedish name of the film is “Snabba Cash” — very catchy.
      I thought the film was good, but not great… maybe because the main character becomes less and less sympathetic.

  • A Most Wanted Man

  • Becks

    Hunger Games. I saw it twice in the theater, then bought the movie.

  • I saw Lucy just for the fact that I was off work and it was the only thing playing at the time. I knew going in it was going to be bad, but it was almost so bad towards the end it wasn’t even entertaining bad

    • I couldn’t get past the trailer. Scarlet Johannsen mono-toning about “10% of my brain” made me laugh for the irony of it all.

  • August in Osage Country

  • Begin Again. I really liked it. But then again, it is probably the only movie I’ve seen in 2 or 3 years. I really want to see Boyhood and I Wish I was Here. I just never get myself organized to go out to a movie anymore.

    • I rarely do either, mainly because modern audiences don’t know how to behave. The last movies I saw in the theater were Inside Llewyn Davis, Gravity, American Hustle, Zero Dark Thirty and Kevin Hart’s latest concert movie (gf is a big fan, so we went to see it.)

  • About Time. Maybe not a great artistic feat, but I really enjoyed it!

    • I had to look this up because I was thinking it was the 2011 Justin Timberlake movie…that was “In Time”. Which I actually enjoyed for what it was

  • Great photo for this post. I love the Old Greenbelt theater. Hope it reopens soon.

  • The very last good movie I saw was The Fault in our Stars, a bit schmaltzy but it got the job done. I was a mess. The last really good film I saw was probably Gravity.

  • American Milkshake – check it out on Netflix. The background is in Greenbelt and Wheaton..

  • I don’t get out to the movies much, so the last really really good movie I saw in the theaters was possibly Inception.

  • Really enjoyed Chef and Grand Budapest Hotel. 22 Jump Street wasn’t as good as the first one, thought Neighbors was superior.

    • Chef was awesome!!

      Way better than I expected! I’m a “Swingers” (and “Iron Man”) fan, but this may be my favorite Favreau film. He’s really matured as a director and it shows.

  • Nymphomaniac was great. LVT is a genius. I really want to see Boyhood.

  • Apparently no one above watched Sharknado 2: The Second One, this week. Because, clearly, that’s the best movie of the year.

    • The director was on Lawrence O’Donnell last night and watching LO try to keep a straight face and do a semi-professional interview talking about Sharknado II was priceless.

  • According to the last two years in my Netflix rental history, I gave 5 stars to: American Hustle, World War Z, Captain Phillips, The Conjuring, Wolf of Wall Street, Lincoln, Argo, and the Dark Knight Rises. Not exactly highbrow selections, but what I liked.

    • binpetworth

      I really liked Captain Phillips. I was expecting it to be more schmaltzy than it was, but in the end it was just a riveting, nail-biting drama.

    • We’re on the same wavelength. Haven’t see The Conjuring, but I have seen all the others and thought they were great.

  • Under the Skin

    • I rented this via iTunes. I can’t say I liked it, but I’m glad I saw it. It was interesting.

    • +1 for Under The Skin. The soundtrack is awesome too. The next to last good movie I saw in a theater was Ain’t Them Bodies Saints .

  • Dawn of the planet of the apes

  • I wondered about that, but I didn’t find it gimmicky at all. I also really love Dazed and Confused and I think thus fits in nicely with some if his other work. It has the same coming if age feel, just on a grander scale. There are no ah ha moments, or grand revelations; it’s just about the experience of growing up. I think he took a big risk in just seeing where it goes. As for the actors getting older, I don’t think it’s that different from the before sunrise series, which has been going for about that long. I love seeing how the actors and their performances mature and change. That’s my long winded way of saying go see it!

  • I liked Snowpiercer. It’s dark, but I love dystopia films, and this movie is from one of my favorite directors. I saw it at the Angelika Pop-up, Union Market. A sweet little place.

  • I need to get back into seeing movies as often as I used to, but I saw “Locke” the other month and thought it was very good.
    I thought I’d missed my chance to see “Belle” on the big screen, but I see there’s a noon showing at the AFI tomorrow. Woot! (I don’t expect it to be a great film — only a good one — but I am a sucker for those costume/historical dramas.)

  • Maleficent. Seriously, it was good and worth the price of admission, which I rarely say about movies. Prior to that, American Hustle.

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