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  • I know the owner (or at least one of the owners) moved away recently. Same person who owned Pulpo and owns Floriana (which I really hope doesn’t go away).

  • Never eaten there, but I’ve been to the downstairs space a couple of times for Phonic on Fridays, which I believe is now taking place at The Huxley.

  • I went there for dinner once. Had a big salad and their mac n cheese and thought it was pretty good. The bartender was friendly.

  • The paper over the windows has been up for at least a week. Haven’t been there myself but rarely saw more than a table or two occupied with a couple of people at the bar…if even that.

  • This place sounded better on paper than it was in real life. The food and drinks weren’t bad, but weren’t good enough to get me to return with so many good options in the neighborhood. One significant problem is the space: tiny first floor, huge basement.

  • In my experience, when businesses say “closed for repairs,” it generally means they are trying to get their shit together and quite possibly won’t reopen.

  • Uh, wonder what this does to my brunch for 4 groupon. ..

  • I’ve been here for brunch twice (once with family and once with friends). This place was nothing short of incredible. It was all you can eat/drink (mimosas, bloody mary, rails) – groupon $60 for 4 people. Food was incredible – they didn’t have menus, they just kept bringing you out food until you tapped out. Their mussels were some of the best I’ve ever eaten. When I went with friends, we really went all out, and were there for a couple of hours. We then tipped them $100 (on the $60 groupon, which still felt like a deal with how much we ate/drank). The bartender, chef, owner, server – all incredibly friendly people.

    No one really knew how they could stay open at those prices, but it was amazing while it lasted. Wish they would reopen with fair prices (so they can stay afloat).

    • They have an automatic 20% gratuity at brunch, regardless of size of group, that is not noted anywhere except on the bill. Not cool.

  • Best happy hour deal on the block, definitely a well-kept secret

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