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  • brookland_rez

    Good old Lincoln Rd, my old hood. Keeping it hood.

  • Jesus. I thought those were firecrackers going off.

    • Me too. I’m almost certain they were. Not an expert on gunshots but it sounded like there was a fizzling afterwards. I heard them loud and clear from Florida and Rhode Island, which I would think would be far enough away from the location being pointed out above. Hmmm.

      • I was at Crispus Attucks park around this time and there were fireworks going off somewhere near there, we could see them.

    • I was walking my dog around this time and there were most definitely kids shooting off fireworks near Dunbar (I saw them going off).

    • There were also fireworks going off from around 1st/R. Wonder if there’s any correlation.

  • Two shooting less then 24 hours apart and 3 blocks apart. Summer is here.

  • Ugh, 9 pm? There’s schools and a community center right there! I hate hearing about this kind of crime during regular hours. I mean, any time of day is awful, but I especially hate it when kids and other innocent bystanders are more likely to be out enjoying their neighborhood.

    • 9PM on a Sunday night, what do schools have to do with anything? Isn’t everyone just watching True Blood anyway?

      • I live around this area and see many people out walking their dogs this time of night.

      • Schools mean parks, playgrounds, open space – places where neighborhood kids hang out and (should) feel safe. You never played at your local elementary school playground as a kid? Maybe it’s a uniquely suburban experience. I guess they lock most of them up here, huh?

        Well, fact remains there is a community center and a playground right there.

        • at 9 pm on a Sunday night? No. Even during my suburban childhood, we certainly weren’t out on the playground at 9 pm on a Sunday night.

      • Nobody has watched True Blood for 3 seasons.

  • That stretch is amazing,you have a homeless shelter attached to an elementary school next to a recreation center.

    • What’s the deal with the homeless shelter? Has it been there for a while?

      • Good question, I don’t understand how you could have a shelter next to a recreation center. I assume people on the sexual preditor list gets services from the shelter, thought had to maintain some amount of distance. This comes to us courtesy of our former jailed leader, Harry Thomas, Jr.

        • I’ve lived at that intersection for five years and the homeless shelter has never been a problem. I actually rarely see anyone around the shelter and when I do, they are courteous. The rec center is a different story. People hang out in front of it every night being extremely loud and obnoxious. I’ve often seen women jog by and get cat called. There’s no lighting, so kids hang out after the center is closed and act like idiots. And if the shooting was on the rec center grounds, which it looked like from my house, then someone needs to look into why DPW failed to lock the gates at sundown when the park is supposed to close.

          • brookland_rez

            I’ve used the track to run at McKinley and used to see kids use the basketball court of the rec center well after dark. They cross over from the school yard.

        • I run with people from that homeless shelter through a non-profit called Back on My Feet. We promote the self-sufficiency of homeless people by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem. Emery House is a Work Bed Program (EWBP) and is specifically tailored to the needs of homeless men who are employed or in job training, meaning all of the men hold stable jobs or are working towards it in order to better themselves. The men I run with are some of the kindest and good-spirited people I know…

          If you are looking to learn more about this amazing organization, check out http://www.backonmyfeet.org

      • Not sure there’s a way to say this and not sound like a total a$shole, but we are zoned for that elementary school and the homeless shelter is going to have a significant impact on whether or not I feel comfortable sending my future kids there. Is there a community discussion already happening around this? I wonder who to even talk to about something like that.

        • I believe the Emery elementary school, which is attached to the homeless shelter, is closed.

        • Accountering

          I don’t think this makes you sound like an A$$ at all. I wouldn’t want a future elementary aged child going to school in a building attached to a homeless shelter…

  • Something needs to be done in this area. Had MPD indicated any plan to abate violence in this area?

    • Yeah things are getting a little bit out of hand over here. What can we do to prevent gun violence in the neighborhood?

  • I heard them and I live up in edgwood. That little park at FL & N Cap is bad, are those homeless guys just hanging out?

    • Yes, those homeless men and women are just hanging out.

    • I’m not sure what your point is — since you don’t describe any particular problematic behavior. Are only people with homes supposed to hang out in the park? Is no one supposed to hang out in the park? I thought that’s what parks were for? I’m not being snarky — just confused by your comment.

      • Not the OP, but I live in Eckington and walk by there daily. First, it’s a stretch to call it a “park.” It’s a small triangle of grass that homeless people hang out in. Calling it a “park” implies that it also has other, normal park-like qualities – it doesn’t.
        And there is a lot of problematic behavior that goes on there. Public drinking, urination, fights, etc. So, no, parks shouldn’t be available only to people with homes. But people without homes need to behave appropriately in public “parks” just like everyone else.

      • Sorry 11:15 here, please let me clarify my off the cuff remark. PP is correct, its hardly a park, more like a median. And yes, they “hang out” here, but not just doing nothing. Fighting, shouting and harrassing women would be more correct. And I thought public drinking was not allowed in the city?

      • Thanks — both of you — for clarifying!

      • the number of times I’ve passed this ‘park’ to see people passed out face-down and motionless at midday, or alternatively being poked and prodded by EMS responders, is scary high. thanks, concentrated social services.

      • Not to mention that the people hanging out there like to wander up a few blocks to defecate in the privacy of the alleys between Q, Quincy, and R. Few people care about the hanging out; it’s the harassment and the public bathrooming that are unacceptable.

    • Have you noticed they cleared out that empty lot where everyone was hanging out against the building? I go to that bus stop every day. I’ve seen fights, I’ve seen people overdose and almost had to call 911 but the person came to. I live on Lincoln next to the shelter. I agree, the shelter isn’t the main problem. The people there are always respectful. Thought the other night there were a bunch of people hanging out in the parking lot, which isn’t a great scene to come home to. Also, back in October there was a shooting right out front of my apt. Now this one 8 months later 3 doors down. I want to stay here bc the rent is cheap, I love my roommate, and the pool… But I do NOT feel safe here whatsoever.

      • brookland_rez

        It’s not safe. But the rent is cheap, you’re right. That’s why I stayed there. Long enough to save up a down payment in a better neighborhood.

      • I’ve lived near the rec center for five years and never had a problem or felt unsafe. Yes, there have been shootings, but almost all of them are in the early morning hours when I’m asleep. And the violent crime is generally young guys shooting each other, not going after the average person living in the neighborhood. We actually have a lot less of the normal city crime (e.g. muggings, car break ins, etc) than a lot of places that people consider “safer.” The criminals who decide to drive into a neighborhood to commit a crime and then flee aren’t picking Eckington to target. And the vast majority of long-time residents are very friendly – but you actually have to look at them and say “hello,” which I rarely see the new residents ever do.

        • I agree 100%. I live a few blocks away, and generally feel safer walking home at night than a lot of places that have seen a spike in “random crime”, capitol hill, etc. I feel like I need to keep my head on a swivel there more. There are still significant problems that need to be addressed – the stretches of Lincoln road, Florida, north cap – but generally, it’s a “have each other’s back” kind of neighborhood if you show a little engagement.

  • I know all of my neighbors and I say hello to everyone I make eye contact with on the sidewalk or in passing. That was one of the things I liked about the neighborhood initially. The last two shootings on my street were early in the evening. The first time (in my 9 m living on Lincoln), was a Monday evening (in which I would have been walking in my door after work had I not stopped at Big Bear) around 8 pm and the most recent at 9 pm on a Sunday. I consider this to be relatively early. I’m fully aware that these crimes are targeted and it is unlikely someone will target me directly. I also understand that these crimes happen all the time in various areas however, I don’t feel I need to be this up close and personal. It breaks my heart that these young boys lives are over and they died for no reason. Even more so, that so many have no regard for human life.

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