EatsPlace, neighborhood restaurant and pop-uppery, opening end of Summer

3607 Georgia Avenue, NW courtesy Katy Chang

A reader asks:

“Any idea what’s going in across from the looking glass lounge on georgia ave?”


Owner Katy Chang sends us an update on EatsPlace via email:

“EatsPlace is on target for an opening at the end of summer. We’ll be announcing the first chef residencies in the next week or so and posting menus on the blog. We put up coming soon banners (pic above). EatsPlace is a neighborhood restaurant and pop-uppery that hosts chefs through its food incubator program.”

Can’t wait to see how this turns out! Stay tuned.


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  • This is intriguing. For all intents and purposes, is it a restraunt? Only with changin menus/chefs? Looks like a great renovation. These old houses on Georgia Avenue can make really cool spaces. I think the house next to Qualia is also becoming a restaraunt – similar style. Kudos!

  • So, basically like Hogo? If so, awesome. Assuming the price point is reasonable, a joint like that could do really well up here.

  • Really interested to hear more about this… Does anyone know the status of the restaurant that is supposed to be coming in next to Qualia Coffee? I saw they tore the porch down recently and permits in the windows.

  • I love the idea and the location, but I hate the word pop-uppery.

  • I think it’s difficult for “pop-ups” and eateries with a “temporary” connotation to do well… I hope I’m wrong, but I think people would prefer something more permanent. Maybe I’m way off.

  • I’m really excited about this place! It seems like a long time since I first started hearing about it and I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

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