DPW Suspends Street Sweeping on some Blocks in Bloomingdale


From DPW:

“The Department of Public Works announced today that weekly mechanical sweeping of certain residential blocks in the Bloomingdale neighborhood will be suspended through the end of residential street sweeping season, October 31 while DC Water’s First Street Tunnel construction project is underway. As a result, DPW also will not issue parking tickets to vehicles that remain parked in these blocks during posted street sweeping days.

The affected area encompasses the northern half of Bloomingdale bounded by and including the unit block of Channing Street, NW on the far north, the 2000-2400 blocks of North Capitol Street, NW on the east, the unit and 100 blocks of Rhode Island Avenue, NW on the south, the 1900-2200 blocks of 2nd Street, NW on the west, the 100 block of Bryant Street, NW on the north, and the 2400 block of First Street, NW connecting back to Channing. Other blocks within that perimeter that will be affected include the 100 block of Thomas, the unit and 100 blocks of U, V, W, Adams, and Bryant, the 1900-2300 block of First, and the 2000 to 2200 blocks of Flagler Place.

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  • DPW’s issuance of street-cleaning parking tickets is all of a sudden related to whether or not sweeping actually occurs?? That’s news.

  • Oh, goodie. So our streets won’t be cleaned until next April? Who’s going to pick up all the trash?

    • This was something that was requested by your neighbors due to the loss of parking along 1st St (and some side streets) for work on the 1st St Tunnel. If you’re unhappy with that, talk to your neighbors who pushed this through.

  • Exactly! I hope the all of the car owners who pushed for this are going to get out and clean up all of the trash. It’s bad enough as it its… And, much of it is discarded crap from people’s cars in the first place!!

  • Yay!! More rats! Disease-ridden vermin is a wonderful trade-off for getting to park in front of your door…

  • Enjoy the rarely used cars that will be parked here for months on end.

  • $25 says theyll still ticket for a while even if they arent sweeping

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