Dog Found in 16th Street Heights


A reader writes:

“We found a dog this afternoon walking around the 16th street heights area. He was found right across the street from carter baron. We will be dropping him off at the humane society on New York Avenue. He is not neutered and has a long furry tail. He looks like he just got a hair cut but you can tell it’s curly. He probably weighs about 25 pounds.”

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  • Showed this posting to the family that was walking the neighborhood for their lost dog. Indeed, this is their puppy and they are enroute to the NY Ave Humane Society now. Great work posting this. Happy reunion will follow.. : )

  • Hi! We are so excited the owners found him! He was quite scared when we found him bolting across 16th st. It broke our hearts leaving him at the shelter. Thank you for helping them reconnect.

  • Excellent! The family drove by my house asking if I had seen him. He was found right nearby so they must not have been far off. I’m very happy he was found!!!

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