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  • Uhhhh, what do you expect them to do? Every time they come across an illegally parked car, they are then supposed to drive around until they can find a legal spot so they can park and walk back to the car they need to ticket? I don’t expect that, and it would make them completely inefficient. I have no problem with cops or parking enforcement using areas designated as no parking, as long as they are on duty and working.

    • Agreed. Parking enforcement is one of the few cars that you would expect to regularly need to park illegally to do their job. I don’t see a problem with this.

      • This would be fine with me, but whether it’s a DC govt vehicle or not, it’s hard to see oncoming traffic when there’s someone parked in on the street close to an alley or intersection. They should just designate spaces for authorized vehicles only (since it should be a transient spot anyway – parking enforcement, temporary parking, and police vehicle parking) and call it a day. Make the fine $200+ to make sure no one parks there. If someone wants to park to go to McDonald’s, at least it will be a safe spot.

      • Unlike the police car I see parked each morning not far from where Sherman becomes New Hampshire. No doubt the officer lives nearby and takes his squad car home, but has he even once parked it legally? Parking that close to the intersection does not magically become safe when you are the law.


  • not as bad as last week, when I saw parking enforcement parked in the travel lane on the 500 block of 7th Street SE. A very narrow road, and causing quite the backup.

  • Put traffic enforcement on bicycles then.

  • Mug of Glop

    As others have said, that park job doesn’t bother me too much, especially since that parking lane is really awkwardly sized for three to four cars. What really bothers me is the enforcement officer is probably parked there to give out tickets to people in the really ambiguously marked back-in spaces around the corner, where the lines and hashes on the road contradict the posted signage in places.

  • better they take a non-spot than an actual real spot

  • I recently saw a police rolling through a stop sign and speeding at a school zone. I don’t think they were on a case no lights were flashing.

  • If they are doing their job, it is not a problem as others have noted. However, I recently saw one park illegally to go to McDonalds for breakfast… No excuse!

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