Dear PoPville – What’s This Called, Does It Need To Be Repaired, and Who Would Repair It?


“Dear PoPville,

What’s This Called, Does It Need To Be Repaired, and Who Would Repair It?

I have a feeling that this gutter-type thing (fascia??) at the front of my mansard roof probably needs to be repaired.

Is this in fact a fascia, and if not, what’s it called?

Does it need to be repaired? If so, who would I get to repair it — a roofer? A gutter-repair company?”


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  • I dont’ know what it is, but try We Get High Roofing (not a joke, they are no joke)

    (703) 662-5505

    • I recently used them for gutter cleaning and they did a great job! They’re a little expensive, but they worked with us on the price and I will definitely use them again.

  • ahahah – this is how i feel about everything in my house? what is this? how do i fix this?

  • Corley Roofing repaired some “Facia, Soffit, Guttery-Type” things for us this past year. Did a great job and successfully fixed a leak too!

  • I am 99% sure it is called a soffit.

    As for who repairs it, I would look into a either a roofer or general contractor.

    • It’s only a soffet if you are standing on your head. The soffet is above the window, not below it. This is a window ledge.

  • Water drains along the top on the “box gutter”, and it is supported by a soffit underneath it. It looks like the box gutter needs to be scraped and repainted.

  • the top part (metal stuff) is called flashing, the bottom part is the soffit

  • It’s your cornice.
    As others have said, either a roofer, or a contractor would fix it. You might want someone who specializes in historic properties

  • These are essentially built in gutters. It looks like you have some rust there because they sometimes used tin. I would not be surprised if there is sufficient corrosion that you need to have the gutters replaced, often with some carpentry underneath depending on how much water has made it through the rusty tin. We did this on a similar row house and splurged for the copper gutters. This is all a custom job but it is worth it.

  • As TG said, these are gutters. It also looks like you may need to do some tuck pointing (brick pointing) right above your windows. Hard to see from the photo, but it looks like there’s some mortar missing on the bricks above your windows.

  • You probably want to call a roofer.

  • Keith Roofing is expensive, but good.

    • We had a horrible experience with Keith Roofing (by far worst money we have spent on our house). I would trust them maybe with a flat roof that nobody would ever see but nothing like this. We used Clerkin Roofing for our box gutter repair and were very happy with Patrick’s level of knowledge on older homes. At least worth calling him for an estimate/education on a aw thing like this.

  • We’ve always called it a cornice, and of course there’s a gutter in it. I’ve noticed that many people neglect these hard-to-reach gutters, and let leaves pile up in them. The wet leaves produce acid which eats through the metal of the gutter. And then you get rainwater coming down inside your walls. Not good!

  • The entire area of the underside of the roof there is called the Eaves. The fascia is the front facing of the eave and the soffit is the horizontal flat facing underneath the eaves. The lower molding below the soffit is the cornice.

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