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“Dear PoPville,

I am looking to get LASIK performed in D.C. I came across this question on PoP posted back in 2010, but am hoping for more current recommendations. Could ask your readers if they have any recommendations?”

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  • I had PRK (like LASIK, but for ppl with realllllly bad vision and/or cornea issues) done by Eye Drs of Washington. They do the surgery up in Friendship Heights, but you can do follow ups at any of their offices. Highly recommend!

    • +1 on Eye Doctors of Washington. They did my PRK and I can’t say enough good things about them.

  • I got mine done at LasikPlus on King Street. I now have 20/15 vision and it was way less expensive than TLC. The staff was friendly and I highly recommend them.

  • I had Lasik done in May of this year and have had zero problems and great eyesight now. I used Lasik Plus (which technically is in Alexandriabut worth it) with Dr. Wills.

    My proceduce was all of 8 mins and you can see into the “operating room” from the waiting room, which gave me an extra layer of comfort because it made me feel like they’re so confident they don’t care if your family is right there watching and making sure everything goes well.

  • I’m the poster from 2010 and I chose Eye Doctors of Washington. The LASIK went well and I now have 20/20 vision. I’m happy that requesting doctor recommendations is much more accepted on this site these days.

    • Big +1 to that. Dr. Rubinfeld did my dad’s surgery in, er, late 90s? early 2000s? Whatever, a while ago. Did mine in 2008, and has done several friends of mine since then, and everyone’s had a very good experience. (Touch wood!)

      • Dr rubinfeld also did mine in august though he left his former practice and started a new one in marylsnd

  • Another question – how much does it cost total? I need to know how much I’ll need to save/how soon I could make it work. Thanks!

    • Mine was about $3700 at LasikPlus. TLC quoted me $4500 (and that was with a $500 discount because of my health insurance provider.)

      They recommended using a health savings account (I’m not entirely sure that’s the right term) where you were able to save up money tax free to use on medical expenses, but I didn’t end up doing that because I wanted the procedure done too soon.

    • I paid 4k (2k per eye) at Eye Doctors of Washington, with Dr. Clinch (this was a couple of years ago and they had some promotion for caps fans). It was the best decision of my life. My eyes are now 20/10 and 20/15.

  • oops guess Rubenfeld retired…

    • Were you referring to Roy Rubenfeld? He did my eyes — I was very, very nearsighted — he’s no longer with Washington Eye, but has his own practice now. I’d recommend him.

  • At halftime of Georgetown basketball games, they sometimes do a promotion called “Shot for Sight.” They pull a random person with glasses out of the crowd and if they can make a half-court shot they get free lasik surgery.

  • I had it done by Capital Eye Physicians and Surgeons in Bowie. You need a car to get there, but they were excellent, Dr. Mark was super attentive and spent a lot of time with me answering questions. Great results, 20/15 and was less than $3,000. One of the better things I have spent money on (I think most people would agree with that statement)

  • I checked out several places in the area and ended up going with Dr. Bower at the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins. While it is a little more expensive and a bit of a drive from DC, it seemed much more professional than the other options.

  • I’m also curious to know how much people spent? Also, has anyone with not terrible vision done it? When I first asked my eye doctor 10 or so years ago, he said my vision wasn’t bad enough for lasik. Since then, my prescription hasn’t changed too much (about -1.75 I think), though I have developed a slight astigmatism. Don’t know if the technology has changed in that time. My vision isn’t too bad, but I do have to wear contacts in order to read signs when driving and I get headaches when I don’t wear them or glasses.

  • Accountering

    $4610 at TLC Lasik in Rockville. I would recommend them with zero reservations. These are your eyes, and those guys are the best. Price shopping on this is not your best move. Go to the best, and bite the bullet.

  • I’ve never had it done (severe scratches on my cornea from a gay-bashing) but worked on quality of life studies when the initial technology was available 20 years ago. My company did a lot of these studies and the results for LASIK were the most dramatic we’d ever seen. Basically 95% of the patients were thrilled and 5% were completely unhappy and had serious problems. The technology has improved significantly since then but the anecdotal experience of friends shows the same pattern – most are thrillled with the results and a tiny proportion have serious issues. The best advice is to spend the $$ to be checked out by an ophthalmologist not affiliated with any provider for a truly unbiased assessment of your suitability for the treatmentt.

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