Current Beau Thai Location to become a Noodle House when Beau Thai Moves to larger location this Fall?

1700 New Jersey Avenue NW (at R St)

Some interesting tidbits came out in yesterday’s discussion about Beau Thai applying for a liquor license at their new location at 7th and P St, NW. In the comments a couple readers say that the space at New Jersey and R St, NW:

“will become a noodle shop of some kind”

While the owner is unable to confirm at this time he does say:

“it’s getting a makeover and a new concept is going in that we think folks will love.”

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  • I guess I could live with a noodle shop, though I would appreciate a little more diversity in the offering. I just want it to be something at a similar take-out-friendly price point. We will miss having Beau Thai so close!

  • Um yeah, glad it is going to be a noodle place, but would rather have it stay as is–PERFECT!

  • “Noodle shop” doesn’t really send a thrill up my leg, but I’ll reserve judgment until I can see what we’re working with.

    • This place would do really well as a sushi joint. “Noodle house” is too similar to the new Beau Thai opening up. Seems like they would cannibalize each others business.

      • Thai noodle soups are delicious and really really uncommon. It would be a fantastic addition to the area. This area already has sushi and also the owners of Beau Thai are Thai, not Japanese. Not that there’s anything wrong with a Thai operated sushi joint, I just don’t think it’s what they are passionate about.

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