Crane & Turtle applying for Sidewalk Cafe

828 Upshur Street, NW

More good news for the newly opened Crane & Turtle on Upshur Street. I’m told they’re applying for a sidewalk cafe that if all goes well should be approved in about 45 days. Awesome.


And if you’ll bear with me I just need to appreciate this transformation one more time…

828 Upshur Street, NW in 2012

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  • I wonder how they’re doing so far. Everyone I know who has been there liked the food, but the prices on everything and limited menu have mostly kept them from returning. Hopefully they can make adjustments to keep the neighborhood coming back, because Upshur definitely isn’t quite yet a destination that has people coming from all over town.

    • I wonder too, but will say that I went on opening week from well outside the neighborhood and can’t wait to go back. I suspect their rent is reasonably affordable, though, and have a feeling that it will become a destination more and more as the words gets out that this place is amazing.

    • We went opening night, and the food was terrific. I’m assuming they’ll have a rotating seasonal menu, which will drive repeat visits.

  • I’m dining there tonight! Can’t wait to try it.

  • What an amazing experience. We sat at the counter with a view of the staff preparing the food. Fascinating. It definitely has lived up to the hype. It’s also nice to see so many people experiencing Petworth for the first time. It truly is a destination. Let’s hope this leads to further development of Upshur & Georgia Av. There are also “DC Great Streets” grants available for any businesses looking to open along these corridors.

  • I recall a plan years ago to redevelop the Shell at GA, Kansas and Upshur into a condo/ apt buiding, which would put more feet on the ground in the neighborhood. Anyone recall this/ know what happened?

    • I hope not. That’s where I get my gas now.

      • I’d love to get rid of the Shell. There is another gas station a half block away. What about the building behind and to the left of the Shell on Kansas Av? It looks abandoned and falling down.

      • The nice thing about having a car is that it is easy to go longer distances, such as to a different gas station.

  • It is a lovely space and a very nice meal. I’m glad it is in the neighborhood, and now I’d like something a little more casual. Petworth Citizen comes close, but is still a little upscale. I’d like a place where you could get a good burger and a beer, or a quality sandwich; something between Petworth Citizen and ordering bad carryout through bullet proof glass.

    • +1 that’s true on the whole for DC, I think, but you’re right that Petworth needs it. Of course, good food deals can be had at Looking Glass. But I’d like to see something like Kangaroo Boxing Club (or instead of something like KBC, just another KBC) or, like you say, a burger joint or something. Petworth Citizen is just a few bucks away from being that.

      • I’m the anonymous above (too lazy to log in). One thing about Petworth Citizen is that it tries too hard, instead of a chorizo burger, or just ok ‘concept’ cocktails, give me a solid cheeseburger or salad with good beer and a proper old fashioned. Too many places try to riff on the classics without first getting the basics right.

        I think Hitching Post is the closest we have to the kind of place I’m thinking of.

  • We stopped by over the weekend to have a drink and a bite to eat at the counter. We were a little annoyed to see the place half empty with no one waiting to be seated and to be told there would be a 30 minute wait, but that maybe we could go across the street and have a drink first. I don’t think we’ll be rushing back.

    • We had a similar experience. Ended up at Domku, which has improved dramatically.

    • It’s called reservations. It’s a small place, all those empty tables you saw probably had been booked for guests soon after your arrival.

      • Agree. Even though a table is empty, it likely has a reservation confirmed for the next 15-30 min so they can’t fill it. That’s DC. Happens all the time especially at popular places. It’s annoying, but that’s life.

        • I think it’s great. Not that it isn’t frustrating to not be seated when there’s an empty table, but I’m really happy they take reservations. So few new restaurants in DC do nowadays, and I really don’t like to wait an hour or more for a table.

  • We loved it. Great service, amazing food, and they take reservations. I’ll be back for sure.

  • Looks nice, can’t wait to try it on date night, but not much on the menu that my kids would eat so it seems like it will be a once in a while thing. Which is prob. good news for all the young hipsters who seems to be taking over the neighborhood.

  • Sorry, I’m just not captivated by the look of this building. The exterior looks more like a wedding announcement than a place to eat. I prefer the look of the funky Ethiopian place better. Minus their terrible window situation. Nick P, I love your work, but to me this feels like too much of a departure for this neighborhood. Too highfalutin.

    That said, I’m looking forward to trying this new place. The proof is in the pudding, if indeed they serve pudding. And God I hope they do.

    • I agree but I think we are the minority. Everyone else I’ve talked to raves about the look of this place. For me it sticks out too much and it’s not warm. Maybe the outdoor sitting and some dust on those white bricks will help soften the look.

      • It looks classy. Some of other decrepit building owners on Upshur could take a lesson from Crane & Turtle.

        • Yes, please! Willow, C&T, Fia’s, the weave place, Domku are all great examples. Flowers, clean sidewalks, kept devil strips- all this attracts customers.

  • Will probably check it out at some point but looks pricey.

    • It’s not an “everyday” place — at least not for me — but it’s a great place for a special night out when the right occasion comes up.

  • This place is a fabulous neighborhood restaurant. I’m an H Street resident, but it’s worth the small trek to enjoy their great good, service, reasonable prices and quaint ambiance. I love that they took so much care in building out the space and creating an authentic dining experience. Very much feels like something you would find in Europe. Huge fan of Room 11 as well… just crossing my fingers that they will consider H for their next restaurant concept:-)

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