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  • I live up the block, and I’m just gonna say that Mama Chuy’s deals are pretty great pre-pool, post-pool, mid-pool. And they’re still perhaps my fave shrimp taco and guac in DC. Mmm, I’m making myself hungry.

  • Mama Chuy’s is very underrated, IMHO. Their food is great, but the place lacks on atmosphere. Sometimes I wish El Chucho (great atmosphere, meh food) and Mama Chuy’s (great food, meh atmosphere) could swap places.

  • Please do not go to Mama Chuy. It is delicious and I do not want to share.

    • That’s what I was about to say. The chickpea poblano quesadillas might be one of my favorite things ever…

  • I got INSANE food poisoning from Salt and Pepper 2 weeks ago and had to stay a week on antibiotics. SO much for an after-swim snack.

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