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  • Damn, they had me and my wife’s wedding bands!!

  • Agree that this block should be better than what it is but this closing and Lymans opening are good things. I’m curious about the taco place that stalled….it seems like they’d done some demo work (exposing the brick?)

  • One more poverty-focused business out of our neighborhood. Now to finish off any check cashing places and replace them with a fine credit union that will actually help people escape endless paycheck to paycheck challenges.

    • The local immigrants aren’t looking for formal banking options, which is one reason why the pawn shop opened. WSJ and numerous other outlets have run stories on how pawn shops are the new banks for those who can’t get approved for formal banking options.

    • Strongly agreed. Pawnshops and check-cashing joints are terrible, usurious businesses.

    • Yeah screw those small business owners and their short term lending to folks who don’t post collateral! They will definitely get a better deal from credit unions!

  • Aha, thanks! Funny, the old Rib Pit had a stop work order on their window as well. Seems like people want to open stuff, just not with the proper inspections!

  • Man, I really hope we get a Cricket store here.

  • My prayers have been answered! Lets hope we can get some sort of quality, family friendly eatery to move in… I think upper 14th may be on the verge of something. Could easily be like 11th St in Columbia Heights. Is anyone in the neighborhood doing anything to recruit a QUALITY business? Does Bowser or Petworth have an economic development group?

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