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  • That fact that those condos are starting in the 300’s makes me wonder how big(or small) they are
    doesnt seem like a bad number

  • Those condos are at 1115 H Street, NE not NW.
    The best reason why they’re that cheap might be because they’re next to XII nightclub. Other than that, you’ve got &Pizza and Little Miss Whiskey’s nearby!

  • There is a new Korean Grill coming to 14th and H too

  • This looks like the 1115 H Street NE not NW if so there is something called the Woolworth Condominiums from the Wall Development Group. It is supposed to have 16 units for whatever that is worth. They have a website 1115h.com/ but pretty much nothing about the units themselves.

  • The Korean place at 14t&H is by Justine from Tony’s around the corner. Between that and CrossFit DC, that block will be my new favorite.

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