Check Out the Newly Restored Pool at Cardozo opening to the Public in October

Cardozo Pool 2

Yesterday we learned that the Swimming Pool at Cardozo high school was completely restored and would open to the public in October. Thanks to DCPS for sending us these awesome photos of how it turned out. An awesome indoor complement to Banneker!

Ed. Note: Thanks to a twitter follower for tweeting us some historical photos of how it used to look.

Cardozo Pool

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  • Thanks for posting the pics! This is a wonderful addition to the school and to the neighborhood!

  • Awesome! Smaller than I was hoping, but still awesome.

  • I picture water aerobics classes in here. Lap swim in this would become a whirlpool in no time. Still a great addition!

  • It looks amazing! Now let’s hope that it stays that way and doesn’t end up falling into disrepair too soon.

  • Outstanding! Can’t wait to use it, hope it has better hours than Dunbar…

    Yes, an Olympic pool would be nice, but as the story relates, this is a renovation not a new pool – click on the historic photo link. Love that they kept the mosaic text, at least the style.

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