Check out the former Latino Auto Sales Lot at 14th and Florida Ave, NW


From Douglas Development:

New construction of a 6 story building featuring ground level retail/restaurant with the upper 5 levels featuring 30 apartment units. The building will also feature under ground parking for residents, balconies and bay windows.

Construction is expected to begin in early 2013.

– 33,232 SF (2,792 SF retail)
– Acquired 2011; Redeveloped 2013-2014
– 6-story building
– 30 rental apartments
– 10 parking space below grade

You can see renderings of the project here. And a final farewell to the mural here.


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  • Is anyone else surprised the top six floors of this building are built largely out of wood, with steel posts in the corners? I am sure it is 100 percent structurally sound. I just thought we quit building big buildings out of wood. But then again, I’m not an architect or an engineer. Just a guy who watches HGTV.

    • Yep, very cheap construction. Enjoy hearing your neighbors tv.

    • Yeah I’m also surprise that the new buildings down by Nellies are also being built with wood. It seems like all the buildings built along 14th south of U were all concrete. I wonder why they changed that now.

    • This construction style solves two problems, and is the cheapest option. The first problem is at the garage/ground floor retail restaurant space. Both those uses are potentially flammable – the cars are filled with gas, and the restaurant has open flames, so you want to put the most fireproof envelope around those uses, i.e. concrete. Once you’ve satisfied that need, you have zoning that lets you go up another 5 stories, and the cheapest way to do it is wood frame, and I’ll give them extra credit for the supporting steel at the corner. The wood will probably be pressure treated, which adds a measure of fire resistance, then drywall on top is going to give you a pretty good resistance to fire. Not as much as concrete or masonry, but you can have bad fires in those buildings too because of all our personal effects that are flammable.

      Hopefully they insulate the wall cavities and use 3/4 inch drywall for noise reasons, but it’s a reasonably safe building, and meets construction code.

  • You can go up to 6 floors in DC with wood. Not sure how good the noise insulation will be, but it’s a lot cheaper.

    • Does building with wood make for horrible noise insulation? I’m currently in a place where not only can I hear people talking on cell phones, I can hear the people on the other end of the phone answering. I don’t ever want to be in a place like that again.

      • Apartments/condos in wood frame buildings aren’t insulated much better than different rooms are in a single family home or apartment so its basically like they are in the next room.

        It’s cheap to build like this. I like old building made of cement and brick.

      • Aw man homie, it’s certainly time to move. That made me crack up at the ridiculousness, though I do feel your pain.

  • wood buildings suck and i’d never buy in one again. these should be illegal.

  • I had the same question regarding wood. I’ve noticed a number of other new buildings that are largely frame with wood and am wondering if there has been a change in regulations. Didn’t we decided some centuries ago that it was a poor idea to build with wood in contingent buildings? Not only was the material not strong enough to hold a handful of levels and the wood building prone to bowing and leaning, it was a massive fire risk.

    • You can go to six with firerated wood frame construction. I am not sure of the zoning at this intersection, but if it is capped at 8 or 9 stories, then it is more profitable to build six out of wood frame instead of eight or nine out of steel.

    • not a massive fire risk if they’re sprinklered.

    • In most buildings that were built between the Great Chicago Fire (I think 1876?) and when fire engines became common, people built out of brick because there wasn’t any assumption that a fire truck would be able to come and put a fire out.
      Now apparently drywall, etc. is rated with the idea that you have x amount of time _to get out_.
      The more I see of wood-frame construction, the more skeptical I get.

  • I preferred the Latino Auto Sales lot, if this is a poll?

  • Wood? We should make all buildings out of the stuff they make black boxes out of, and then cover it with Serta pillowtops.

  • But where will I go for my Latino cars now? Damn gentrification.

  • More cheap structures, not built to last. America’s hallmark, from shoddy cars to flimsy buildings.

  • A realtor I spoke with at an open house in the neighborhood said these will list for $1,000/sqft. Which seems insane to me. Then again, probably just puffery to justify his own over-priced listing nearby.

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