Check Out Cathedral Commons Rising on Wisconsin Ave, Soon to be home to Rentals, Giant, Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar and More

3401 Idaho Avenue, NW

From Cathedral Commons website:

“Leasing for Fall 2014

Here comfort and luxury exceed even the most demanding expectations. Located in one of the most privileged and serene corners of the city, Cathedral Commons is elevating the style of this historic neighborhood. Our exquisite residences are nestled amongst an ambitious and beautiful retail environment that puts local and luxury shopping a step away.”

and in addition to the Giant grocery store – Welcome to the Neighborhood: Meet the First Seven Retailers Joining Cathedral Commons:

“We’re very excited to welcome the following seven retailers to the Cathedral Commons community: Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar, Raku, iDoc Optical, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, CVS Pharmacy, and Starbucks.

Retail is slated to begin opening this fall alongside the 56,000-square-foot Giant Food, which will bring a new urban prototype concept to its state of the art lifestyle store.

We’ll be announcing additional retailer partners in the coming weeks so check back soon.
Meet the Retailers:

Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar: Founders Sasa Mahr-Batuz and And Pforzheimer have come a long way since opening their first restaurant, a 38-seat wine bar, back in 1995. The award winning Spanish restaurant, with its long list of tapas and wines from around the world, will open a 3,280-square-foot restaurant.
Raku: The Asian dining, sushi & sake restaurant will open its third location, a 3,321-square-foot restaurant. Current locations include its Dupont Circle and Bethesda, MD locations.
iDoc Optical: The full-service eye care will open a 1,210-square-foot office. The Boutique Optical, features high end frames such as Robert Marc, Barton Perriera, Theo, Eyedc, Lindberg, Gold & Wood, Minima, Lafont, and many more. Full time Optometrist on board.
Wells Fargo: The multinational banking and financial services company will open a 2,004-square-foot bank.
SunTrust Bank: Will open a 3,598-square-foot branch.
CVS Pharmacy Will open a 12,440-square-foot store, selling a wide assortment of goods.
Starbucks: The King of Coffee will open a 1,900-square-foot store. Lattes not included.”

North side Wisconsin and Newark

South side Wisconsin and Newark



January 2012:


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  • VarnumGuy

    “Located in one of the most privileged and serene corners of the city, Cathedral Commons is elevating the style of this historic neighborhood.”

    I threw up in my mouth a little.

    • Yeah, not sure why one would advertise a neighborhood as “privileged.” If that’s the case, it’s usually pretty self-evident.

      • VarnumGuy

        Right. The word ‘privileged’ just reads as ‘white privilege’ to me, which has negative connotations. But perhaps that’s the crowd they are going for.

        • +1 I’m sure that privileged white folks is, indeed, the crowd that they’re going for. And while I find it sickening, I’m sure that it’s an effective marketing strategy.

          • I doubt there is a racial component to the developer’s desire to attracted privileged, wealthy people to this project.

  • So “grocery store” now = “state of the art lifestyle store”? Sheesh.

  • This place is going to be a ridiculously good investment for the developer and the investor who buys it.
    It will print money for decades.

  • They will also be an outpost of the Solidcore fitness studio here.

  • I actually like the “before” picture better.

  • agree that this will be a great investment for the developer. as a former AU student, it always amazed me how underdeveloped that part of Wisconsin Ave was for all of the money and traffic it gets. Now, it’s time to talk about Tenleytown…

  • I wish there was some way they could resurrect the old GC Murphy store. I have such fond memories of going there long, long ago as a child. The smell of the popcorn as you walked in the door. The seemingly enormous selection of toys. The pet section!

  • So glad this is finally being redone. I remember going there as a kid and it was crap then – 20 years later it was still crap. I hope this encourages infill from Macomb to Friendship Heights and then maybe they’ll extend the TBD streetcar up Wisconsin from Georgetown.

  • How much of this is going to be LIHTC. Oh, it’s west of the park, nevermind.

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