Charlie Chaplin Bar, featuring Asian-inspired cuisine, Opens in Shaw

9th and P Street, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails about the Charlie Chaplin Bar opened in the former Mandalay Burmese restaurant space at the corner of 9th and P St, NW.

“Chaplin is a nod to Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin, an English actor, comedian and filmmaker who rose to fame in the silent era. Chaplin Restaurant & Bar will be serving up Asian-inspired cuisine that will take diners on a journey to Japan and Shanghai in the 1920s, when muted films were appreciated globally for embracing and unifying separation thru emotion, expression, comedy, originality, risk, sorrow and entertainment.”

Anyone stop by?



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  • So quick! What could go wrong?

  • Jacking the swagger of Charlie Chaplin? Reprehensible!

  • My snark finger is twitching.

  • justinbc

    I would setup a HH here for us all to evaluate, but I just can’t endorse this.

  • Still wondering how long it’ll be before Charlie Chaplin’s estate hits them with a cease-and-desist letter.

  • Went Saturday night. Ramen was good but not great. Dumplings were deliciously spicy. Drinks were very good and the bar staff was super friendly and eager. Highly recommended.

  • It was over an hour for a table on Friday. Did not wait.

  • How full are the new apartments across the street? I drive around here at all hours of the day and night and the sidewalks near here are DEAD. I know people must live in the area, but it doesn’t seem to be generating a lot of foot traffic in the way you see around U Street, 14th Street, Columbia Heights, etc. I assumed that when the apartments opened up, people would flock to the area. But that hasn’t been the case.

    • justinbc

      Apparently they’re all inside waiting for a table at Charlie Chaplin’s Opium Den.

    • Yeah, I have wondered the same thing. I really thought Shaw would start to develop some foot traffic/retail on 7th and 9th once the convention center and the big O street market opened up. But, it hasn’t happened. I guess in the grand scheme of things a couple hundred apartments isn’t going to generate that much foot traffic at any given time. I’m guessing many/ if not most of the people around 14th and U don’t really live in the new apartments. It’s more of a regional draw. As of right now Shaw really isn’t But, hopefully that will change a little as more retail opens up and 14th street becomes saturated.

      • I think it’s a matter of time, really. Jefferson Marketplace, on the block of 7th street just below Dacha beer garden, is about to add a bunch of new retail and restaurants, and the Mintwood place project is coming to 8th and 0. It seems like people live there — I live in the neighborhood and always see a lot of people on my commute — but there isn’t a lot of evening foot traffic just yet.

  • PoP — you should do a story on the gray wall that faces 9th street that is formed by the parking garage entrance for the O Street apartments. The design of this city block has created this weird little fortress that turns its back on that already bleak block of 9th street. I would love to see a mural on that piece of cement – something like the one that adorns the Tubman Elementary School wall.

  • The press release ought to have just ended after “when muted films were appreciated globally,” instead of continuing with “for embracing and unifying separation thru emotion, expression, comedy, originality, risk, sorrow and entertainment.” Separation through risk? What the heck?

  • Any true Charlie Chaplin restaurant should be equipped with those mechanical lunch-feeding contraptions from “Modern Times”.

  • I don’t think it’s officially opened but still in the soft opening. It’s the Wider brothers that also own Red Light, and formerly Federal

  • Seems like a lot of snark and disdain from a bunch of people who haven’t been.

    • Have you been following their press releases? They’ve really set themselves up for snark and disdain — I imagine they would have received a better reception if they’d just opened without the write-ups.

    • Perhaps. But the quote – which I assume is a press release — IMO warrants snark and disdain.

  • Not bad at all. Concept – 80’s music, modern décor, Asian fusion food, Chaplin poster and suspenders. Kind of works for them. We had noodle dumplings which were very spice and the soba noodle salad which was refreshing. I would go back for the drinks and ramen. Big bowls of ramen. Vagabond and Tramp both excellent drink choices.

  • Sounds delish, but still room for a snarky betting ling:

    1. Over-under on some form of litigation: 4 months.

    2. Odds that the suit involves someone sitting on the corner of that restoration hardware coffee table, and not the Chaplin family estate: 3/1.

  • Something curious in WBJ:
    A Malicious Interference lawsuit had been filed by Chaplin Restaurant Group LLC/Chaplin on 9th LLC/ Jeffrey Yu et al vs. Wilder Bros. Craft Inc./Armin Amin-Toomaji/Myint Family LLC .

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