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  • Maryland driver.
    I know. lame of me for saying it, but someone else will sooo eh..

  • I’m not surprised – this intersection is such a mess. People don’t understand how the lights work and are always running the light going westbound on Florida — the way this car is going. When I’m crossing the street here, the first 10 seconds of crossing time are wasted waiting for all the cars running the red at 60 mph to get through. Crossing on the other side of the street, busses run the red to turn on left and end up blocking the intersection. This weekend, there was a bus that made the turn too wide and had to back up into traffic to try again.

  • I saw this car there when I went for a run at 5:20am, surrounded by 8+ police cars. Whoever had been in the car was already transported away. The car and one police car was still there at 6:15am, and I’m not sure they didn’t clear the accident away soon after that. It seems unclear what the car actually hit, especially since there is so little traffic that early in the morning at that intersection.

    • It was still there around 8:45 as I was walking to work. There were a couple of cop cars surrounding it and the cops were just sorta standing there.

  • I’ve always thought this intersection was bad, and was hopeful when they redid it that it would be better. But, the city just made it worse. It takes three light cycles to come up Florida eastbound to get through the intersection, the turn onto Florida is ridiculous with speeding cars almost taking out pedestrians because jaywalkers blocked the intersection earlier in the light cycle.

  • This intersection is just a mess and I live and drive here. Very confusing—and when pedestrians are thrown into the mix just a disaster waiting to happen.

  • washington20009

    Car was finally towed just after 11:00 am.

  • Cantania For Mayor!

  • I went for a run at 5:30 and saw a person in a police car a few blocks away. It appeared that they were being chased, were stopped, got out of the car and ran and then arrested.

  • This intersection needs speed and red light cameras in every direction. Every morning its a game of will I get hit by when walking through any of the crosswalks. I feel a bit bad for the drivers because it can be super confusing and gets backed up during rush hour, but that’s not an excuse for running red lights and putting people in harm’s way.

    Beyond the cameras, put up better signage, restrict parking on the north side of Florida Ave during rush hour (for at least the first half of the block), reduce the left turn arrow timing onto 18th southbound and give it back to florida ave eastbound, and give more time for left turns eastbound from 18th to florida ave combined with a green at u/florida so the buses don’t block the box.

    Also do we need the cross walk across U St and the Florida/ U intersection? If we got rid of it, would it clear up the intersection more while asking pedestrians to only walk another 100 ft to the 18th/ Florida crossing?

  • This is the same island where one SAIS student was killed and another was seriously injured after being hit by a drunk (Maryland) driver at 7 in the evening in September 2010. In that case, the driver careened across the island, knocked the young women clear across the street, and crashed into the strorefronts of the strip mall that houses Duccini’s pizza.
    So frustrating to see this keep happening.

  • The accident in 2010 happened after 8 pm and the driver was intoxicated.

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