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  • What? A little daytime drinking never hurt anyone.

  • Damn speed bump…..

  • Is that someone in handcuffs?

  • Maryland driver?

  • Talk about getting your swerve on.

  • brookland_rez

    Another wrecked car. What a beautiful sight.

  • How do you do that on a city street where it is difficult to get to a high speed? It seems to happen all too often in DC.

  • Sometimes people swerve onto that block of O st from N. Capitol so that they don’t have to wait to turn on New York. Those are almost entirely angry drivers. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is such a case.

    It’s pretty scary. SOME is on that block. And the next block has schools on either side. So it’s really not the place for angry drivers.

    • This is exactly right. People get sick of the backup on North Capitol, so, like many DC-area drivers, they decide that they are entitled to make up their lost time by flooring it as soon as they see an opening, regardless of the safety of those around them. At this intersection, they frequently turn into the oncoming lane because they are going too fast for a tight turn.

  • Angry drives is a boring explanation. I choose to believe is it was a medium speed car chase between spies.

    • Well in that case, I choose to believe that superheroes and/or supernatural powers were involved.

    • I really hope that you took measures to conceal your location. Otherwise, I’m sure that the drones have already found you. (This post wasn’t influenced at all by having watched “3 Days of the Condor” last night.)

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