Bryan Voltaggio’s Lunchbox Opens in Friendship Heights Today

5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

At long last Lunchbox opens in the Chevy Chase pavilion today. It’s located in the lower level near the Starbucks and World Market. Voltaggio’s RANGE is located on the third floor of the pavilion.

Lunchbox’s facebook page says:

Coming soon to the Chevy Chase Pavilion on July 14, 2014!

Lunchbox takes the fresh, seasonal ingredients used daily at VOLT and transforms them into gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts.”


A Lunchbox was originally located in Frederick, MD but has since closed:


Have a look inside the new spot after the jump.




I’m digging the hanging plants:


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  • jim_ed

    That presser reads like this restaurant reuses the scraps and leftovers from Volt to make sandwiches. No thanks.

  • sweet. there’s a dearth of reasonably priced, non-shitty salads and sandwiches around friendship heights. i’d been to the lunchbox in frederick before it closed, it was pretty good!

  • I hope it’s good, but these guys have spread themselves as thin as you possibly can.

  • Lunchbox in Frederick was great! I’m looking forward to trying the new Lunchbox.

    Sad about the Frederick Lunchbox, their location and outdoor space was great.

  • He’s dreamy…

  • I went today – sandwiches are really, really good and the handmade sodas are great too. The sandwich bread is pretty amazing. They were a bit frantic with the service and it wasn’t totally organized, but that is to be expected on a restaurant’s opening day. I bet in a few weeks it will be an all around great experience.

    • Thanks for the review! I’ve been wondering if it’s worth the effort to walk by the food trucks in order to get to Lunchbox. Sounds like a great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Their sweets were really tasty, particulary the cookies!

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