Brookland’s Barnes and Noble Opens Today

Located in the Cornerstone building of Monroe Street Market on Monroe Street, NE between Michigan Ave and 7th

With word of more bookstores closing it’s nice to hear of one opening.

From an earlier press release from Catholic University:

“The store will feature 14,000 square feet of retail space on two levels, a 44-seat Starbucks-branded café, and designated areas for Catholic University textbook and school spirit sales.”





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  • This should truly help Brookland a destination spot.

  • Rave: I thinks that’s great news.
    Rant: I never thought I’d reach the point where I’d view this as “good” news.

  • Interesting… I wish we had one with a coffee shop in it in Petworth! I though we were beginning to see the last of these stores when most closed in the past 5 years.

    • Jack5, in general that’s true (re. new brick-and-mortar bookstores opening), but I think this is a case where Barnes & Noble has partnered with an existing university bookstore, the way they’ve also done at the University of Maryland and (I think) a bunch of other university bookstores.
      The University of Maryland’s bookstore is hidden away in the Stamp Student Union, and thus doesn’t really get customers other than U-Md. students, faculty, and staff… but this CUA/B&N bookstore has a highly visible location around other new retail, and I bet it’ll get a lot of non-students. If I lived in the area, I’d certainly be checking it out!

      • brookland_rez

        This is true. Half the store is dedicated to CU branded merchandise. I looked through the windows last night. The other half has what appears to be a basic book selection and magazine rack. There’s a really large cafe, larger than typical.

      • I believe B&N has partnered with the CU bookstore for many many years now – I remember the first B&N store I ever saw was the CU bookstore, like 25 years ago maybe? I’m assuming that this new store is just a new home for a longstanding partnership geared toward university students, rather than a standard B&N. (Though I’m sure it will still be nice for anyone who likes books and coffee.)

        • They’ve been doing this sort of thing for decades and there’s nothing new about them doing it in a somewhat “off campus” location.

      • I believe Howard’s bookstore on Georgia @ Bryant is also run by a third party. This is very common these days.

  • I’ll be very interested to see whether the book selection is culled to comport with the University’s religious beliefs. I’m guessing that books reflecting views that conflict with those beliefs on a variety of issues such as gay rights, abortion, etc., will not be sold there, as I doubt the University would have lent its name to the partnership otherwise.

    • Yes. CU students have never heard of any of those things and the university wants to keep it that way. I also heard that no one wearing a condom will be allowed to enter the store. Direct order from the pope, apparently.

    • Not trolling. You obviously have no idea how the Church operates when dealing with real estate and leases. It almost always include a morals clause that prohibits uses of the property for purposes that are offensive to teachings of the church.

    • I stopped by today hoping the Starbucks was open. Happily walked in with a pro choice organization t-shirt (which was a coincidence, not purposeful, although I might try to make a habit of it…)

  • Wait. B&N is still in business? I thought they crashed and burned years ago.

  • brookland_rez

    Ever since the Georgetown one closed, I’ve missed having a spot to go and buy coffee and read/buy UK motorcycle magazines. I will definitely use this one.

  • Holy cow. This is BROOKLAND?? I lived there for years but haven’t been over since around 2007. This doesn’t even look like the same place! I have to go visit.

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