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  • It’s a toilet!

  • justinbc

    Eagerly awaiting the day some drunk person mistakes the sign for a toilet and pisses on it.

  • Based on the appearance of the sign, I doubt the facilities look anything like the picture.

  • In Waikiki Hawaii, very few public places have bathrooms. It’s agonizing to find this out after 2 cups of coffee that not even the Starbucks there has a public restroom… I can’t stand it when places that serve food and drinks don’t have publicly available bathrooms, mainly to keep the homeless away, but it’s lazy for places that make good money and allow seating. Most of these places lay off cleaning staff to save money and that’s all it boils down to, saving money.

    • i believe that is actually illegal. every establishment that serves food and drinnk and has seating generally has to provide a bathroom to customers.

      • justinbc

        This is incorrect, it’s not illegal. There is Ally’s Law, which requires access to customers in the event of inflammatory bowel disease or another medical condition requiring immediate access to a toilet, but that’s only applicable in 14 states currently, Hawaii not being one of them. Hawaii, and particularly Waikiki, has a pervasive homeless problem, so it’s no surprise they don’t have many public restrooms.

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