Assessing the Damage at Henry’s, Will Rebuild and Reopen in about 2-3 Months

1704 U Street, NW

About a month ago Henry’s was severely damaged by fire on U Street.


A call to Henry’s reveals the good news that they plan on rebuilding and if all goes well should reopen in 2-3 months. Updates as we get closer to the reopening. In the meantime you can still get your fix at their 317 K Street, NW location.

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  • Great news!

    Good food and nice people.

  • 2-3 months is VERY optimistic. But good for them!

    • Yep. In reality, it’ll be more like a year. And by then, there will be plans to knock down this whole block and put up some big condo building.

      • Knock down this whole block???? NOT gonna happen!!

        • I can only guess that the commenter was saying Henry’s and maybe Ben Moll could/will be torn down and redeveloped.

          I don’t disagree. Even if only Henry’s was demo’d, you could squeeze in a 3 or 4 story condo building easy.

          Regardless, my guess is that this Henry’s and there other location will be soon sold if for no other reason than rising property taxes, but also lucrative property values.

          Get while the getting’s good. Or holdout. Whatever, just be sure to add cream chipped beef to the menu if you do stay.

      • Not gonna happen. The owner is my landlord and he owns the entire corner (three separate buildings). He mints money just renting out rooms to SAIS students and the commercial leases. Never gonna sell, his monthly cash flow is ridiculous (no mortgage on the properties that I could find).

        • So does he lease Henry’s their space? They must have one hell of a long lease otherwise why would the landlord keep them as a tenant (because they can’t be paying him squat per square foot)?

  • I live on the same block and they are good neighbors. I am glad they will return.

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Henry’s. Im soooo glad they are going to rebuild!!!!

  • Come back soon PLEASE!

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