Brief Video of Assault at 11th and Irving St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I’m not sure who to send this video to but I feel like I should post it in case someone needs it as evidence. This is a video of an assault that I witnessed over the weekend as mentioned in the youtube description. [Guy get’s punched by neighborhood kids at 11th and Lamont Irving NW in DC on July 6th 2014 around 5:30pm.] Maybe you can send out the link so that it can be helpful to others?”

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  • that’s 11th and irving

  • Send it to the police, of course. I once saw a kid graffiti-ing on the metro, snapped a few pics, and sent it in through the police department website. An officer called me within a day or two to follow up. I’d think there’d be even more interest for an assault.

  • Although this is evidence that can be easily used to identify and arrest the perpetrators, I expect MPD to do absolutely nothing about this. Gotta keep those crimes stats down.

  • No complainant, no crime!!!

  • Jesus….i always get a little worried approaching young HS kids in my neighborhood (columbia heights). One time i was passing them and a kid went to give me a high five (then pulled it away ‘too slow’, is this 1990?) he thought it was funny and then faked like he was going to punch me in the nuts….what a shame that kids have nothing better to do, literally nothing better to do

  • @AG, how do you send stuff like this to the police?

    @all, what’s the best action to take in this situation? I don’t feel like the police are going to be helpful since you have to get your phone out to call 911. Is it better the fight back or to take the punch? What are the legal considerations? What rights does someone have in this situation where they are under attack from someone else?

    • Email works well… go to the MPD website and look up the people in charge of the area. It’s 3rd district over there.

      Personally, at about 4 on 1, I’d just try to get the hell out of there. You’re not going to win that fight. And don’t shoot them, OK? This isn’t Florida.

    • Are you a badass tough guy who thinks he could take down 4 people surrounding you? If you’re not Batman, then no, fighting back when it’s 4 against 1 isn’t the best option.

    • I once found myself in similar situation with a group of kids. Well I fought back and busted up couple of them pretty badly, but because there were NO witnesses as to who started it, I was told by mpd that if I wanted to press charges that I’d be booked as well. Clear as day I had NO reason to just randomly beat up on a bunch of teenagers….

    • Generally speaking, you always have the right to defend yourself. As to what specific actions you can take to defend yourself, that depends on the threat you are facing.

      • Not exactly. You have a responsibility to retreat if possible (this ain’t a stand-your-ground state).

    • Hey, so a few things.

      We’d prefer if people called us before they took video. The “Worldstar” phenomenon is troubling, because it delays our response and ironically, those people who took video they will post on the internet are also the same people who refuse to tell us what happened.

      My guess is the detectives at 3D would be interested. But like someone else said, if there’s no complainant, then there’s no crime. So if this kid filed a report then your video will be evidence.

      For the guy asking what to do in this situation, you have to make that decision for yourself. You have the right to defend yourself. Legally, we have a primary aggressor law which states that if you’re getting attacked and you strike back and break the guy’s nose, then the primary aggressor (who threw the first punch) is at fault. However, if you keep pummeling him when he’s down, then we have an issue.

      • I would hope if you’re willing to take out your phone to take a video of these kids, you’d also be willing to dial 911 before doing so. You may even be able to do both at the same time. Even if the victim isn’t actually a victim, police should come and break it up. They need to know this is not okay and be stopped before serious injuries occur.

        • I don’t know, if I’m getting sucker-punched by some dude on the street I might rather have video evidence than an immediate call to the cops, who quite possibly won’t get there in time to break it up or even get a look at the perps. It’s a bit of a toss up for me, though I would hope someone would call 911 before too long.

  • Maybe they were shooting a “prank in the hood” video for worldstarhiphop… The objective of them is to intentionally do something which causes them to get punched. It’s the latest trend in viral videos… Let’s remember the people in videos we see like this aren’t always innocent victims, even though the video is embarrassingly horrible, it should not lead to inaccurate conclusions.

    • I don’t know what the F you are talking about, but if someone is getting punched, assume it’s an assault first and then feel dumb later if it’s a prank. Unless you want people to stand by idly while you’re getting beat up because maybe it’s not real.

      • +1. And if you’re a bystander, your first course of action should be to call 911, not to snap photos/video — that can wait until after you’ve called 911.

      • Nobody said to not take action in my post… I’m just saying, looking at the video, there’s no evidence that makes it clear what happened prior to the incident… There’s a big difference between an assault and a fight, we can’t judge it from behind our computers because we weren’t there.

    • What!? If you are correct that is just as ignorant as real mugging…

      Don’t give em a pass, real or not. You wanna act go to Hollywood.

    • I wasn’t planning on shooting them, I’ve never touched a gun and don’t see the need to. I’m also not trying to be a bad ass. I’m simply trying to see what others think is the best action to take. I suppose one could flee the area but then I feel like the attackers would follow. As others mentioned, I try to avoid walking past HS aged kids which I think is the best thing to do.

      @”other side of the fence” interesting point. I did not witness everything leading up to the event so I’m not sure if the “victim” is truly innocent.

      • Cross the street if you see trouble coming your way and leave the area as quickly and discreetly as possible . . . get off the damn “X”!!!!!!

  • Let me get this straight. You want to help the victim? Then why was your first course of action taking out your cell phone and recording this? Why didn’t you take out your phone and dial 9-1-1?! Heck, if you really wanted to help, call the police then honk and yell to the group that the cops are on the way. Didn’t you see the Seinfeld about this!?

    • How about not jumping to conclusions – You don’t know if the person who took this video called 911 before shooting the video.

      • We don’t know for sure, but it seems like the kind of highly relevant information that the poster would have included in the post if he/she had indeed called 911.

        • or just be thankful that there is some evidence. don’t blame the person trying to help out.

  • I’m not sure what happened before this camera started rolling but the single-minded hunt by the guy in the kaki shorts and white sleeveless shirt for a sucker punch to the guy with the backpack makes me sick. Keep hunting for you manhood kid, you’ll never find it at the end of your fist.

  • I’m moving to columbia heights very soon. Things like this make me very nervous. Any advice on making sure this doesn’t happen to me?

    • 1. You can’t make 100% sure of anything.
      2. Be aware of your surroundings – look around yourself periodically, and make note of who is around you.
      3. Headphones off and head out of the phone. If you have to make / take a call or check something, step somewhere less assaultable, like just inside a business or somewhere where someone can’t come up behind you.
      4. Avoid people who look like they are up to no good. That’s not an excuse to be racist.

    • It isn’t possible to guarantee nothing will happen, but there are many things you can do to mitigate the risk. Along with Anonymous @2:03’s advice, I’d recommend reading the Gift of Fear and taking a personal safety awareness training.

    • I lived in CH from 2001-2013. Always be super alert when you’re on the streets. If you’re drunk, take a cab. Don’t talk to strangers at night. For example, if someone asks “do you have the time?” Don’t answer. Just walk away. If someone is coming towards you, cross the street. In short: be a jerk.

    • overall a very safe neighborhood, you just get a lot of riff-raff in the area. Walk fast, avoid cellphone/headphones and do not react to petty insults from the riff-raff that is everywhere in the area. I regularly get racial remarks uttered to me from the crowd gathered around the metro stop (5 guys area) and the group that loiters around 7-11. I just ignore it and keep walking.

      • I agree that you must keep you head up, an eye out, and electronics away. Try to avoid any person or situation that seems “off”; it’s better to be called a jerk than to take a chance. I’d add to Anon’s (3:18) comment that not all of Columbia Heights is a “very safe neighborhood”. South Columbia Heights (Harvard & 14th down through Euclid & 14th, and extending down those side streets) can still be pretty dicey, or at the very least uncomfortable, at times.

    • Been here 15 years. The secret is walking a little faster and with a little more purpose than usual. I like to add a small limp and a big scowl for style. Toned down if daytime, toned up if nighttime. I never ever ever wear headphones, and never use my phone unless I’m, say, standing in the doorway of a restaurant (and then, use 2 hands).

      You have nothing to worry about living in Columbia Heights except for occasional verbal comments from those on the streets. Rif raf are afraid of you as well (maybe you’ll put up a fight…maybe you’ll get them arrested…maybe you don’t have any cash anyway), but hide behind a veil of aggression.

      What you want to do is avoid being the EASY TARGET. You don’t have to be some tough guy/gal, but do what the animals do–fake it enough so that the predator moves on to the easy meal.

    • Columbia Heights is pretty safe overall. It was very much crime ridden 10-20 years ago, from what I hear, but I don’t consider it dangerous now. In the daytime I wouldn’t be worried at all. Just go about your life as you normally would. Night time, in any city, it’s good to be a little cautious. There are a good amount of people walking around 14th Street in Columbia Heights at night, so 14th is pretty safe at night. Night time crimes are more likely to happen on the side streets, having little activity, in poorly lit areas. For what it’s worth, I feel safer on a bicycle than I do on foot at night.

  • Can the OP provide a bit of context as to what was happening? I see two white guys who appear to be arguing with 4 African-Americans. Was the white guy who got punched a Good Samaritan pedestrian who was trying to deescalate the situation? Did these guys seem to know one another? Seems like a weird case here.

  • context?

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