The Menu at Ana’s Mexican Restaurant may not be pretty but the food is delicious and cheap – Check it Out

3217 Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Ana finally got her menu printed—and it is quite something to behold, on many levels! The typos, starting with the incorrect address and days of the week, the foods not matching their titles, the giant black fish on a plate, and my favorite, the whole chicken: it comes with rice and beans, yet the photo is of a whole chicken resting on a plate of French fries. I also like the jalapeno with the Mexican flag on the front panel.

ana’s_menu (PDF)

I will say though, the food is absolutely awesome. I got 3 tacos, rice and bean for only $9 the other day, and they cook it from scratch right in front of you.”

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  • Grilled meat… friedfries…

    love it.

  • Yes! Cheap mexican food the only way it should be. DC will have you paying $14 for a burrito man…

  • austindc

    mmmm, “fried fries.”

  • Hell yes to everything, spelling be damned.

  • Wow, those are some pretty impressive typos. (And the website doesn’t work… unless maybe the URL was misspelled too?) But I’m glad to hear the food is good — will be checking this place out soon!

  • Is this take-out only, or can you dine in?

  • Mexican Dushes. I will be trying this place.

  • I’m the one who sent this in. The more I read it, the more typos I find, such as Gerogia Ave.
    And yes, you can dine in. Only toward the front for now, but there is a back dining room they are still setting up.

  • I think that’s a taco bell burrito pictured… not that I’ve been to one recently or anything.

  • Sorry, but I don’t really find it that charming. Yes it is comical and brings a bit of a giggle, but seriously, if you can maneuver the system well enough to get a business license, then you can spell things a little better and put the correct picture of the correct item.

  • I’m guessing the Spanish version of the menu has fewer typos.

    The food here is amazing. I’ve probably been 4 or 5 times so far. Everyone is super friendly.

    Yes, there is dine in and carry out.

  • 11:02 Anon: I’ll overlook a few issues with the menu in order to get good food. I’ve been several times before they even had a menu and I survived just fine. Plus, English is their second language and even though I speak English to them, they reply in Spanish much of the time.

    This place is authentic and a great addition to the neighborhood. It is a place everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy.

    • I get that this is their second language. But if you look closely, you will see that they hired a design firm to do this for them: They, not Ana, should have been doing some bare basic proofing for them, no matter how low the price. I hire designers all the time for my line of work, and that is indeed part of the task.

  • Just went tonight; loved the pork and cheese pupusas, found the chicken burrito just okay. Will definitely go back and try other things.

  • This could be a reply to Anon 11:02, but more comments may come to which it would apply as well. I live a block from here and this place is in some ways a breath of fresh air. I love the 11th St joints as much as the next person, but there was something nice about walking into this place and feeling like I had truly walked into a Mexican couple’s kitchen – no pretense, no architect, no branding, no strategizing, just food. They grab the pico out of a bowl in the fridge to put on your taco!

    • agreed! this is great. I love a place that you can just go to and say, “make me something good” and they make something… no need for a menu (i was there 3-4 times before the menu was even printed. I wish them nothing but the best and will support them probably wayy to much.

  • The owner said that the company who printed the menus are aware of the typos and was supposed to return to pick up the misspelled menus and give them new ones but never has.

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