6 Arrested for Soliciation of Prostitution in Logan Circle/Shaw (PSA 307) over the Weekend

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From MPD:

“During the early morning hours of today’s date, members of the 3rd District VICE Unit conducted Anti-Prostitution Operation in PSA 307 in response to recent citizen concerns.

A total of six (6) adults were subsequently arrested and charged with ” Solicitation of ProstiTution”

Members of MPD will continue to monitor the prostitution activities along our 3D and 1D boarders and will work with both 1D VICE and the departments Human Trafficking Unit to conduct further operations.”

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  • Just to be clear, I wasn’t soliciting prostitutes, I was just asking them if they could make my small plates larger.

  • I believe I heard a lot of women being brought in to 3D headquarters early Saturday morning as my friend and I sat in a jail cell there as we awaited processing for public consumption of marijuana. Quite a ruckus. Hope they didn’t go too hard on the prostitutes themselves – focus should be on the solicitors.

    PS four vice squad members and two street cops took quite a chunk of time out of their evenings starting at about 11 PM Friday in order to arrest two guys waking around smoking a joint. Then they had to go back to headquarters for a couple hours of paperwork. Stupid of me to put myself at risk of arrest, but just FYI it was an interesting perspective of our tax dollars at work.

    • I’d rather not have people smoking joints on the street. I hope you have learned to smoke your joints at home… maybe it wasn’t a waste after all.

      • Yeah, fair enough. Lesson: Definitely learned.

        That said, they could have given me a ticket for $100 and I would have also learned my lesson.

        • There’s no ticket for smoking in public. Its an arrest. The Notice of Violation would be for less than an ounce unlit and that fine is $50.

        • wait, just for future reference…if you are smoking one on your balcony (very not on the streets its in an alley way) would i be fine under the new laws? I know i could be written a ticket but i highly doubt it at this point since i have been doing this for quite some time now

      • minus 1,000,000,000

        I mean calm down. If you get too excited you will spook all those crazy weed heads out there looking to rob someone for their next “fix.”

      • What? Why? Such a ninny perspective. “I don’t care for this thing therefore no one shall do it”

        • I’d say the ninny perspective is “I know this activity is illegal, but I ought to be able to do it in public and not get arrested for it. Waaaah!”
          Just smoke at home until/unless it’s legalized.

      • I’d rather not have people jaywalking on my street. That’s an offense that has much more serious societal consequences than openly smoking. So let’s cuff them, search them, haul them to 3D headquarters, hold them for several hours, require them to pay lots of money, go to court a few times, and hire someone to expunge old charges from their record.

        Sure, I’m an idiot because I was under the impression that smoking in public was a ticket-able offense of up to $500. A friend and I rolled the dice on that ticket on the way to a concert (was the DIIV show good? Didn’t get to catch it). As we were walking, I literally said, “Well, if we get caught, I’ll split the ticket with you.” I was confusing DC with Colorado, where I was just last week. Pot is legal there, but there’s still a decent fine for smoking in public. So, my fault for literally not being aware of a law that impacts me. Still, even though I was misinformed (and was still willing to commit a civil offense), I frankly figured that MPD would not spend their time and effort pursuing something like this so seriously.

        “But it’s against the law, so you got what you deserved and now you’re just whining,” say several commenters. This ignores the concept of justice and proportionality. If red shoes were illegal, then by this logic it would be equally just to get hauled in for wearing them in public. There’s a difference between saying, “Dang dude, that sucks, but you should have been more careful. Sadly, you were asking for it” and “Shut up and stop whining, you got what was coming to you.” The former points out that I was being somewhat imprudent in my toking; the latter accepts the current treatment of this under the law as not just acceptable but desirable. I’m a little surprised by the number of comments in the latter category.

    • Ha, whatever makes you feel better. It’s not like they set up a massive sting to arrest you and your friend. They were most likely patrolling, you were dumb enough to blaze in public, and they noticed.

      • What a shitty comment. I think it’s clear that the OP realizes that they fucked up and is taking responsibility for their actions. I fully agree that those cops could have been much more productive in protecting public safety than spending 10+ man-hours on a small-time marijuana arrest.

    • Curious if your decision to walk and smoke was influenced by the new decriminalization law? I personally think that it’s going to lead to a lot more blatant smoking in public (which i ultimately see as a public nuisance, the same as I would feel about a ton of drunk people wandering the streets). But I’d like to hear the smoker’s perspective.

      • because smoking a joint is the same as being stumbling drunk, said no one, ever. nice try fool

      • Marijuana use boosts the economy. All those people with munchies go buy snacks from local businesses. Also, when was the last time you were harassed by a pothead??? Never? Oh, okay.

    • +1
      Kind of funny to think we have journalistic sources from inside local jails. Best of luck with your case.

    • You would have a bit more credibility if your critiqued of the policy took place before you were caught violating it. It sounds like you broke the law, and you are now developing reasons why you shouldn’t face the consequences, nothing more.

  • 6? You could get 6 any day of the week on a corner in Trinidad.

    • Yeah, but there’s moe tax dollars at stake in this ‘hood. Gotta give the people what they pay for.

    • Yeah there operations are a joke. I wonder if it has anything to do with the “types” of prostitutes around the Trinidad area. Wonder if the police just doesn’t want to deal with the element of prostitution.

    • One of the local pastors is on a tear on this, along with the neighborhood association. I think it tends to be very late night or early rush hour when the women are out. I’ve only ever seen them on Mass Ave–toward the convention center early in the am. Pastors and prostitutes are almost as predictable as cops and prostitutes, and it often isn’t noble.

      It’s very difficult to eliminate sex work from a place–many years after a neighborhood has changed, sex workers stay around in some form. Often in the Logan area, they meet the guys elsewhere but make use of the quiet alleys for the actual “work”.

  • Boy, times haven’t changed at all. M & 13th continues to be ho-central, just like it was at least seven years ago. Aren’t parts of this area designated a pros-free zone?

  • Emily Hammell

    There are no active Prostitution Free Zones in the city and a new PFZ hasn’t been added since 2012. CM Grosso recently introduced legislation to ban the institution of PFZ’s because the law is very likely unconstitutional

  • I wonder if it was closer to 14th or 9th? I’ve lived just off 14th for years and definitely don’t see the activity like it used to be…although the way most of the twenty-something women are dressed it’s hard to tell lol…

    • Don’t slut shame people, you’re contributing to rape culture.

      • Dressing like a prostitute, does not make one a slut. She could just be going out on a Saturday night.

        It is simply bizarre to think that dressing like a prostitute necessarily means that one is a slut.

      • Outrage meters are out of control. Bleedo did not say that women dressed like prostitutes are sluts.

        Is it not true that some young ladies, twenty-somethings, high schoolers, junior high, elementary school kids dress in skimpy revealing clothing that is similar and at time identical to the clothes prostitutes wear? No one is impuning their morals or suggesting that they are sluts (to use your word PoPReader and Linda).

        Perhaps Dave Chappelle can enlighten you on this topic

    • this is like when you see people walking around dressed as pirates. it doesn’t mean that they are actually pirates. something something shiver-me-timbers culture

  • Maybe this will cut down on the number of used condoms in our alley…

  • Pretty sure there is a ‘working girl’ doing business out of a condo unit in my Logan Circle/Shaw building. Haven’t seen any street activity in the area in like 7 years.

  • When I moved here, I pondered why the “no right turn” signs were in effect only at night. Looks like it’s still alive and well.

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