Where to Watch the USA vs Belgium World Cup Match Tuesday? – Dupont Circle not an Option but Freedom Plaza is!

New TVs at Back Patio bar courtesy of DC Reynolds, 3628 Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Where can I find the best watch parties for the USA v. Belgium game on Tuesday, July 1 at 4:00pm? I’ll of course be skipping out of work early, in need of the best place to watch the game! Go USA!”

@AaronDeNu tweeted:

“We had a blast with you last week! We didn’t receive funding for another screening, so head to the DUPONT bars instead for Tuesday’s match.”

But for those looking to watch outdoors DC Reynolds let’s me know:

DC Reynolds is stepping up our outdoor TV game with 2 70″ TVs.”

Another reader is interested in learning about some of the “best (under the radar) bars to watch #USMNT tomorrow?”

And word is just in about a showing at Freedom Plaza:

“What: Washington, D.C. World Cup Viewing Party

Mayor Vincent C. Gray along with the DowntownDC BID, Events DC, D.C. United, DC Water, Akridge, Pepco and CBS 94.7 will host a Viewing Party of the USA vs. Belgium World Cup match on a large screen on Freedom Plaza. The event is FREE and open to the public. Blankets and lawn chairs are permitted.

Tommy McFly and Kelly Collis from the Tommy Show on 94.7 Fresh FM will serve as emcees for the pre-game kickoff.

DC Water will host water stations throughout the event.

When: Tuesday, July 1
Event begins 3 p.m.
Game start time 4 p.m.

Where: Freedom Plaza
Pennsylvania Avenue between 13th & 14th Streets, NW


Due to street closures and parking restrictions, Metrorail is recommended. Both Metro Center (Red, Blue and Orange) and Federal Triangle (Blue, Orange) are within walking distance of Freedom Plaza. There are numerous Capital Bikeshare stations throughout DowntownDC, maps and additional transportation information may be found at downtowndc.org/gettingaround.

The following street closures and parking restrictions will be in effect from 9am – 9pm, Tuesday, July 1 in the following locations:
Pennsylvania Avenue from 13th Street to 14th Street, NW
E Street from 13th Street to 14th Street, NW
13th Street from E Street to Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Travelers should be advised afternoon rush hour on 14th Street may be slow going as increased pedestrian volume is anticipated. Alternate routes are recommended.”

Another outdoor watching option with beer from the Fairgrounds by Nats Park [25 M St, SE]:

“Doors open at 3:00 PM
Game begins at 4:00 PM
Red, Lite & Blue beer specials during the game
($6 Red’s Ale, Miller Lite, Coors Lite & Blue Moon)
Red, White and Blue frozen drinks at the Daq Shack
165-square-foot projection screen with full audio
Bullpen Grill
Food trucks including Surfside, Food Dude, DC Slices
corn hole”

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  • justinbc

    We’ve watched at Redline and City Taphouse and both locations have been great. More TVs at Redline, but much better food and beer at CTH.

  • Don’t forget the sunblock.

  • Camping out at Penn Social for both games. Yay Canada Day

  • How is the watching at Dacha? Do they have enough TVs?

    • I watched the US vs Portugal game there. Standing room only, super hot, super crowded, but also pretty fun. Crowd was great and I had a decent–although sometimes obstructed–view of the TV. All that being said, I probably won’t watch another game there.

      El Rey & Jack Rose are good spots.

      • Ok, thanks for the review. I’m supposed to go with a young lady on a date, but we can’t get there until the 2nd half. We want a good atmosphere, but also don’t want to be miserable/can’t see the game.
        How’s the crowd at DC Reynolds?

  • Dacha beer garden?

  • The question at this point isn’t who will be showing the game but more who won’t be showing the game. If today’s traffic was any indication, people are already starting to leave on vacation this week, so perhaps the bars won’t be as crowded as they were for previous US games. That being said, I’d say to pick an area where you want to watch the game and show up early enough to get a seat (if that’s important to you). It’s also good to go to an area where there will be other options in case the place you do want to go is already too crowded when you show up.

    One of the easiest ways to avoid the big viewing crowds (if you’re looking to avoid that) is to go to a restaurant/take-out place that’s showing it on their only TV. It’s a different experience, sure, but you’ll have plenty of food and drink to go around and no one obstructing your view of the game.

  • Need a bar that won’t be packed to the gills (ie – Lucky, Drafting Table), but still has a good soccer vibe/multiple tvs.

    Anyone been to Boundary Stone for a US game yet? Packed?

    • I’d go there just because it’s an awesome bar. Granted, I’m slightly biased as it’s in my neighborhood… but you’ll have a great time there for the game!

      • Yeah, agreed, love the Stone. Just wondering if it’s jampacked around the tv. I’m not trying to stay in the Dupont area seeing as so many people work here/flood into bars for the game. Will be a tough call.

    • justinbc

      Someone posted earlier this week that they had gone there for one of the games and it was impossible to even get a drink.

    • I did not watch a world cup game here, but when Lucky was swarmed for el classico I went to Dirty Bar next door and they had a nice set up. A huge projection screen plus multiple bar TVs. Bartenders were soccer fans, (mostly Barca) so a good vibe, but everyone was still able to sit. (and I was only downstairs, i am assuming upstairs could accommodate more people_ I even got a free pity shot from the bar tender when my team lost. HA. Obviously more people seem to be interested in the world cup, but for anyone who is turned away from Lucky I think is worth a stop.

    • shaybee

      I went to the US-Portugal game! We got there a couple hours early (easy, since it was a Sunday) and got a booth in the middle and could see both tvs. It got crowded, but not unbearably so. There were a few times someone tall blocked the view of the TVs, but we’d just let them know we were behind them and it was fine. However, I’d recommend you get there early anyway!

      And, I am pretty sure they’ve installed a TV in the outer-alley part where there are more tables, so you could also watch there.

  • What are the decent bars in U Street/Columbia Heights/lower Petworth area for watching?
    Looking for a fun atmosphere, but still want to be able to enjoy the game and conversation. I don’t want to be crawling over people to see the TV (e.g. Dacha, the Dupont bars, etc)

  • Mothership on Georgia Ave has a wall-size screen showing the games and is never packed! I probably shouldn’t have shared that…

  • Freedom Plaza and Fairgrounds sound like they could be fun outdoor venues! I assume when the DC United stadium is built down in Buzzard Point, the Navy Yard area will be even better for future World Cup viewing parties 🙂

    • Unfortunately, the next two World Cups are on the other side of the globe (Russia, Qatar), so the matches won’t be on at reasonable hours.

  • Yesterday I noticed that Duke’s on 17th St had set up a big TV on their front patio which looked like a fun place to watch!! Small, though.

  • We went to Cities and had a blast they have entire video wall so every where you looked in the venue we could see the game. It got a little tight the last time so I suggest everyone arrives early and grabs a seat.

  • I’ll also say I’ve watched a few games at different bars up and down H Street. The atmosphere has been fun each time – and the bars are packed!

  • I’d second the rec for Dirty. Ended up there for the Colombia match this Sunday and the atmosphere was excellent. Far superior to the expected reception in Lucky or Public, which would have been jammed like sardines. The food is better, the drinks are better, and the set up was great — multiple TVs behind the bar downstairs, all high quality, huge projection in the back, another set up upstairs that appeared to be great but I didn’t check out. Far more seats and accommodated the capacity crowd much better. Of course by match time it was standing room early but I could actually get drinks from the bar and didn’t have someone pressed up against my back, and had no problem getting a clear view. And the audio was excellent. As a lifelong Washingtonian who is more used to games at Summers, I’m gonna return to Dirty today in flair. Ditch the lines for Public and Lucky (and the shitty food etc) and come join me! America!!

  • Don’t forget the National Portrait Gallery!

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