Wells Fargo Bank just Robbed in Columbia Heights


A reader writes:

“14th Street location [3325 just north of Park Road in the Tivoli] in Columbia Heights. Police everywhere. Caution yellow tape, cop cars rushing to the scene. Must have just happened.”

@DCPoliceDept tweet:

“Robbery Investigation: 3300 blk of 14th St NW LOF B/M, all black clothing, sunglasses & a wool cap/ L/S running W/B 1400 blk of MonroeStNW”

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  • Stay hot, DC. Kids with shot guns. Bank robbery mid-morning. What the hell is going on in this city? Yet I hear no one talk about crime or tougher enforcement. How about some leadership!

    • So true. If there’s one thing you never hear MPD talk about, it’s crime.

    • Almost all bank robberies happen during mid-morning or early afternoon, because that’s when the banks are open. Very few bank robbers are like the Ocean’s 11 crew, bypassing the security system and cracking the vault at night. It’s mostly just knuckleheads who threaten a teller, get a few hundred dollars, and then get caught.

  • Nothing in this post says anything about either “kids” or “shotguns”. If you have specific details about this incident that the rest of us aren’t privy to, you should provide them. If you don’t, you should recognize that comments like yours actually contribute to the “hell”. How about something substantive?

    • They are referring to the post below where the kid was robbing people with a shotgun. No comments are in any way similar to armed robbery, get it together. Look at you in your ivory tower, handing down life lessons to all of us sinners. SMH

    • They are referencing a prior incident in the area

    • Anonymous 10:41 am was referring to the recent arrest of a juvenile who stuck three people up with a shot gun.

    • I think it was a list of morning posts. This bank robbery. The earlier post about the kid with gun.

  • Heather2

    I just moved here…. but the same thing happened in downtown Silver Spring at the Bank of America when we were in it two weeks ago. As far as I know, there was no news coverage–no nothing. One of the workers there told me it was the fourth robbery she’d seen, and none of the Bank of America branches she’d worked in ever had security guards.

    As I said, I just moved to DC, and hesitate to criticize something I do not know well… but wtf?

  • You see a lot of police cruisers going up and down 14ht street, but they avoid the alleys and that’s where most of the criminal get together to commit crimes. You can be sure that someone was waiting by the alley to provide the get away car.

  • When banks rob trillions from taxpayers by using the state to threaten violence or prison if they don’t pay: TARP, QE, Operation Twist, etc.

    When taxpayers rob a few thousand from banks by using a gun to threaten violence if they don’t pay: Theft

  • I’m amazed that this happened in such a busy area, especially since there tends to be a decent MPD presence. I’m sure that the robbers planned this out, so a couple of police down the street won’t necessarily be enough to have prevented it.

    I wonder how much crime would be reduced if DC police officers stopped checking their phones so much. I am totally amazed by how many officers I see checking their phones while sitting in cars, or even standing around on the sidewalk. I know that everyone wants to know what’s going on with their friends and family, but I shouldn’t be seeing this happen quite so often. It would be great if Cathy Lanier addressed this.

    • justinbc

      How do you know what they’re doing on their phones? Maybe they’re helping Jack Bauer find the nukes.

      • I’m not sure what they are doing on their phones, but almost every time I walk by a parked cop car, the cop is on their phone, and not talking on their phone, it looks like they are playing Candy Crush… Surely there must be a better use for their time, like maybe walking around their assigned neighborhood…

        • the only time I see MPD walk is from their car to Five Guys.

        • Good point. I’d add a firewall so they can only access certain sites. If I had a nickel for each time I saw an officer sitting (sometimes sleeping!) in their car playing on their phone, I’d be a rich lady. How is this acceptable? It’s all reactive police work.

    • I’m sure you’ve already considered the fact that they might be using their phones for work purposes (like other people!), so I won’t bother pointing out that you might be a little off the mark.

    • It’s like the members of MPD think they are somehow different from every other human being and are able to effectively multi-task. I agree, lanier should address over attention to the phones and fiddling with the laptop in the cruiser.

    • maybe like many others at work right now—-including all y’all who are probably at work—they are checking the latest Popville news.

  • I may have missed it, where does the MPD say it was a bank robbery as opposed to a robbery say outside the bank?

  • There’s a significant difference between working on a computer and visiting a website, and not working on a computer and visiting a website on your phone.

  • Does this mean there is a fifth sibling on the loose? (I forget the name of the bank-robbing family from a few weeks ago.)

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