Washington Project for the Arts coming to Atlantic Plumbing Development by 9:30 Club

JBG’s Atlantic Plumbing Mixed-Use Development (photo courtesy of JBG)

From a press release:

“DC’s leading artist service organization and contemporary art presenter – announces that the organization will move to street-level office and gallery space in The JBG Companies’ Atlantic Plumbing mixed-use residential and retail development in the U Street Corridor cultural district. As WPA marks its 40-year anniversary milestone in 2015, the new space matches the forward-looking vision for the future of the organization with unprecedented opportunities to expand programming and increase impact within the Greater Washington area.

WPA will move into 1,500 square feet in the main Atlantic Plumbing building at 8th and V Streets NW – adjacent to the 9:30 Club, DC’s renowned music venue – by early fall of 2015, which coincides with the launch of the organization’s 40th anniversary celebration.

“We are thrilled to offer our artists and the community a dedicated exhibition space. Combining WPA’s administrative offices with new galleries in such a visible, flexible, contemporary space will greatly enhance our programming capabilities,” said WPA Executive Director Lisa Gold. “We are imagining exciting new possibilities for our artists, partners, and supporters to experience art and engage in dialogue. And, as we approach this important anniversary milestone, this new space is a transformative step towards an illustrious future for WPA.”

The WPA space fronts 8th Street NW and will include a gallery to house exhibitions and events, staff offices, and retail space for original artists’ works. The space will operate Monday through Saturday from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. with occasional evening events.

“The U Street corridor is an ideal home for WPA, given its artistic spirit, history, and diversity,” said Kim Ward, chair of the WPA Board of Directors. “Since its founding, WPA has programmed and presented exhibitions in a variety of spaces – remaining versatile and responsive to the art of the times, while acting as a leader in creating partnerships with other arts organizations and institutions. We will continue to do that from a location that will provide a strong community hub for the arts with expanded room for programming and exhibitions.”

8th and V St, NW June 2014

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  • You know, I was a little worried about this area getting overly developed (I know, it’s a lost cause, but it felt like it was one last grungy corner of the universe worth preserving). But, these developers seem to be putting their money where their mouth is, for now, and really honestly seeking to contribute to an arts community in the area. I’m really heartened to see this!

    • they aren’t doing it to be nice… they are doing it to make money… they know that artists/musicians/etc attract a specific market segment to the area. I also happen to like what they are doing here, but at the end of the day it’s still all about the Abraham Lincolns

      • I know, but, a lot of other, much less interesting things also make money. This could have easily turned into the Petworth metro station development debacle. I appreciate that they’re taking a different tack. And I’ll reward it with my money 😛

    • Which is surprising, considering maybe .5% of artists aren’t poor.

      • Rich folks like to be surrounded by art, so it’s being done to draw buyers/renters.

        • That’s actually a pretty good metaphor for the new DC. Rich folks surrounded by the poor. Ha!

        • This. Uninteresting rich people like to be surrounded by interesting poor people. Why do you think Williamsburg is NYC’s is the hottest real estate market?

  • I really hope they fix the intersection at 9th &V while they’re at it. With that strange curve over there + increased pedestrian and other traffic, that will be a nightmare intersection. They should also have kept Sherman a 2 lane road… For shame.

  • i really like the style of the building, i wonder how tired people will get of massive crowds outside 9:30 club shouting and screaming late at night every single day of the year basically…should be interesting. Love the architecture of the atlantic pluming building at least its unique!

  • I saw where JBG has decided to turn these into Condos instead of their original plans for rentals. Would be nice if they’d let me buy 2units and combine them into one for a discounted price. I love the designs- hopefully they turn out similar to the drawings.

    • Not sure which building you’re referring to, but only the smaller of the two buildings is going to be turned into condos, the other building will remain as rentals.

      • I read where they were turning two of the buildings, one a 65-unit and one 91-unit into condos.

      • “The first is 2030 8th Street, the so-called Atlantic Plumbing project across from the 930 Club at 8th and V (map). The entire project consists of two buildings, one 65 units, the other 310. Today’s announcement just pertains to the 65-unit building, which will have six stories and 4,700 feet of retail. ”

        “The second project is just a block south, at The Shay on U Street between 7th and 8th (map). Like Atlantic Plumbing, The Shay consists of two buildings and today’s announcement refers to the smaller of the two. That building will be branded The Hatton and include 91 units with 8,000 feet of retail.”

        • Yup – going off the same info. I’m guessing that the smaller building will be the less-interesting one architecturally?

          • There are 2 Atlantic Plumbing buildings. The smaller one on the south side of V will be condos (65 units), and the larger one next to 930 Club will be 310 apartments. The Hatton/Shay is another project going up a block south at 8th & Florida. It will also have 2 buildings, one condo (with 91 units), and the other an apartment.

    • Why would they sell you two at a discount when they can sell each one for full price? The U Street/Shaw sales market is blazing hot. And they’d rather sit on the units then sell at a discount. JCB has tons of capital to back them up.

      • I’m saying sell to me at a discount since they wouldn’t have to outfit the 2nd unit with a kitchen and additional bathrooms etc. I’m sure these places are going to be shoebox tiny, hence I’d love to combine two of them.

        • Gotcha, that makes more sense. However, I’m sure it would just be a logistical headache for them to accommodate you. They would probably just tell you to buy a 2BR or 3BR unit.

  • I miss the days (mid-1990s) when people thought you were insane to go anywhere near the 930 Club after it moved to 9th and V. Now the club is overrun with annoying people a lot of the time since the area became safe for the bridge and tunnel hordes. Yeah so I’m pining for the good/bad old days…so sue me.

    • i miss the days when people thought you were insane for going near the old 9:30 club at 930 F street NW, which was super duper sketchy at the time.

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