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  • Watch out for frank!!

  • Super retro finishings, but I actually think this is a pretty great deal given the size, location, and that sweet balcony.

    • Yeah, you can get some good deals out here, I guess because it’s so far out (but very pretty).

      • Excellent clarification. Good location in terms of “it looks pretty,” but not so great logistically.

    • This is the good thing about these old, large apartment buildings. If you can deal with some retro finishings, you’ll often get a large space and even private outdoor space for a very good price.
      Personally, I think this price is just OK. Cathedral Heights is a snoozefest, so it would need to be $1600 or less to get me interested. You can live in a nice sized 1BR off Meridian Park for this price in one of the older buildings.

  • I think this is overpriced by about $100. this area is one of the least expensive rental markets in all of DC, a renter could definitely find a cheaper 1br around here. especially considering this one is a bit old.

  • I think that’s on the high side of average for this area. It’s not super close to a metro, though Wisconsin is a bus corridor. But we don’t pay much less than that for a slightly larger apartment (750 sqft) with no balcony a block from the Cleveland park metro. You could probably do better, but it’s not exactly a rip-off.

    Even though there were a lot of windows it seems kind of dark, too. North facing?

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