Progress at Tadich Grill coming to former Ten Penh space Downtown

1001 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

In May of 2013 we heard the big news that Tadich Grill would be coming to the former Ten Penh space which has been  closed since 2011. A liquor license placard posted out front says:

“Restaurant serving American food. Occupancy Load 336, Seating 222, Sidewalk Café Seating 54, Summer Garden Seating 27

Hours of operation are listed as Sunday through Thursday: 7am – 2am, Friday and Saturday: 7am – 3am.

You can see Tadich Grill’s original San Francisco menu here. Their website says:

“Tadich Grill is essentially a seafood restaurant and has been for over 160 years. Twice a day (and sometimes all afternoon), the place bustles as waiters serve aromatic dishes bearing last night’s catch, broiled, sautéed, or grilled. It is noisy, yes. But unlike some popular spots, it’s not so noisy that you can’t have a conversation with your companions. If you’d been to Tadich Grill a century ago, it would hardly have looked any different. Back then, customers left happy and returned frequently, just like they still do. ”


And looks like construction is well underway:


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  • But unlike some popular spots, it’s not so noisy that you can’t have a conversation with your companions

    So I don’t have to scream at my food? So much for “buzz.” I give them 6 months.

  • Wait. Open at 7am? So you can actually get a sitdown meal here at 7am? WTF are they thinking? That’s not DC! That isn’t even Mexico.

  • That’s the least-DC restaurant press release ever. Where’s the mention of transcendental small-plates and chic faux-street art furnishings, all inspired by the owners trip to Katmandu when he was 7?

    • +1. I was reading this and thinking, ‘but what about the small-batch curated cocktail list by renowned mixologist Mikey Mixey?’

  • It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out. Honestly, I’m surprised it took 3 years for a new restaurant to come in at this location. I presume they will open at 7am to serve breakfast (perhaps to tourists?), but that seems incredibly early for the area.

    • Lots of places downtown host breakfast meetings or fundraisers for politicians. Hopefully this place has good breakfast because it’s terrible in a lot of these places, but the real breakfast joints just don’t have the space to do events/meetings.

    • It took three years because the landlord (Hines) is horrible. Tenh Penn left because of a rental dispute, not because it went out of business for lack of service.

      Short of Central, that building hasn’t had much luck in the restaurant department. Anyone who thinks this place won’t thrive is crazy though. It’s pretty popular in SF and Central is always mobbed next door.

      I also do not think this place will be catering to tourists. I doubt tourists will pay that much to eat there.

  • “Last night’s catch” – from the Potomac? Yum!

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