Taan Noodles Closes but Pop’s Seabar Coming to Adams Morgan

1817 Columbia Rd, NW

Tough times continue at 1817 Columbia Road, NW – former home of Evolve, Marrakech Lounge, and briefly Mudbugz. Runin DC notes:

“Taan which opened in October 2011 was known for its sake, steam buns and okonomiyaki, a Japanese-style cheese pancake. But Taan always played second fiddle to the renowned Sakuramen down the road.”

Taan’s website says:

“To our wonderful patrons and ramen lovers, we’re sad to announce that Taan Noodles has closed. Thank you for all your support over the last couple of years. We will miss the wonderful community of Adams Morgan.”

Eater DC reports:

“Justin Abad and John Manolatos of Cashion’s Eat Place are taking over the space to open Pop’s Seabar.”

Eater says their hoping for a Sept. 1st opening.

Ed. Note: We judged Taan here and Sakuramen here.

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  • justinbc

    Poor guys, they were so much better than Sakuramen, but they weren’t first, which can apparently make a world of difference.

    • Disagree regarding Sakuramen on quality. I like Sakeramen better (have eaten at both places at least 5 times each).
      Sakeramen also had a better a location and got more foot traffic.

      • I haven’t been to Taan, but I found Sakuramen’s broths to be lacking in complexity of flavor compared to Toki. I did like their actual noodles better than Toki’s, however.

        • Toki does not serve traditional Japanese ramen, so you can’t really compare that to Sakuramen. Sakuramen is leaps and bounds better than Taan.

          • justinbc

            Sakuramen provided the second worst bowl of ramen I’ve ever had. I’m a salt fanatic, and their attempt at a tonkatsu broth too salty even for me, it was pretty much beyond inedible. Their appetizers are nice, but the ramen is supbar. I’ve had one bowl (the fiery one) there that was actually high quality, but even that was not as good as what Taan served.

          • justinbc

            Argh, all sorts of typos this morning, but you get the idea.

          • Fair point about different styles of ramen. I think Toki is technically “Taiwanese-style” as opposed to the Japanese ramen served at Sakuramen. Guess I prefer loads of pork fat in my broth.

        • Taan is MUCH better than Sakuramen. I like the more authentic feeling layout/basement for Sakuramen. The writing has been on the wall for Taan for a while, given the # of groupons/discounts they’ve been running. While I would rank their ramen #3 in the DIstrict (behind Toki & Daikaya), the place felt like kind of a scene…and I’m sure the rent wasn’t cheap. Bummer to see them go, I liked it a lot.

      • Taan was infinitely better than Sakuramen with respect to the actual ramen and they had the bonus of great cocktails too.

  • That was quick. They were too expensive and ‘shi-shi’.

  • But I just bought a groupon for this place like 2 days ago!! Waaaah

    • I bought an Amazon Local deal to them about 4 months ago that I hadn’t used yet. Just called Amazon and they’re going to issue a refund, so Groupon should do the same.

  • They were poorly managed and too expensive. We went to Taan three times – the first time we actually got to eat. (when they first opened). The second and third time, they closed the kitchen 20 minutes earlier and denied us service. Can’t stay in business that way.

    • Agree the management needed to be better. Like many “foodie” restaurants I’ve visited, there seemed to be a missing focus on the business side of the house. The quality of their ramen was excellent (and I agree with Justin, better than Sakuramen) but the service was slow, uninformed, and vaguely stand-offish.
      I wish these guys well and hope other restaurants out there will focus on making customers happy instead of assuming good food will always ensure repeat business.

  • The food was good – but i much prefered sakuramens neighborhood feel instead of TAANS hipster doors hanging from the exposed brick feel (exposed brick has reached a tipping point). Still plenty of noodle places in the area including DC noodles!! The seabar sounds good

  • I went the first week they were open and ordered a $13? drink that had Yamazaki in it (per the menu), but I’m pretty sure they just poured in Jameson or something else.

  • Went by there a few times, never ate there because their menu was written in a pretty pretentious manner with no pictures and they had wierd hours… Seemed like too much risk to spin the wheel. I’ve only seen 5 ppl there at the most, it’s a shame, I love Japanese food when I know what to expect.

    • justinbc

      No pictures? Wtf place still puts pictures on the menu?

    • What do you mean, “written in a pretty pretentious manner”? The descriptions were pretentious? The menu was printed in a difficult-to-read typeface and/or was otherwise difficult to read (like the mid-1990s music magazine “Raygun,” where the art department apparently had all the power and the editorial department had none)??

  • Oh no, this is so sad! I ate there like a week ago–love their ramen and buns! They should re-open in a neighborhood that doesn’t have a ramen place down the road–maybe in the space Beau Thai is leaving, or something like that.

  • I liked Taan, it wasn’t ground breaking but it was solid and had nice staff. And it was like the only place in town to get okonomiyaki.

    Not a fan of Sakuramen.

  • I loved this place, and unlike some of the commentariat, I’d never had a problem with service, food, or anything else. Truth be told, i liked to “old” Taan slightly better, but even after the chef change, this one was still good. And, you could walk in, order your ramen to-go, and have a carafe of sake in just the amount of time it took to pack up your order. I had a whole system! Now all is lost!

  • The vegetarian ramen in beet broth they had prior to changing / screwing up their menu was incredible.

  • Love the new concept from the owners of Cashions. Just what this space needs to reverse the curse!

  • Now they just need something not a dry cleaner or restaurant to fill the space between them and Mintwood (restaurant)

  • wow, that’s a major disappointment. they definitely built a niche for themselves (duck confit & ramen? ymm), but that space is a major challenge as just about every other business there has found. seemed like a great date spot.

  • Oh NO!!! This place was, by fay, my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood! So sad!

  • I am sad to hear Taan has closed. Their ramen noodle dishes are the most complex and perfect I have ever tasted. Do the owners have another restaurant serving ramen? I wish I had known they were closing so I could have eaten there every day for their last week. Concerning the price, Living Social and Groupon offered coupons regularly making the cost cheap. Does anyone know where to get the Taan Maze Men?

    Taan Maze-men
    Pork belly, duck confit, chicken confit, pickled cucumber, dashi tomato, charred corn, scallions, woodear, spicy mustard greens, chilis, nori, egg yolk

    OHG I was going there this holiday weekend.

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