Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats opening 2nd Location on H Street in 2015

current Columbia Heights location at 1370 Park Rd, NW across the street from Giant

From a press release:

“Two-time champion of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Doron Petersan, announces plans to open Sticky Fingers Bakery and Bistro on Washington D.C.’s thriving H Street Corridor in early 2015. The second iteration of Petersan’s award-winning cafe will be located at 406 H Street NE in a 2,600 square foot space featuring an expanded bakery program, bistro dining menu and full bar.

“The second location of Sticky Fingers has been in the making for a long time now, and H Street is the perfect spot for us to expand into,” said owner Doron Petersan. “The neighborhood is really coming into its own, and with the addition of the street cars it’s only going to get better. The area has the same kind of young, active and compassionate residents that our Colombia Heights location has been serving for years.

The original Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats opened in north Dupont Circle in 2002 with the mission of bringing delicious baked goods made without the use animal products to the District of Columbia – a mission that eventually expanded to include a full menu of savory plant-based comfort food with a move to Columbia Heights. The new Sticky Fingers location stays true to Petersan’s original vision and will offer an expanded menu and more dining space than the original location. The bakery and bistro will have the look and feel of a classic mid-century American diner, featuring a lunch counter as well as “grab-and-go” service and table service for approximately 50 seats. It will be open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and have bar hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

The expanded bakery program will include Sticky Fingers classics, like sticky buns, cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, and new items, like Italian-style breads, scones, danishes, croissants, and pies. The bistro menu will focus on vegan and gluten-free comfort food and the bar will serve beer, wine and cocktails.”

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  • justinbc

    Damn, wrong end of H for me, but still happy to have them closer to home. I couldn’t care less about the vegan, gluten-free, whatever crap they label it as, these are damn tasty treats.

    • justinbc

      Also, it’s refreshing to read a PR memo that doesn’t read like it was written using random hashtags from douchey bars.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard great things about SF but never tried it because it’s so far away. Will be nice to have one that’s only a 30-minute walk from me!

  • Okay, so I have no gripe with DC cabs, and I cannot dis Cafe La Ruche.
    But I HATE Sticky Fingers Bakery!!!

    • Glad I’m not alone. Ok, hate is a bit strong for me, but I find their baked goods mediocre at best.

      • SERIOUSLY. I’m a vegetarian, so I like to think that I have some mild tolerance for vegan and gluten free foods, but after I had the world’s most mediocre $4 cupcake, I bolted to Baked and Wired to wash the taste out of my mouth.

    • I’ve never been. Why do you hate them? Just curious. Vegan food is not my thing, but I live two blocks from where the new location will be and I would give it a try.

    • They’ll be in good company with the always disappointing Dangerously Delicious Pies

      • As long as we don’t have to be in your lame company. I couldn’t give your comment a bigger eye roll…hatehatehatehatehate

      • Truth. Overrated and rude. I support local business, but I don’t support a-holes.

    • HUGE thumbs down for HATE

      • Seriously this is the worst food ever. My girlfriend and I will eat just about any baked treat and these were flat out unpalatable. I am astonished they have stayed in business.

        • Because some people feel it’s very important to support a local, woman-owned, vegan business even if it’s incredibly mediocre. This is the real reason we don’t get to have nice things; we don’t demand them.

          • And some people don’t feel like wasting their hard earned money on a mediocre product when I can spend my money elsewhere on something I enjoy.

  • “Now hiring for the second location of Sticky Fingers. We’re looking for vegan bakers and baristas who generally don’t smile, say thank you, or give any of the sh*ts. If you can promise to consistently deliver your customers their dairy-free, gluten-free, overpriced cupcakes with a frown and a piss-poor attitude, please apply immediately.”

    • Hahahaha YES. The treats are pretty good, but hot damn the attitude. I guess they can sense that I eat meat?

    • I ordered a coffee and put milk it in and hearly choked… it was soy milk! I asked if I could have regular and I got a BIG attitudy vegan speech. I had no idea it was a vegan bakery :^0 But soy milk is gross. Got my money back and have never returned.

      • Not to mention soy isn’t that great for you. I”m no vegan or even a vegetarian, but I’d much prefer almond or coconut milk if they’re going to stick to non-dairy options.

        • Almond or coconut milk gets weird in coffee though.

        • I’m no advocate for soy, but in what way “soy isn’t that great for you”? Certainly on taste in coffee drinks and highly processed gmo soy based food, but tofu is ground edamame and + coagulent for caking (can be salt based or citric acid). It’s also easy to find organic bricks in virtually any store, health food or otherwise.

        • From Vanderbuilt’s nursing program:

          “I’ve included a couple of studies here. This is the role of soy and vegetarian diets. This is a study from 2010 and it was citing that there’s lots of soy research going on, nearly 2000 soy related papers are published in peer reviews annually. That’s a lot of research basing around soy. And you know, a lot of benefits are being found.

          The concerns about any adverse effects of soy are really not being held up in the clinical or any other kind of scientific literature. So the studies are not really showing some of the adverse effects that people are suspect about soy or, you know, minimizing or excluding soy about some of their concerns. So, again, that’s something to look into. ” -Jamie Pope, MS, RD, LDN

    • Lol true. And doubly true for Qualia!

      • This is not true.. Qualia is wonderful!

        And I’m not hating on the idea of Sticky Fingers.. their vegan apple pie was a big hit at Thanksgiving last year. 🙂 i’m just griping about the service experience I’ve had every single time I’ve gone in for a cup of coffee. The interactions are always unpleasant. Never fails.

        • I have to disagree from my experiences there. If people are getting such disparate treatment then my guess is that they want a certain crowd to visit (e.g. white, hipster-ish, etc) and if you don’t look like you fit into that crowd, you’re treated like an annoyance(I’m Asian and definitely don’t look like a hipster). I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and visited them multiple times but repeatedly was given a lot of attitude, and I’ve headed the same from a few other ex-clients.

  • Wow! It’s nice to see that the “hate everyone, hate everything” attitude is alive and well in DC. It’s so fun to tear people down who are actually making an effort to do something different and unique. Maybe you haters would rather have another Starbucks at that location instead – or maybe you should just leave the city altogether – you seem more like Tyson’s Corner kind of folks anyway. I think Sticky Fingers will be a great addition to H Street. I haven’t been to Sticky Fingers too many times (mostly because I live in NE) but I have always had good food and good service – AND I AM NOT VEGAN. Besides, they are consistently voted Best Bakery (note – not Best Vegan Bakery) so they must be doing something right.

    • +10000 on the almond and alternative plant milk options over soy milk!! I am not a vegan. I actually really like Sticky Fingers from back in the day when they were on 18th Street NW at the end of Willard Street (between T and U); but if they are going to sell coffee, they should offer a greater repertoire of non-dairy “milks”… and I don’t like that “talk me into becoming vegan” crap either. Service is service and money is money…. Having said all that, I am really glad that they are coming to H Street NE. I think it’s a great addition for vegans and non-vegans alike!!!!

    • THANK YOU. it’s so crazy how miserable these people are. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head to like a place. I LOVE their stuff and do not support the haters’ Starbucks and such so clearly you can’t please everyone. It’s ok to not prefer something but the mean spirited, self important “piss poor attitude” of these commenters just proves that these people are miserable, and it’s sad others have to ever be in an ear shot of such verbal diarrhea. I feel bad for anyone in food service who have ever had the displeasure of serving these types.

    • justinbc

      I like their stuff too, but can we please drop the “you should move to Virginia if you disagree with me” shtick.? I’m willing to accept the fact that others may have had bad service there on their one visit, or gotten dry cupcakes, or whatever, even though that never happened to me. Also, re: other comments about it being vegan, offering vegan products, etc … it’s really your fault if you don’t pay attention to where you’re going. You live in a big city, there are going to be places that cater to things which aren’t necessarily in your desired demographic. Either avoid those businesses or accept the fact that’s what they are when you choose to give them your business.

    • jim_ed

      If you think people who read PoP are Tysons Corner type of folks, I’m going to guess you haven’t ever been to Tysons Corner. But neat ad hominem attack because people have a different opinion of a profit-making business than you.

      • Being respectful should not cancel out being honest. My gripe above with Sticky Fingers is not that they are a vegan backery, but that when I misunderstood that I got a lot of unwarranted attitude instead of, let’s say, “Gee, I see how you could have made that mistake.”

  • Can’t we just be happy that another local business (think Pete’s or Taquiria DF) has been successful here in Columbia Heights and is able to grow their business!

    I am not a huge fan of Sticky Fingers- but I am a hero when I manage to have that one cupcake from Sticky Fingers at a school event for the vegan or gluten free kid.

  • The jerk who had to throw the pie shop under the bus just because he sucks at life please do everyone a favor and move far far away. Less hate and more love/support please. This city has a enough negativity. JUST GO AWAY. Oh and yeah I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 5 years and am excited about sticky fingers moving in. Go girl! I met both of the women who own these establishments recently at an event and I support small businesses and women owned businesses so, again, this is great news.

    • So saying someone sucks at life is better than hating on pies? C’mon now, ya’ll are hating on the haters? Good lord people are hating on food not people.

      • I would say being mean spirited and just plain miserable yet somehow self important and then using this blog, hill is home etc to spread the ugliness and negativity (not to mention the unfortunate souls who have had to tolerate this general attitude in person) is not very good at life. Attitudes carry a pass it on property. More times than not if you are kind to someone they will subconsciously pass that on. And vice versa, (hating on haters is actually a good example) making these types of haters not so great at life…no?

        • Do you live in actual society or this other dream world where everyone is holding hands and nice? It’s a blog people are going to say whatever they want basically and of it’s too mean for you and negative then I suggest you don’t read the comments.

    • Are you talking about the reference above to Dangerously Delicious Pies? They get no love, they’re overrated and rude. Living in a city doesn’t mean I automatically need to throw my support behind mediocre products.

      • I’ve never experienced any bad attitude at DDP. They are always welcoming, willing to walk through the type of pies, the reheating process etc….Maybe they are feeding off your negative energy? Maybe they don’t think that you are as important as you think you are!

        • justinbc

          Yeah… I may not be a fan of their crusts, but attitude has never been an issue there. I mean you walk up tell them what pie you want and go sit down and wait for it, there’s almost no time for attitude issues to even occur. Would love to hear actual examples of what they’ve done that’s so offensive to people.

  • Can we talk about how there will now be three coffee shop/bakeries on the 400 block of H St NE? Sidamo, Batter Bowl, and now Sticky Fingers. Has this side of H St NE reached peak bakery yet?

    • Until one of them can come up with a decent breakfast option, I’d say no. The breakfast at Batter Bowl is just awful, but their coffee is good. The breakfast at Sidamo is better, but I don’t really care for their coffee (though I really like the nice people who run it and would rather give them my business than Batter Bowl, plus the atmosphere is much nicer).
      Of course, I typically like bacon and eggs for breakfast, so not sure Sticky Fingers will do it for me, but I’m definitely willing to give them a try.

      • Try Tonys at 1387 H St for a quick bacon and eggs breakfast option.

        • I always forget to try that place! I live on the west end, but a good breakfast sandwich is worth walking a few extra blocks.

          • justinbc

            Make sure you go to the small one that’s tucked away off H Street. The large one on the corner is a rip-off of the real Tony’s folks.

      • To say that Batter Bowl’s coffee is even close to as good as Sidamo’s is laughable. It’s not even in the same league. Batter Bowl buys bulk pre-roasted Illy beans (which aren’t bad), and Kafa at Sidamo is a coffee master who takes his craft very seriously, and the results speak for themselves.

        But Batter Bowl does make lovely pastries. I love having them both here.

  • Awesome news. I hope they keep the CH location. I am by no means a vegan or a vegetarian, but they do have the best cupcakes in DC.

  • I’m not the biggest Sticky Finger fan, but I’m just happy that there are more businesses moving into the west end of H street. I am looking forward to all of the empty spaces between 300 and roughly 1200 H street filling in over the next few years!

  • More than the baked goods — vegan options are good in my book, but I don’t dig much on sweets — I’m glad to see they’re also including a cafe. There is a serious dearth of vegan options in DC (aside from tokenism in some places). I don’t know how this will work out, but I’m open to giving it a shot.

  • I miss their raccoon logo. It was hella cute. And clever.

  • I’m kind of shocked to hear people don’t like their baked goods! I’m not vegan and their brownies are among the best I’ve ever had, and the Corwin cookies are amazing. I’m actually craving them just talking about them. Yummmm.

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