Shooting in Shaw

From MPD just after 2:30pm:

“The third district is investigating a shooting which occurred in the 1700 block of 7th St., Northwest.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department on 202-727-9099.”

Updates when more info is known.

Updated photo from @madam__im__adam:

“Huge police presence. Near Shaw metro on 7th.”


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  • With all the development going on outside the northern Shaw Metro exit, how long until something is done about the low income housing between 7th and 8th? For being outside a major Metro stop there’s a ton of valuable space taken up by parking spaces, and the area draws crowds hanging out most evenings.

    • Aren’t they converting some of the former Section 8 stuff into “luxury apartment homes?” I swear I’ve been seeing signs for that.

      Side note: why is it always the shittiest places that call them “apartment homes?” They’re apartments. And homes. But not a compound noun.

      • Yes, the Heritage something or other apartments now have a sign that calls them luxury. They’re at 8th and R St.

    • I recall the local ANC backed a proposal to turn some of the parking right at the metro there into more low-income housing. Not sure if that’s the answer you wanted to hear though.

  • 8th Street between S and T streets also currently blocked off by police cars. North side of this block, the grassy nole near the elementary school parking lot taped off w police tape. Not sure if it is related to the 7th street action, but either way you cant drive this block as of right now.

  • Bad news – what happened on 8th between S and T was a homicide. Detectives weren’t revealing a lot- said body had been inside a while. Anyone with more info?

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