Schnitzel Club coming to Bistro Bohem – Check Out the Summer Menu

6th and Florida Ave, NW

From an email:

“We have had a very busy spring and are happy to make a few changes for the summer with our new summer menu just introduced. We literally took our most popular dish (chicken schnitzel) and made it better (at least we think and hope so 🙂 ) and while doing that, we came up with some other options (pork and vegeterian) and introduced number of toppings, treating the schnitzel kind of like a pizza. Anyway, we had a great time coming up with the new menu and hope it will be loved by our regulars. So, the question of the day is, do you like the new menu?”

Bistro Bohem Dinner Menu (PDF)

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  • I got incredibly excited because I though there was going to be some kind of Schnitzel Club holding meetings there.

    On a related note, who wants to join my Schnitzel Club?

  • is this place any good? been thinking about checking out out.

    • Pierogis are to die for. All of the menu items have more of a modern/Americanized twist, but it’s still delicious.
      Credentials: I’m Eastern European.

      • I’ve had varying experiences. Some pretty good, and one really terrible where I had cold pierogies, my guests did not enjoy their food, and the server treated us like an imposition, while treating the table next to us just fine. My experiences at Bistro Bohem have been better sitting at the bar there than at a table, and my experiences at Kafe Bohem during the day or for weekend breakfast have all been great.

  • The cauliflower steak is amazing; please keep on the menu!!

  • Leave my Rezen, or as your Czech’s say “Rizek”, alone. I’ll check it out…but I like my breaded pork stará škola!

  • I love Bistro Bohem and I want to join the Schnitzler club, but… They can’t use Comic Sans on their menu.

  • Have enjoyed every meal at Bistro Bohem. Love the risotto and schnitzel and several wine selections.

  • What? You hold a schnitzel club and no Holstien?

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