Right Proper Brewing Company Applies for Summer Garden/Sidewalk Cafe

624 T Street, NW

After adding a cheese counter, one of the few things left Right Proper can do to get even better. The liquor license placard posted out front says:

“Add a new Summer Garden with 28 seats.”

Hours for this sidewalk cafe will be Sunday through Saturday11:30am – 1:00am though sales will stop at midnight.


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  • Great news! Now how about installing some bike corrals out front? This area needs more spaces to park a bike!

  • They tweeted a while back that the racks where ordered after DDOT approval. Assuming they’re just waiting for delivery.

  • I like this place! A nice variety of beer, good prices, good food. I’m planning to try a growler and some cheese there soon. Also, the outdoor seatng is a very good idea. The area around Howard Theater ahs a nice feel to it and outdoor seating will liven it up a bit. Looking forward to some more places to open near by!

  • Wonderful! Although, I can hardly stand this place on a Friday or Saturday night. Please go back where you came from, drunk bros.

  • I loooooooooove Right Proper.

  • Nice! Love this place – if I lived closer, I’d surely be a regular.

    • I do and I am. Definitely enjoying this more than when I lived across the street from Churchkey when it opened. Great beer selection, but can’t even find standing room amid all of the lawyers. Right Proper has such a better neighborhood vibe. Plus, Thor is a champ. Props also to Maria and John!

  • Great place, huge sidewalk, nice people watching. This patio will need some shade, though – the big expanse of pavers makes this area an oven in the sun…

  • Am I in the minority in thinking this place feels like a generic chain and has overpriced not-that-good beer?

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