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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Friends that constantly/only want to meet at a time that’s convenient for them… I hate to be an a-hole, but these times usually aren’t convenient for me. Can’t do it, therefore I don’t spend much time with friends any more.

    Rave: 4th of July off next week! Too bad most of it is gonna be spent making sure amateur pyro technicians don’t burn my house down with bootleg fireworks, and then I’ll have to wait one extra week for the noise in my neighborhood to cease.

    Rant: Coffee shops add about 30 minutes at least to my work commute in the morning… Long lines at all the good shops, it’s getting ridiculous. Downtown Manhattan has 171 Starbucks stores, On my commute I only pass 4, all of which are overcrowded. They really need more good and quick shops on Georgia Avenue. I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts anyway though.

    Rant: Humidity without wind on a hot day

    • You sound kind of cranky! Even your rave turned into a rant, haha.

      Also… you must be the only person in the world complaining that there are not enough coffee shops in DC. I can practically see 3 Starbucks from my office.

      • Of course I’m cranky! I had to drink tea instead of coffee this morning! >:P

        • +5000, coffee > tea

          • If the goal is to see the friend, then I suggest leaving the target activity out of the arrangement and just say, “Let’s meet.” Often the conflict is over the activity one friend proposes, not about getting together per se.

      • It’s at least a 15 minute walk to get coffee from my office. More like 30 minutes for a Starbucks.

    • Don’t go to Starbucks. They’ve cut their staffing to the bone and have monetized their customers’ time to maintain profitability. If you work downtown, I’ve found Pret a Manger to have pretty good coffee (and espresso-based drinks). They typically have waaaaaay more employees on hand, so you’re in and out in less than 5 minutes typically.

      • pablo .raw

        Even better, make your own coffee. Use a french press. Grind your own beans. That’s what I spend the first minutes of my day doing everyday.

        • ditto – it is not hard and takes all but 5 minutes. You can even make iced coffee and save it in your fridge for up to two weeks. Then all you need to do it pour into a thurmus and your set

        • I only do the grinding on the weekends but I have a single-serving French press that I use at work with pre-ground coffee. My coworkers make fun of me, but the communal coffee is so bad (and we have to pay for it anyway). I’m able to look forward to going to work most mornings if I know there’s a good cup of coffee involved.

        • But French Presses can’t make Donuts and Oatmeal Cookies though!!! *sniff*

        • I’ve been using the Aeropress. It is so so delicious, makes a single cup. It’s like a french press but uses a filter.

      • Love Pret’s coffee! It’s my go-to coffee (and lunch) place when I’m in a rush. Plus there are locations all over downtown DC, so there’s no need to wait on the Starbucks line anymore.

      • But at least Starbucks is using their profits to pay their employees’ college tuition. First health benefits even for part-timers and now tuition (albeit online). I don’t drink coffee, but if you’re going to support a small-business-killing chain (like Pret, like Starbucks), at least pay attention to their practices.

        • There’s always a catch – it’s a stipend that can only be used at ASU and doesn’t cover the full cost.
          “For the first two years of their education, Starbucks students will qualify for a small scholarship from ASU, but the balance of their tuition payments will have to come from loans and students’ own financial resources (aka their take-home pay as baristas). Students who are finishing up the final portion of their coursework – the equivalent of their junior and senior years – will be reimbursed for about $480 to $540 per credit, which is much pricier than the typical community college tuition.”

    • If you are an iced coffee drinker, let me evangelize for a moment about Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. It comes in bottles (30oz, maybe?) and you just add one part coffee, two parts milk/nondairy alternative, and sweetener (sugar/flavored syrup) to ice and it tastes just as good as starbucks for a fraction of the cost and no detour/wait. It’s amazing and has made my morning stroll much more pleasant.

      • I’ve seen this recently at the store. It’s a bit pricey ($7 for 64 ounces) but it seems like a good alternative! And the fact that’s it’s a concentrate means more for your money.

        • Yeah, the price tag gives you sticker shock. But I did some math before I bought it. If I make a 12 ounce iced coffee every morning (not accounting for the volume of the ice), that’s 4 oz. concentrate, which means 16 cups. At $8 a bottle (I think it’s actually $7.99), that’s 50 cents per coffee, which is WAY cheaper than starbucks. Even if you make a 24 oz coffee every morning, that’s $1 a coffee. Plus the cost of milk – maybe another 25 to 5 cents a cup (at $2 per half gallon or so, depending on what kind of milk/dairy alternative you use). So it’s a cheap morning treat in the long term, especially if it means missing the detour/aggravation of the morning starbucks run. 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        I love cold brew concentrate. Sadly, my local grocery store doesn’t carry it, so I make my own. It’s actually better that I make my own b/c I like chicory. But damn I miss all the varieties of cold brew concentrate back home.

        • skj84

          I want to make cold brew at home. My sister gave me a recipe, but I haven’t tried it out yet. I love cold brew, but learned the hard way a little goes a long way.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I make small batches. I always forget the exact ratio, I think it’s 3 tablespoons coffee to 1 cup water. Every summer I have to tweet French Market Coffee and have them remind me. Clearly, I have not made any in a while.

          • 1 cup of coffee grounds to 4.5 cups of water. let it soak 12-24 hours, strain through a coffee filter, and you’re off to the races. it makes a concentrate, so dilute it about 50/50 when you’re ready to drink it.

            also, bonus points if you make coffee ice cubes. they’re a game changer.

      • Let me evangelize about the Toddy Coffee Brew system! Been using this for years now – its a cold brew you do at home, SUPER easy, its literally a glass carafe and a plastic brew container. It results in a coffee concentrate you dilute/flavor to your liking. Cold brew cuts acid in coffee by something like 75% (that might not be exact I can’t remember) so its great if you are having problems with acid. You can use whatever ground coffee you want. You can find it on Amazon. If you prefer hot coffee, just microwave it in your mug. People constantly compliment the taste of the coffee and I am not using anything fancy, I think its just the brew method. And no I dont work for the company lol, I just am really impressed with the product.

        • Emmaleigh504

          or if you don’t want to buy any fancy gadgets you can put your coffee grounds & water in a teapot or pitcher, let it brew, then pour through a coffee filter in a sieve/colander to filter the grounds out. Easy peasy with very little clean up.

          • My sister has been using this cold brew method for years – she’s sensitive to the acid and this makes a huge difference. And, so so easy!

          • I just put the whole French press in the refrigerator overnight, and it’s ready to plunge & go in the morning.

          • Optional extra step if you have popsicle molds– mix the chilled coffee with milk and sweetener to taste, pour in the molds/add sticks, and freeze overnight. They’re a nice pick-me-up on a hot day!

      • Ooh, thanks for the heads up. I shall give it a try.

    • Hmm… a rant about coffee shops on a Georgia Avenue commute… Jack5, is that you?

  • Rant: I’m sad today. It looks like a divorce is happening in my future, and there is nothing more I can do about it. I just feel helpless.

    Rave: I still have my health, I guess? Trying to find a bright spot, but it’s hard.

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. I went through it. When I was in the midst of it things were really rough, but a couple years out I am in better shape mentally than I ever was. Try to focus on taking care of yourself, try things that you always wanted to do but put off for any reason, and best wishes! And it’s wonderful that you still have your health. Good for you for trying to see the good at such a hard time.

    • This is also a time to lean on your friends. I had a core group of friends who carried me through that difficult time. I also had a couple of refuges in the city (the Arboretum, the Franciscan monestary) where I went to grieve and write in my journal. You can get through this. Just know you don’t have to do it alone.

    • I am so sorry to hear this. Big time echo to lean on your friends. Everyone grieves in different stages, mine went very quickly, and life has improved immensely! Take the time to get to know yourself, and try and focus on yourself. Get back to (or keep) working out and eating healthy, but don’t feel bad to let yourself grieve.
      There will come a time (I promise!) when you are ready to get back out there and meet people. Dating can be tough, but there are a lot of new firsts, and try and celebrate all of them. Take care of yourself, and keep your head up! You WILL get through this, and hopefully be stronger for it!

      • Question for you. What do you do when you have no friends in the area? I haven’t lived here long, and the couple of friends I had have moved away. I don’t want to go back home. There’s nothing there. I don’t want to be a failure.

        • My heart breaks for you… I think your last three sentences speak volumes, and that is what you need to latch onto. If you do not want to go home, then do not. I was very much the same way, had an offer to move back in with parents in the suburbs, but that would have been failing to me, so I stayed and made it work —

          You can certainly do the same! I think this is certainly the opportunity to work to make some new friends. Your new life starts… now. Not sure your age, but if you are in your 20’s, certainly join a social sports league (or 3!). They are lots of fun, and full of single people who are by nature looking to meet people. We had plenty of people on my kickball team that had less than zero interest in kickball, but still had a blast. If you are 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, there are certainly going to be other age appropriate things to get involved in. Whether it is Meetup.com things that you are interested in, or art gallery exhibits etc, find ways to keep yourself busy and meet people.

          I only had one day where I literally sat on my couch the entire day. Didn’t even work out. Make a point of having that day (it will happen unfortunately) and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Try to keep yourself busy, and have things on the calender to look forward too. It will certainly be a process, but no one said its going to be easy. Something you will have to work at, every day, but you CAN make it work.

          Do not move home. DC is an incredible city, and even with those three sentences, you sound like you have the gumption to make it work… so make it work 🙂

          • Yeah, I think the key is to get involved with lots of different social groups. It’s not the same as having a core group of friends you can rely on for anything, but the socializing itself is good for you. The people closest to you, whether they’re childhood friends or family, don’t necessarily need to be local.
            And who knows– some of these casual friendships could turn into something more meaningful and long-term.

          • Sports leagues in DC are only for people in their 20s? Wait what?

        • You could also try volunteer activities. Whenever I’m able to do something positive for a cause that I believe in it always gives me a sense of purpose and makes me thankful for how blessed I am. I agree…do not move home. And embrace the people that you do have for support. Since my divorce my core group of friends has shifted slightly, and those new friends are as supportive as the old ones. You should definitely come to the Popville HH on Thursday. The people I met at those were great! Opportunities like that pop up all the time in DC.

  • Rave: Beautiful day outside


    Rave: Finally got a chance to use my three Bass Pro shop gift cards. I bought a new rod and reel combo (10′ Penn Graphite Rod with a Penn Fierce 8000 metal reel), XPS Stalker Front loading tackle bag/system, new brain and mono for my rods and a bunch of other stuff that I wanted. It may have taken me a year and a half or so to accumulate them and use them but I ended up getting what I wanted. Now I just have to figure out how to make some time so I can put it all to use.


    Rant: I am not fishing on such a beautiful day.

  • Between you, me and this entire blog, I find National Harbors design to be tacky….just sayin.

    • Once you allow gambling, all bets are off.

    • GiantSquid

      Thank goodness it’s a. in Maryland and b. hard to get to via any mode but car

    • About time someone told us what they *really* think of National Harbor…

    • I actually love the Harbor. I think on a nice day it is beautiful to sit by the water and grab a bite to eat. I also love the outlets. When the casino comes around I may never leave that place. But to each their own

      • It’s tacky but I like it. I feel like I’m on vacation when I’m there.
        That said, it’s been about 4 years since I’ve been there. And I actually have a car and live near 295. Seems like there’s always something better and closer to do though.

      • I like it too, and I think it will only get better with age as it settles in and loses the new-ness, and the trees grow in.

  • Rant: My boss. I have never hated someone more in my entire life. Thank god I have four days left at this organization and I will be rid of her batshit insanity. My coworker yesterday told me she made racist comments saying that all black people are lazy. This was after she made more anti-Semitic remarks to me last week. I want to scream at her so much. She’s an ancient, racist cow of a woman.

    Rave: Coffee from Peet’s to get me through everything.

    Rave: Moving away from DC on Sunday. DC has been a trip but I’m ready to move on and do exciting things.

    • Umm can I recommend you speaking to HR. There is no place for this. Hell you need to see a lawyer, this is unacceptable. I understand that you are moving but are you cool with her doing it to someone else. If you don’t stand up to her and her ways, then who will?

      • Anti-semitic or racist comments are inappropriate, but don’t give you cause for legal action on their own, unless they are accompanied by demonstrable discrimination/harassment of the person bringing the suit. It sounds like the comments just make OP uncomfortable, as they should, but that he/she doesn’t necessarily have a case. Not to mention bringing a case would require serious commitment and a willingness to be dragged through the mud.

        • If a person if that comfortable making these comments to and in front of people, my “guess” is that there very well may be some demonstrable discrimination on some level. And isn’t making those anti-semitic comments in and of itself harassment especially if Anonymous is of Jewish heritage/ethnicity?

          • I’m not a labor lawyer, but the EEOC says: “harassment is illegal when it is so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive work environment or when it results in an adverse employment decision (such as the victim being fired or demoted).”
            In addition, any lawsuit must be brought by the person directly experiencing discrimination – it’s one of the threshold requirements. So even if there is provable, frequent/severe discrimination, unless it’s directed at/experienced by the OP, he/she cannot bring the suit.

        • why does it have to escalate to a law suit? getting HR involved just means that HR can talk to the offending person and let them know it is not acceptable to say those types of things in the workplace [well ever but HR can only do so much…] Maybe it won’t make a difference but worth it to try.

    • Let me also add these quotes that you may want to think about.


      “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
      ― Martin Luther King Jr.


      “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
      ― Martin Luther King Jr.


      “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
      ― Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream: Writings and Speeches That Changed the World


      “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
      ― Martin Luther King Jr.


      “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”
      ― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches


      “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”
      ― Martin Luther King Jr.


      And maybe someone can remind me of the quote where he said essentially that witnessing racism and doing nothing about it is just as bad as committing the act.

      • Ha! As if we have a HR department (an HR? a HR? Ugh. Grammar). It’s an extremely small office, only a few of us, and she’s the head of the organization. She’s retiring next week and I get the feeling that everyone is happy to see her go.

        Thanks for all the quotes, Kam but please back off. I’m young and I need references from this job since I don’t have any others. It would be incredibly stupid of me to stir up shit with less than a week here no matter how much I hate her and think she’s wrong. I can’t jeopardize any future career stuff.

        She’s gone in a week and I will just let her go fuck off into the sunset.

        • This is a very selfish sentiment. Need references, let racism slide.

          • If she’s retiring, what could/would come of it anyway? If she were still employed, she’d probably get some kind of reprimand and/or diversity training, but it probably wouldn’t go beyond that unless it could be shown that she had hired/fired/promoted based on her racist beliefs.

          • No, it’s smart. If this woman is being put out to pasture anyway, what would be the point? What would causing a ruckus accomplish?

          • The person is retiring so nothing would be served. Sometimes knowing which battles to fight progresses the cause far more than just quixotically tilting ahead.

          • He didn’t say “nothing good will come of it.” He said “I need references.” I hope he realizes that who you associate yourself with reflects on you.

          • Well said Anonymous 11:32.


            References help but are not the end of the world. You can get references from many people, it does not have to be your boss. I don’t know what line of work this person is in but he/she could look to coworkers, clients, friends, mentors. The future does not have to hinge on their racist boss.

        • LOL @ “Back off Kam”

          I understand that but you still have recourse after you leave. I am no employment law attorney but I believe that you have at least a month to file from the time of the discrimination to preserve your rights . You can get your references from her and others at the job and then file suit after the fact if you are worried about retaliation, I would get a letter of recommendation as well. I would also add that retaliation is against the law as well. She cannot retaliate against you in any form because you filed a suit.


          I understand that you are young and totally get where you are coming from but you should know that because you are young you don’t have to tolerate this kind of treatment nor do you coworkers. All I am saying is that you do have recourse and it does not have to affect your job application process if you do it right. Take it for what it is.

          • I got the impression that the OP hadn’t been discriminated against by the boss, but that the boss had made racist/anti-Semitic remarks in the OP’s hearing and the OP had been appalled by them.

          • Accountering

            Its very easy for someone in a position (my understanding at least) where you are older, settled in your career, and likely have some savings etc.
            Much more difficult for someone who may be 24 and has $800 in the bank, and $50,000 in student loans. Not everyone wants to be a martyr, and I don’t blame him/her in the least.

  • Rave: Moved in with the BF this past weekend! Love spending more time with him.
    RANT: Verizon. Four days and still no internet at the new place. Took a half day off work yesterday afternoon to wait for the technician and got a call at 4:45 that they couldn’t make it. If someone could explain the infrastructure of Verizon so I can understand why it works *so* inefficiently and loops through endless call centers, I might have a little less rage.

    • pablo .raw

      I don’t know how it works, but I called Vz to set up my internet, they connected me with Xfinity and I can’t be happier.

      • ??? Xfinity is Comcast….

      • Xfinity is Comcast’s name for what they call service, not Verizon’s. But I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Verizon accidentally connected you to their competitor Comcast, such is the level of monstrous incompetence of the cable&internet providers.

        • pablo .raw

          Seriously, I don’t know how or why it happened; maybe they have some kind of agreement. The guy on the phone said “you’re gonna get a call from xfinity”. So I have cable internet (not TV) and it’s fast. I bought my own modem/router so that I don’t have to rent from them.

        • Amen. At one point, I was on hold with someone from Vz tech support, who was in turn on hold for a Vz network specialist, who was in turn waiting for a call from the Vz dispatch center. It’s a RECURSIVE VERIZON LOOP.

        • Actual LOL on reading “But I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Verizon accidentally connected you to their competitor Comcast, such is the level of monstrous incompetence of the cable&internet providers.” 🙂

    • I don’t think understanding it would reduce your rage, it would just change the reasons from general to specific. Honestly, it’s just one of those sucky things you have to go through for the privilege of having cable/internet. If you’re lucky, they’ll get it right once they finally connect you, and you won’t have to deal with them again for a while. From my experience I’d say Comcast and Verizon are equally likely to drive you crazy.

  • Not a rant nor a rave but does anyone know what was up with the S St. dog park and the other nearby park on 17th? Saw that there was police tape around both this morning.

  • Rave: Made it out for an early morning run this morning, and it was glorious! So far, so good on trying to run 3x/week (this is week two of the new plan).

    Rant: My 12mo is extra clingy today. Possibly from teething pain since she woke up last night and generally doesn’t unless she’s sick or teething. On top of that, she’s in her first full week in a new classroom at day care, and she’s not fully adjusted to her new teachers yet – so that doesn’t help. Poor kid. Part of me just wants to snuggle her all day to make her feel better and part of me is really really glad to be at work 🙂

  • Question, and maybe this could/should be a question of the day one day Dan given the amount of interest this could possibly generate. Can any of you recommend a really good doctors (primary care) and dentist? I know that finding a good doc can be tough so especially if you are new to the city so I figured you guys would probably have some good recommendations. I know it is really tough to get in at times and often times there are several weeks of waiting if not months so maybe we can open it up to urgent care too.


    I’ll start by saying I had to take my daughter to Virginia Hospital Center ER a few months ago for something late at night and we were pretty impressed. Did more research on them and people had good things to say about them.

    • I’m curious as well. It’s been forever since I’ve been to a doctor/dentist, probably shouldn’t put that off much longer.

    • Dr. Sonita Singh at GWU Medical Associates on 18th and M. She’s fabulous and still building a practice, so she accepts all insurance and is taking new patients. She really listens during appointments, is not quick to medicate and remembers details. She also calls to check up on me when I’ve been sick.

    • I really like Comprehensive Primary Care in Woodley, they take new patients, and have a lovely nurse practioner named Eileen Sytnyk.

      • epric002

        ditto! i love that office, and especially eileen!

        • skj84

          I love Eileen. She is my practitioner and one of the sweetest, patient caring person I’ve ever been a patient for. I do not have enough kind words about this women.

      • I used to go to CPC until my girlfriend pressured me into switching over the her doctor at GWU. I like the CPC doctor better, but Woodley Park is a pain for me to get to so it’s fair a trade-off I guess.

    • Dr Chris McMackin is great if you are looking for you. I’ve never seen children in the waiting room though.

    • Rant: I just went to look up the contact information for my dentist and found out he left the practice and moved to Fredericksburg! That being said I’ll still return to http://www.4delraysmiles.com/. It’s a small practice with two dentists (one new) and awesome customer service. I used to live right next door so it was more convenient, but I will still make the drive and give them a chance to keep my business.

    • Thanks for asking this question! I had a wonderful dentist in Baltimore — but now I have Kaiser insurance, and either need to find a dentist that accepts Kaiser, or find one that’s convenient and that I can afford as a self-pay.

    • I’ve had good experiences with One Medical Group and Dental Bug.

    • I love Mordern Dentisry. They just moved to a new office in Van Ness, not very centrally located but I love them!

    • Anyone use Petworth Dental? They accept my insurance, and the location can’t be beat, but I just have some reservations based on lack of reviews and a somewhat offputting storefront.

    • Dentist: Fitzmorris and Larose: 1634 I Street NW Suite 404 Directly Above Farragut West Metro Station, 17th St. Exit. They’re both very nice guys and have been taking care of me for over a decade.

      Primary Care doc? Good luck. For non-serious issues (sinus infections, strep etc.) we go to the Medics USA clinic at 17th and R.

    • Dentist- Dr Morales at Las Americas Dental on Mt Pleasant St. I just had a tooth cleaning this morning.

  • Rant: All the tables but mine are empty. Eight or nine to choose from. The person in the iBuds, sunglasses, half-sided chatting into an iPhone, a Starbucks iced coffee with green straw, sits directly beside me, however, as I enjoy the cool afternoon air and sip iced tea. This is a kamikaze attack! An assault! I hear about the boxes dad need to get out of the attic! I ask, “Can you speak more quietly?” but I cannot be heard through the plugs. (There must be a German word for this).

    Rave: High school pal visits Friday with her (teenage!) children. We will go to The Lincoln Memorial for a photo op. I cannot wait.

  • So when someone resigns and leaves the same day…does that mean they were fired or they just didnt really want to come back? All their stuff is in the cube.

    • I left a couple days after resigning. I’d gotten done everything I needed to and didn’t feel like hanging around. It was a bit of a forced resignation though.

    • They were probably going to a competitor. They usually dont let you stick around.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: It’s only Tuesday and I’m exhausted.
    Rant: Tiny Kitty is now Fat Kitty. Vet said she needs to lose 2-2.5 lbs. My cat gained 4 lbs while in my care for 5 months.
    Rave: She was under weight when I got her, so some of the weight gain is good.
    Rant: keep forgetting to drop off specimen at the vet. I have cat poop sitting on the bookcase by the door.
    Rave: Cat poop is in a sealed container.

    • I think they need fresh cat poop to test for parasites. Happy digging!

    • Nothing wrong with the “Forever Home 15”! My cat was 8 lbs when I adopted her, she gained 4 in the first year I had her and she’s held steady at 12 lbs ever since. I’ve tried and tried but she’s not having a diet and she gets regular playtime, so 12 lbs she is.

    • Is there any such thing as a successful cat diet? My fella is 18 or 19 pounds, and it ain’t muscle. If he can SEE the bottom of his bowl, he goes into imminent-starvation-panic. Finds me wherever I am and meows at me in the most plaintive, anxious, teeth-on-edge voice. There can be no question of restricting his food– he would make the whole family miserable.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Donna has set meal times, so she doesn’t freak out when the food dish is empty. Hell, if I filled up the food dish she’d eat it all at once anyway b/c she’s a little piggy 🙂

  • Rave: I dragged my butt out of bed and went to the gym this morning before my appointment with the allergist. I’m going to HURT tomorrow, but I’m feeling good right now.
    Rant: DC humidity.
    Rave: I’m having dinner and a movie date night with my adopted mom tonight. I love having so many amazing women in my life.

  • Rant: Found out yesterday that I have to have a LEEP procedure done. I know that in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t a huge deal, but I’m still very nervous. It means there’s a slightly higher chance that I’d miscarry if I ever got pregnant, and I’m already in my mid-30s. I just don’t need a new thing to worry about in regards to whether or not I’ll ever have children.
    Bigger rant: I don’t even plan to tell my mom. I hate that if it was potentially breast cancer or something, I’d feel fine telling friends and family. But I don’t feel comfortable telling anyone about it because I’m too worried about people thinking I’m a slut (I’m not). Anticipating surgery and not even being able to talk about it openly is so frustrating.

    • I’ve had one done, and it was quite extensive. I was up and about, and really had no pain with it. The good news is that if you ever do become pregnant, you can see a high-risk specialist who may have some treatments (none of which I’ll type here, as they’re pretty ugh) that can make miscarrying less likely. You’ve got this.

    • GiantSquid

      I hope everything goes well! So many things happen with our bodies without knowing the reasons why, I don’t think anyone’s in a position to judge or extrapolate the reasons.

    • tell your mom! you will feel better after. you’re mom could never think you are a slut (so silly you even say people would think that).

      • Depends on the mom. That would totally be what mine would think/say.

        • epric002

          agree. i wouldn’t tell my mom, but i’d definitely tell a girlfriend (or two). don’t feel ashamed about this, seriously. you will be amazed at how many people have also been through this. good luck!

    • My ex-girlfriend had this done and also felt similarly ashamed. She ended up to talking to a few close girlfriends about it and found out that nearly all of them had the LEEP done at one point or another. It’s so incredibly common if you’re a woman who is still dating/having new sexual partners by the time you reach your late 20s.
      Please don’t bottle this up, it’s unhealthy. My guess is that you know plenty of other women who’ve gone through this. Talk it out and find solace in others.

    • Sorry you’re feeling anxious about the procedure. I know it doesn’t mean much from a total stranger, but you’re going to be just fine.

      Also, anyone who would think you’re a slut (not that there’s anything wrong with that) for having cervical dysplasia (!) is a lunatic. I hope you don’t actually have a lot of those people in your life! Sending you good thoughts.

      • Not all cervical dysplasia is caused by HPV (though much of it is). And HPV is incredibly common (I think a third of the U.S. adult population has it?). You could get HPV even if you’d had only one partner ever.

    • Ugh, sorry to hear this. I know there are potential consequences, but try not to dwell on those – keep in mind that they are only chances, and doctors tell you about this to cover their own butts down the road and to give you a heads up just in case. I also understand not wanting to tell anyone (including mom), but I would urge you to reach out to some close female friends. Since a huge portion of the population has or carries that strain of HPV, I would be shocked if they hadn’t had something similar (maybe not a LEEP, but other excision). Or get some comfort from reading the comments here: http://thehairpin.com/2012/01/a-scenic-guide-to-your-abnormal-pap-smear

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hang in there, no judgement from the good people in Popville. Virtual hugs to you!

    • Hey, fellow slut 🙂 I had the same procedure, and don’t worry. It was far less complicated than I expected and my recovery was a snap. I’ve also gone on to have a devastatingly handsome little boy, and have another on the way. So seriously, don’t worry! Good luck!

    • Hi Nervous. I am in the same boat as you…I found out two weeks ago that I need to have a LEEP done. I am still digesting everything. I understand where you are coming from regarding not telling your mom. I told my dad and let him relay the news to her. In the most nonstalkerish voice possible: would you like to talk via email?

      • “In the most nonstalkerish voice possible: would you like to talk via email?”
        This made me LOL 😀

    • Had a LEEP done about 3 months ago. The anticipation is always worse than the reality. I agree the anxiety driven potential shame of telling people is far worse then the actual recovery. I know so many women have had this. You are not alone in this arena and you’ll be just fine!

  • Rave: Work is reasonable this week – not too busy, but not too slow. A rare balanced week 🙂
    Rave 2: Found a gym class I think I really like, which is huge for me (I hate working out)
    Rant: The class makes my knees hurt, but I may just power through anyway.
    Rave: Weather has been pretty nice lately, for summer and all.
    Rave: I whittled my bike commute down to 15 minutes today.
    Rant: I had to drive on kind of crazy roads to do it (NY Ave downtown).

    Question: Anyone recommend good knee braces?

    • Be careful about powering through pain – putting more stress on your knees can lead to unpleasant consequences. What kind of class?

  • does anybody know what happened at the 100 block of florida ave NW this morning around 5 AM? I live at 1st and R NW and there was a huge crash followed by a massive police presence including helicopters. The DC police twitter just says 100 block of florida ave closed in both directions due to vehicular crash but it definitely seemed to be more than that. the noise that came from that crash was so loud it had to be the result of high speed. there was only one car involved (it was all smashed up at 1st and R) and we saw someone getting arrested at R and Florida. definitely seems like it was a high speed chase

  • epric002

    rant: alvin went back to his foster mom last night. i miss the goofy puppy.
    rave: i do not miss the puppy insanity. house is much quieter. grouchy corgi is much happier.
    rave: foster mom said alvin looked great- thought he’d put on some weight (yay!) and asked if we’d been working on his manners 🙂 made me feel proud that we did some good in a short time.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: New downstairs tenants have trash and recycling cans out in the front flowerbed. Such an eyesore.
    Revel: Mr. Squid’s company worked stuff out and we’ll be staying in the DC Metro area.
    Rant: Torn because I enjoyed the calm of the country this weekend and the dogs had fun running around off leash but I really like all the benefits of the city.
    Rant: Really need to find a new job. It’s me, not them.
    Rant: Showers, wedding and baby, attending and receiving. Just not my thing.
    Revel: Made solid progress on baby quilt last night.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m old and cranky and hate weddings and showers. I just send a gift with my regrets unless it’s someone I’m REALLY close to.
      Crap. That reminds me, did I send a baby gift to my cousin for the baby she had last year? ack!

  • Rant: is it normal to get pregnancy brain at 4 months? Ran out of the house this morning with a bag full of snacks and no laptop. Doh!

    Rave: Guess I’ll spend the day cleaning and doing non computer work

    Rant: really need a vacation. Where would you go if you only had 3-4 days and not a ton of money to spend?

    • GiantSquid

      I’d go to Chincoteague and Assateague. It’s a cute little town and you can drive or bike over to the fantastic state park. There are trails to walk. Ponies. It’s relaxing.

    • Depends on what you like, but, a great, somewhat cheap vacation in the area is to do an AirBnB on the west side of Chesapeake Bay (some of the smaller tributaries south of Annapolis, for example). It’s quiet, beautiful, quick to get to, and pretty cheap. I enjoy kayaking around though, which may not be what you’re interested in.

      Alternatively, you could drive out to Bethany Beach although lodging is a bit expensive out there. Charlottesville is a fun place to spend a long weekend in. Hmmm… A cabin in Shenandoah?

    • Pregnancy brain starts early! Mine centers around my car- forgetting to lock it, forgetting where I parked it… I once spent a really long time next to someone else’s Mazda freaking out because I thought my key fob had stopped working. My Mazda was about 3 cars away, happily locking & unlocking, all unnoticed by me.

      Hang in there, I hear it gets better after 18 or so years! 😉

      • I tried to enter someone else’s car once. I have also taken someone else’s grocery cart. Pregnancy brain is real, yo.

  • Rave: Quitting my job soon! No more horrible boss! Now I just have to restrain myself and give notice professionally (and not use any of the elaborate/theatrical quitting scenarios I’ve been dreaming up for months).

    Rant: Nervous about Italy’s game today. Still can’t believe we lost to Costa Rica…

  • Question: The people that moved into the apartment across the hall have the loudest child in the world. I can hear him on the opposite of my apartment with the door closed, across the hallway, with their door closed. He screams, bellows and screeches all day long. It’s not a once in awhile thing while he gets excited or upset but at least four or five times EVERY EVENING. I thought he was a baby, and what can you do with a little one, but I’ve seen the family and he’s three or four. He’s old enough to start learning the concept of inside voice. I don’t have kids, I’m not really around them – but is this normal? How to do I tell the family to shut the kid up without being a total jerk? Do I tell management? And just to add another complication – they’re foreign. I think they’re German – I’ve heard them speak and it’s not English, but I couldn’t tell what it was but they were kitted out in German gear the other day of the game. Is this a cultural thing?

    • What, inconsideration as a cultural thing? Please. Noise as a cultural thing? Doubt it. It’s no fun being buzz-kill neighbor and asking them to tone it down, but maybe you could balance it out with a flyer for the Building Museum’s big maze? Fun for them, a little neighborly awareness, some consideration shared…

      • I think it can be a cultural thing. I used to live next door to a big Afghan family and their boys were incredibly loud. I’d be inside my house, with all the doors and windows closed, on the phone with someone that could hear their incessant screaming clear as day. And it would go on until 11 at night, every night. I never saw the girls because they were hidden away inside. But they let the boys run wild and terrorize the neighbors.

    • Maybe he’s autistic or has some other behavioral/developmental disorder?

      • That’s a possibility. They also might not know you can hear him. Perhaps you can say something like “junior is quite the vocal little guy! Unfortunately I can hear him clearly from my place across the hall. Is there any way you could ask him to be a little quieter in the evenings?” That way, if there is a reason he can’t quiet down, they’ll explain it to you (or not, but they’ll be aware it’s an issue). I agree with doing this along with some six-pack of beer or plate of cookies as a welcome.

    • Germans have a reputation for certain things, but I don’t think loud and out of control kids is one of them.

      • Agreed. Southern Germans (and Swiss Germans) are notorious sticklers about noise regulation at night. Most apartment buildings require no showers, flushing of toilets, or use of dishwashers/laundry machines after 830pm at night. They will leave you a sternly worded note if you violate this. I learned this the hard way.

  • Rave: In my quest for something like a water kickboxing class, I found a Tai Chi class that’s less than 2 blocks away. I’m in! I’m nervous about doing something that I’ve never even seen before — but it sounds like just what I need to get back into balance.
    Rave: Celebrating summer food! I found some soft shell crabs in a most unexpected place!
    Rant: A ring of mosquito bites around my ankle. I’m a mosquito magnet.

    • I love tai chi! My father got me into it, and now I love it. Hope you enjoy the class!

    • Where is the Tai Chi place? I took classes for a year a number of years ago at the Great River Daoist Center near Dupont. It was a great way for me to slow down and focus.

      • Thanks for your supportive comments! I’m not entirely happy with my current yoga class (great teacher, I’m just not getting the yoga-buzz that I got with a former class), and want to try something new. I’m liking the idea of nurturing my inner Peaceful Warrior! 🙂

        It’s a beginning level Sky Valley Tai Ji class that’s at the Friendship Heights Village Community center. It’s a six week course. The downside is that it’s on a weekday morning — but that will work for me this summer, and if I love it, I’ll explore other options for evening or weekend classes later — so thanks MPinDC for mentioning a convenient option for future classes.

  • Rant: Ruthless, selfish, cruel people who break into our garage and steal my perfect bike (see forum post for video of theft). Definitely appreciate PoPville keeping an eye out for it (yes, I realize the chances of it being found are next to nothing but I can’t sit here in silence!).
    Rant: Second bike stolen by way of somewhere breaking/entering/trespassing (two different locations) since moving here 8 years ago.
    Rave: I guess I have good tastes in bikes.
    Small consolation: After a freak plumbing backup accident, my bike had been covered in raw sewage and I hadn’t yet hosed it down. Between that and the flat tires that are next to impossible to remove, I’m hoping the a**hole ditched it somewhere. 🙂

  • Rant: Coworker who told me Axis and Allies is a “boys” game, and went on to talk about how boys just like certain things, and girls just like certain things and wouldn’t realize that thinking like his is limiting girls’ potential all over the world.

    • The guy does sound like a sexist jerk but, having raised a boy and a girl, I think you can safely admit that, on whole, boys are statistically more likely to be up for an endless round of Axis and Allies than girls, without condemning a generation of girls who would rather do something else than play A&A to Stepford Wife-ism.

      • he went on to say that boys like math and science more…

        • skj84

          The Hell? What is wrong with this guy? UGH.

        • Not to extrapolate from a single data point, but that is a statement with which my daughter — quite the independent thinker — thinks is pretty freakin’ obvious. I’m personally a little skeptical, though, given that the handful of scientists I know skew female (though tech nerds are about 90 percent male). It’s quite possible (probable, even) that SHE doesn’t like math and science and she’s the one extrapolating.
          My son and daughter grew up in kind of a “who cares?” household and both, as kids, gravitated towards traditional gender recreational roles. She loved the dress-up box, he loved wrastling and computer games.
          I think admitting that there are differences — broadly speaking — while being tolerant is the key. No point getting bent out of shape if she wants to be a princess for Halloween or a truck driver, or if he’s interested in football or musical theater. It’s the judgements we project that are damaging.

          • There are differences, sure, but it’s difficult to tell if any of that is actually innate or if it’s all from acculturation. Remember the speaking Barbie doll that said “Math is hard”?

          • skj84

            I liked the traditional girl toys and boy toys when I was little. Personally math and science are not my strongest points. My best friend is a genius at math and science, but also loves make up and shoes. I consider myself a feminist, but love the color pink, cooking and clothes.

            There seems to be this sentiment that “traditionally girly” things are bad and masculine is good. . We should teach children to be well rounded, peruse whatever interest them.

    • skj84

      SMH. People need to broaden their minds. As a little girl who enjoyed GI Joe and Barbies I feel bad for his kids. My parents let my siblings and I play with whatever toy we liked. When my brother became jealous of my sister and my Magic Nursery Baby dolls they bought him one. He carried that doll around everywhere.

    • Next girl I meet who likes Axis & Allies will be the first. I realize that being outraged is a popular parlor game here in DC, but you’re overplaying your hand here.

  • Rant: I can never figure out which block people are referring to when they say “Chinablock”.
    Revel: Oh my lord “Buyer & Cellar” is so amazingly good.
    Rant: PoPville comments are starting to make me wish I had never been born, but I can’t stop reading.

    • Who says “Chinablock”? I’ve never heard that in my life. Are they talking about Chinatown?

      • Smilla

        I often hear the term and have used it myself. Though nowadays, it’s more like “what used to be Chinablock.”

        • Sure, but which block?

        • So it’s a play on words? As in, Chinatown is so small it’s more like Chinablock?

          • Yes. As Gallery Place grew and a lot of the Chinese businesses closed up, it became the running gag to call it Chinablock instead.

          • Yes — the idea is “D.C.’s Chinatown has become so small that it’s more like a Chinablock.”
            I thought there were also Chinese establishments on H between 6th and 5th, but I can’t remember.

  • Rant: I forgot to mark my calendar for my flex day off Friday and a big meeting that I really should go to (or at least call into) got scheduled. It’s an important initiative I’ve been selected to help with and it’s only an hour and half, but to accommodate our international coworkers it starts at 7am. I really wanted to sleep in.
    Rave: For the slim price of four vacation days I am taking Friday (sort of) through next Friday off! Staycation here I come!

  • Rave: Officially got my plan tickets for my eurotrip in July. In addition to Amsterdam i will be stopping in Berlin and Budapest for 3 days each before arriving in Zurich for my friends wedding. Very excited, i have not been out of the country in over 7 years and i think this will do wonders for me. I also get to travel for 2 weeks in europe with my roomate and best friend which is probably a once in a life time opporunity.
    Rant: Still not sure what is going on with my contract (government is incompetent) so i am hoping i still have a job once i return from my trip….

    • Sounds like a wonderful trip! Three quick recommendations – Ann Frank House in Amsterdam, Szechenyi Bath in Budapest (give yourself a few hours) and a restaurant in Zurich called Blinde Kuh for a different dining experience (total darkness)

    • Just back from a Eurotrip. My only tip would be to plan the scenic stuff in Switzerland. It’s a beautiful country, and everything else costs an arm and a leg to do.

  • skj84

    Rave: Made a good connection at the networking event yesterday.

    Rant: Followup emails. Going through all the business cards I received and emailing everyone is a chore. Obviously necessary but not fun.

    Rave: PoPville Brunch is this Saturday at the Mothership! I have a reso, sign up through the google group.

    Rant: Almost got hit by a car in the same intersection twice in 3 day. Both times because some inconsiderate jerk thought the red light was a suggestion not a rule. People don’t run red lights! That goes for bikes as well.

  • Rave: I learned something new yesterday. Apparently pickled sour onions are all the rage in Baltimore. I have never heard or seen of such until I saw it with my own two eyes. I am guessing it is an around the way thing. Pickled Sour Onions though? They say they are good though.

    • KSB

      I think my burger at Brookland’s Finest last weekend was served with pickled onions. I almost asked them to hold off on those, but they were tasty!

    • Huh? I don’t know about the pickled sour onions being a thing in Baltimore, but as a kid, one of my favorite snacks was pickled cocktail onions. I’d skip the chips and beg for onions! And smoked oysters. Which, now that I think about it, are probably healthier than some of the “healthy: snacks that I eat now.

      • I just said it was a Bmore thing because that is the only place I heard of people liking them. The person I was talking to said that “They love them in Baltimore”. I had never heard of them prior.

  • Rave: Sour beers
    Rave: Great night last night, and more fun plans for later this week
    Rant/Rave: Just got the line up for the Speakeasy DC storytelling event on July 8th – I’m last up! Hopefully they are saving the best for last? 😉 I am really going to have a hard time waiting for everyone else to go!!!! And not getting tipsy!
    Rant: I’m the one whose dentist moved away…what the heck! It’s hard to find healthcare providers that you like, now I’m starting over. Luckily I’ve had some interaction with his partner and will give her a try first.
    Rave: If that’s all I have to rant about then life is good!

  • KSB

    Rant: Been having a very strong, very noticeable, very uncomfortable reaction to alcohol lately. I don’t drink a lot, and I was definitely one to get a little flushed after a few drinks in the past, but I’m completely baffled to the point where I’m seeing my doc about it later this week. Totally fine with “just don’t drink” but it seems symptomatic of an underlying problem. Not looking forward to entering the world of medical diagnosis, but here we go…

  • Rave: Super excited for Popville HH this week! Maybe a little bit nervous too…

  • Rave: Met an awesome girl on Sunday and I can’t stop thinking about her.
    Rant: She lives in LA and I will probably never see her again.

    • RAVE: Cross country booty calls. You cut out the bullsh#t and get down to business quite quickly & passionately. Go visit her! Money well spent, IMHO. Ya never know what will happen.

    • Well umm, did you at least get her number? Was there any chemistry or is the an one-sided obsession. Just jokes…

  • Rant: we have an office gym, which I love and am very grateful for, but there is one woman who goes everyday at the same time as me and she smells AWFUL. She frequently reuses gym clothes a few days in a row, but even with that factor it’s just an incredibly strong, sweaty odor. I don’t even know her name, so I’m not going to say anything, but it really makes you wonder if she just can’t tell. Even with the adaptation of smell, you’d think when she picks up the close she’d smell them.
    Rant: I see a lot of bad form at the office gym, including from the odoriferous woman, and it makes me cringe. But I’m not a certified personal trainer, so I don’t want to go up to people and correct them. But I worry about them injuring themselves and also wonder if they get frustrated not getting the results they want.
    Rave: I have a free gym in my office and I can go almost everyday at lunch! It got so popular that we even carved out space from a storage room for more gym space.

    • I see the same thing at WDC where the teachers pay NO attention to actual instruction or correcting poor form. If it’s someone near me in class I might say quietly “can I offer you a suggestion?” if they say yes, I’ll give a quick recommendation.
      Someone can easily hurt themselves doing exercises incorrectly and it irks me to no end that the instructors don’t do their job!

    • If it’s not your profession you really shouldn’t just offer up advice. Whatever you read in Girl’s Fitness Monthly might not truly be the best thing evar.

    • Accountering

      I see some of this at my gym, and it is scary. People trying to throw around WAYYYY too much weight, and just using their whole body to do it. One guy who does this is probably 60, and his form at every workout is just dreadful.

      A. You aren’t actually accomplishing anything
      B. You are going to hurt yourself.

      • Agreed, I think a lot of people just know they should be working out, so they go, but they don’t really know what they’re doing. I’m incredibly far from being an expert, but if I want to know how to do a new move I research it from trusted sources.
        My parents go to a boutique gym for just this reason. There are only classes and personal training sessions, you can’t just go to the gym. I don’t know why this model hasn’t caught on more. My parents have been going to this place for at least 5 years now, they never would have stuck with a traditional gym that long.

        • “I don’t know why this model hasn’t caught on more.”
          Probably because 1) boutique gyms are more expensive, and 2) people generally think they know what they’re doing and it never occurs to them that they could use more/better information.

        • It sounds like a great model. It also sounds like it’s probably expensive, would require some sort of initial commitment, and would likely require scheduling training sessions in advance. All of those things would be huge minuses for me right now — especially since I live in a building with a fitness room. What I would really love is a playground for adults — a grownup sized swing would really make me happy — and be a fun way to get in some exercise.

        • Curves? They use that model I think.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Ugh the smelly people! a lot of people at my work don’t do laundry enough, so I’m always getting a nose full of stink.

    • If you see something say something. That’s what I do and everyone has said they appreciate the suggestions

  • Rave: Sister arrives on Thursday!!!
    Rave: Great morning run – fast pace and felt great
    Rant: Left fitbit at home so no help in office challenge
    Rant: Bummed about a friendship and still working on how I feel about where we are/came from/possible future

  • Rave: Love spending my Monday nights at Chief Ike’s for trivia. I feel like it gets my brain going for the week.
    Rant: Humidity and my hair. Actually, I’m not a fan of summer. Take me back to February!

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