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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • I have a trip to New Orleans next week. Fav restaurant to go for a nice dinner, GO!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Quarter: Mr B’s Bistro
      Uptown: Commander’s Palace
      Divy but go for the bell pepper rings: Frankie and Johnny’s

      • Second Commander’s Palace – then take a stroll after through Garden District.

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 if you go around the corner on Chestnut you can see my old crappy apartment πŸ™‚ 3rd(ish) on the left across from the crappy Metairie house. (i just know seeing my old apartment will be the highlight of anyone’s trip to New Orleans πŸ˜‰ )

      • I want to hear more about these (fried?) bell pepper rings.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Heaven! They are battered in some sort of cornmeal batter/coating then deep fried. You can get a mix of onion rings with them, but I go all bell pepper rings. There’s actual good food their too, but I always fill up on bell pepper rings. It’s on the corner of Arabella and Tchoup. Sometimes spelled Franky and Johnnie’s. There’s like 3 signs on the place, all with different spellings.

    • Jacques Imo’s

      The BEST meal I had in New Orleans!

    • Restaurant R’evolution in the French quarter, one of the best meals of my life. Enjoy!

    • Cochon or Peche. Both owned by Donald Link (as is Herbsaint).

    • Sylvain in the French Quarter (on Chartres St, I think) for creative southern food; The Rum House on Magazine St in Uptown for Caribbean-style tacos

    • Commander’s Palace is an excellent brunch spot or a nicer dinner- be sure to ask for the Garden Room near a window. I cannot recommend Brigtsen’s enough- amazing Southern home cooking by the sweetest couple. Cochon is also a good spot for a nicer, modern dinner. Not necessarily upscale, but good: Killer Poboys (within Erin Rose bar), Mother’s, Jacques Imo, and Coop (I’d kill for their jambalaya right now). Definitely go to the Sazerac bar inside the Hotel Roosevelt and get a Ramos gin fizz. French 75 is also a good spot for drinks. Enjoy NOLA, it’s an incredible city.

    • Not necessarily a nice dinner, but if you’re in the French Quarter area check out Port of Call. Their burgers and baked potatoes are amazing – and they have some of the strongest, most delicious drinks in town.

    • Acme Oyster House for char-grilled oysters. Also, not food-related, but one thing on the “must do” list is M.S. Rau’s Antiques. It’s like a museum where all the exhibits have price tags:


    • Commander’s Palace or Coquette. But I am not sure there is such a thing as a bad meal in New Orleans. Have fun!

      • Oh, I don’t think that’s true. The Quarter is filled with dozens of mediocre to poor tourist trap restaurants.

  • Watching that game last night was like thinking you’d won a million dollars and then getting stabbed in the heart instead.
    I know it’s not the end of the world but good lord…..I don’t think i’ve ever seen such a painful loss in any sport.

  • RANT: The final 60 seconds.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Exciting match between Portugal and US.
    Rant: Didn’t get to see Ronaldo’s beautiful moves.
    Rant: Thursday is so far away!
    Rave: Working from home so actually get to watch the Germany US match. It should be good.
    Rave: Still rooting for Germany to win it all!

  • Rant: Portugal
    Rant: Ghana
    Rant: Michael Bradley’s play this World Cup so far
    Rant: Geoff Cameron’s two defensive lapses in last night’s game
    Rave: The World Cup is the greatest sporting event on Earth

    • Curious as to your reasoning by that last Rave. I’d like to hear it!

      • Is this seriously a question? You do know it is the world’s most popular sport and that the World Cup is bigger than all of the American big 4 sports championships combined right?

        • Emmaleigh504

          +1 It’s the most fun sporting event evah!

        • No, I do know that it is the world’s biggest sport, and I appreciate and am encouraged by how accessible playing it is (which is probably why it is so popular).

          That said, FIFA is rife with corruption and holds these great events in places that are rife with human rights violations. Plus, pretending to be hurt is encouraged among many – if not most – teams. So there’s that.

          So I’m not really wondering about soccer the sport. I’m wondering about the FIFA World Cup.

          • Take out all of the background noise (corruption, protests, human rights violations) -which everyone knows exist – and focus on the game and what it does to and for people around the world every four years.

          • Seriously… won’t you just let those of us who love it love watching for right now, and you can discuss your issues with FIFA afterwards (or, ya know, in your own Rant).

            Plus, pretending to be interested about the World Cup when you really want to discuss FIFA’s corruption is kinda mean spirited. So there’s that.

          • But like everything else, people forget about these events 2 minutes after they end. My initial question was why someone thinks this is the greatest sport on earth. And I guess the answer is because it’s so popular?

          • I have zero interest in sports, but I don’t really understand why a partisan of one sport would question someone’s rave about a different sport. Given soccer’s global popularity, it seems like a reasonable rave to make. It’s also a fairly accessible spectator sport; it doesn’t hurt that the game is fast-paced and that many of the players are quite good-looking.

          • also not to mention National pride makes this tournament so exciting and has so many tuning in. I can only imagine how the Costa Rican fans felt after beating an amazing Soccer power like Italy…

          • Saying the World Cup is not a great sporting event because of its governing body is like saying the US (or any country) is not great because of our Congress is inept, or a government is corrupt. Or the Olympics is not great because the IOC is corrupt. Or the UN has no importance because it has corruption. In short, one characteristic (corruption) of one part (governing body) of a very large entity (worldwide soccer) does not define the entity itself. Especially when it involves hundreds of athletes and billions of fans. So there’s that.
            Also most sports have some version of flopping. “Selling” a foul or a penalty in basketball or American football by acting hurt is also pretty common.

      • I’ll take a crack at an explanation other than “it’s popular.”

        As you’ve stated, it’s an accessible sport to anyone around the world. You just need a ball to play, that is literally it. So World Cup lets even the small guys place through qualifying rounds because all you need, really is a full squad, hopefully a coach, and a plane to get there. Unlike the Olympics which require specialized equipment and training, etc.

        Yes, futbol/football/soccer is frustrating to watch. But when “the beautiful game” scores that one beautiful goal you need, after all the effort and set up it takes, it is almost nothing short of orgasmic. Look at Donovan’s goal in 2010 to put the USMNT through to the knock out round. People lost their SHIT. And this is a country that is probably one of the lowest emotionally invested countries in futbol. So the flip side to last night’s match, I’m sure Portugal fans totally lost it as they saw their chances to stay in it saved at the very last possible second. You almost cannot beat that feeling.

        And of course there’s always the underdog stories. There’s a lot of them in World Cup. Pretty much everyone outside like the six countries who have shared the WC title over its history is an underdog. USMNT is a major underdog and we’ve never really ever gotten respect. on the world stage which to Americans, is a big deal. So to beat Ghana and tie Portugal, we’re earning some chops.

        Nationalism with a friendly spirit also I think plays up to the WC’s popularity. I like that they trade flags at the beginning of the match. I like that players strip off shirts and trade them after a match. I like that they march out the squads holding the hands of children in the beginning.

        Flopping is an issue. But that’s what stoppage time is for. I like that there are no commercial breaks. I like you just play on. And I like that some players and/or teams just don’t flop. People like to give Ronaldo a lot of crap for many reasons, but he got taken down a lot last night and never flopped once. And then he proved at the very end why he is the best in the game without question. Clint Dempsey got kung fu’d in the freaking face, broke his nose, and didn’t flop. He was down but who wouldn’t be? He played last night with a black eye from that broken nose.

        So if you can divorce yourself from the political crap, it’s a great event and circus. FIFA is by far not the only sporting body out there that is corrupt. The Olympics are worse and they have hosted events in countries far worse than Brazil – Russia and China come to mind.

        For women, you get the bonus that a lot of the players are hot and tend to take off their shirts at the end. Right there should be your clincher. πŸ˜‰

        • Well said Kken. Could not have said it better myself except for the end but for guys we get to see the nice looking women in the crowd. Hey ABC/ESPN, more shots of Brazilian women in the crowds please. Thank you.


          I will also add this, that feeling that you and everyone American watching had when we got scored on…yeah soccer did that. Those kind of emotions coming to the table for a simple group play game is why it is the best game in the world. Now if you take it step further and really start following and understanding the game it gets that much better. I could talk all day about this and I have been but I need to do some work. But then again, we are talking about soccer so fire away…

          • Yeah, it’s almost a blessing and a curse if you can get into the tactics and strategems of the game and understand what is going on on the pitch. It’s frustrating to me to hear that “US got screwed over” last night. No they did not. They made serious errors in stoppage time that led to the tie. Also frustrating to me to hear that “We owned Ghana.” No we did not. Our ball control was abysmal and we got very lucky. But when you see a team like Spain in 2010 with their tiki taka passing and phenomenal ball control, you just sit there in awe.

            Other things I like about the World Cup and it sounds super cheesy but you know that when you’re watching a match, especially one of the big marquee ones, you are watching it with literally the rest of the world like it’s some Michael Bay movie and we’re watching a news conference about the end of the world or how Bruce Willis might save us all. There’s a coolness that despite our jingoistic tendencies and our stubborn refusal to join the metric system, we really are sharing something with the rest of the inhabitants of this planet.

            Perversely I prefer watching WC matches on Univision, even though I understand maybe 10 words of Spanish. Even still the announcers are leagues better than the schlock team that ESPN puts up. ESPN also has their feed on delay which is annoying. When I saw Dempsey hump in that second goal last night, I screamed and hollered. Five seconds later, I heard the crowd at Gordon Biersch erupt. LAME.

        • ^^^That was me btw.

        • Exactly. It’s a simple sport that almost anyone can play, unlike baseball, for example, which is far too complicated for some people to understand well enough to enjoy.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Bonus points because there is a stopping time. Not the all day snooze-fest called baseball or the 12 minute second in football. (I do like football and my parent’s are already ashamed of me for not liking baseball, so need to pile on.)

    • Ugh Bradley. A little more effort on his part and that last Portugal would have never happened, but he totally blew it and gave them the chance for that breakaway. His play has been really piss-poor thus far, which I hope means he’s due to have an amazing next (few) game(s).

  • Rant: Lady yelling for everyone to move to the back of the bus in the highest pitched voice and telling folks that everyone needs to go to work multiple times…Normally, I am a big proponent of the move back talking when we are all being a lil bit lazy…except folks havent even been given a hot minute to reorganize and exit the bus yet and to move back…and then she continues to talk about it for 5 minutes loudly in the screech voice. Slow your roll, lady, it’s Monday AM. You live at the bottom of 16th street bus line…expectations should be low.
    Rant: Woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
    Rave: It’s a beautiful day, in a beautiful city.

    • KSB

      The bus-riding equivalent of the car-driving people who honk the second the traffic light turns green. I’m usually a pulse or two ahead of the game and taking my foot off the brake before the light actually turns, but FOR REAL give people a second to (literally) switch gears!

  • Rave: Costco pizza – the stuff they sell at the food court. Tried it for the first time yesterday and it’s pretty good and cheap.

    Rant: Spent way too much time and money at Costco this weekend.

  • Rave: Second interview with a company I think would be a great fit
    Question: Any recommendations for a long distance moving company? All the reviews I’ve seen online are terrifying. I’m starting to think we’ll be driving a Uhaul to Texas.

    • I can’t recommend a company locally, but I can say when selecting a moving company YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

    • I would just rent a truck and hire people to load it here and unload it in Texas. I’ve made several region to region moves and have used movers and they ALL suck. They are all hideously expensive, and all of them never ever deliver when they say they will. Not even close.

      If you have a great partner in crime and get a truck that has a halfway decent interior, the road trip might be fun if you aren’t under the gun time-wise.

      • Uh oh. I’m using District Relocators for a long distance move. They’re definitely the cheapest. I won’t expect much tomorrow when they come to move my stuff then…

    • How much are PODS? I think that would probably be the best compromise between convenience, saving money, but also not having the movers mess up your life.
      Driving to Texas is far and expensive. The moving trucks are gas guzzlers – I just did a 100 mile roundtrip with a small moving truck yesterday (14 foot long box truck) and the gas cost was $40. An even bigger truck all the way to Texas is going to cost $1500-2000 easily between gas, the reservation fee, and one-way surcharge. Those big trucks are also SLOW and get squirrely above 60mph.

      • PODS quoted us over $3K. We did a cost comparison and we’ll save about a grand by driving a truck ourselves, including gas and all. I never realized moving would be this expensive

        I think we’ll be taking kken’s advice and making a road trip out of it. Thanks everyone!

    • I used Flat Rate Movers to move to DC from the West coast. IIRC, it cost about $1200 for a 1 bedroom apartment. The drop off scheduling was a tiny pita bit otherwise everything was smooth.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I used them when moving here from down Florida way. I don’t remember the cost, but it was affordable without me fainting and I had no problems at all. Pretty easy process.

    • I used Town and Country Movers for two local moves, and I have a friend who used them for a long-distance move. Loved them and would use them again in a second. And yes, you get what you pay for in this sort of thing.

    • Don’t hire Mayflower. I used them to move from Texas to D.C., and they dropped my stuff off a week late and didn’t give me a dime back.

  • epric002

    rant: smart PT in arlington had a 3 week wait for a consultation.
    rave: friend recommended physical therapy & sports assessment center in farragut and i got a consultation for this afternoon! anyone have any reviews?
    rave: fun weekend with fat baby nephew. holy cow babies are tiring. glad i’m just an auntie!

    • Uggg… I had the worst experience with SMART PT. You’re better off without them. Long story short, I had to “fire” the PT for being incredibly rude and inattentive (they take on too many clients at once, and when you ask for more specific direction or help, you are treated as though you are inconveniencing them!) I’m glad you were able to find a place you like. The PT practice I ended up going to after SMART PT was a million times better!

      • epric002

        really? i had 2 different people recommend smart PT to me. oh wells, not waiting 3 weeks for a consultation no matter what! and i don’t know if i like pt&sa yet, but i’ll report back after i’ve had a few visits. last time i needed PT i went to patriot sports medicine, who i liked, but they’re not metroable so i had to find a new one.

        • Yeah… I realized you hadn’t been to them after I posted my last comment. In case we lose track of each other here… I went to Professional SportsCare and Rehab. They are a little further into Arlington – a couple of blocks away from the Virginia Sq. Metro. I hope the place you found works out… but just in case it doesn’t, I was very happy with them. My PT is no longer with them, but I liked their staff and the other PTs who would occasionally sub for mine. Overall they had a great vibe and the problem that sent me to PT in the first place has been gone for 2 years!

        • I can recommend Quist MD which is about 6 blocks from Friendship Heights Metro on Conn. Ave. http://www.quistmd.com/about-us/

  • Rave: We played a very good game last night on the world stage. We showed very well for the most part.


    Rant: The last 30 seconds and the calamity of errors that ensued that ended up with us being scored on and ending up in a tie.


    Rant: Michael Bradley started the foolishness by not just smacking the ball away to one of the Portuguese corner flags or even the sideline. No reason at all he should have been trying to dribble anyone especially with 30 seconds left on the clock. Still with that said, he was near half field so they the US should have been able to cover up from the counter but if your backs aren’t marked up like they should be and out of position you will pay as we did.


    Rant: Demarcus Beasley not playing tight on CR7. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for him not be up under CR7 especially at that point. I don’t give a damn about you being tired or trying to support XYZ, if CR7 goes to the bathroom, you hold it for him. You can’t play 10-15 yards off of him especially at that time. You got to be tight on him, hold him, foul him, chop him down, whatever, just don’t let him touch the ball in the final 30 seconds.


    Rant: The rest of the backs allowing the sole Portuguese player in the box to get the header. Totally unacceptable and shitty defense. Why is everyone so out of position they don’t know where he is, you too Tim Howard. Again, he should have been impeded far before he ever got to the box, I don’t give a damn. But you lose him, don’t contest the header and we get scored on. Poor, poor, poor…That is what happens when you lax up, PLAY UNTIL THE FINAL WHISTLE. I am still so annoyed right now.


    Rant: Bradley missing an easy give me goal. Dude is not have a good World Cup.


    Rave: We are still in it and far better off than anyone imagined we would be a year to a few weeks ago. All in all we did play a good game but the little mistakes will kill you.


    Rave: We are still in control of our own destiny and it looks decent on many fronts, win or a tie and we are in. Even if we lose there is still a good chance we get in depending the results of the other game in our group. I will break it down in a few.


    Rave: I may very well have to take the day off on Thursday.

    • Excellent analysis!

      • Thanks! I love the game and have played on many levels including NCAA Division I so I speak from experience. I only say that to say this, I have been told the same thing from the start to finish. Play until the whistle and you man mark the best player on the field at all times, do not give him room to breathe, follow him EVERYWHERE. And when it comes down to the final seconds, leave nothing to chance. I am sure all of the backs are kicking themselves for their collapse/meltdown. They say in soccer it is 90% brain and 10% physical and when you tire the first thing to go is the brain. Perfect example.

        • My pick up group handles crosses better on defense, honestly. We got caught ball-watching several times. Now with Ronaldo, why we didn’t keep someone glued to him at all times, I don’t know.

          • LMAO! Not your pick-up group though? Hahaha! Funny. But yeah, horrible stuff. And as you said, we were straight ball watching. Rubbish, just bad D all-around.

          • BTW, is your pick-up group open play? If not too far and timing works out, I would love to come out and get a run in with you guys. Where and when do you guys play (if you don’t mind putting it on here)?

          • Sorry, one more thing. If you are interested, we play futsal today and Sherwood rec (10th and G NE) from 6:30-8:45 (indoor shoes). I also know of some pick-up spots if you are interested. I unfortunately don’t get out like I used to now that I am a father of a 13 month old.

          • It is open – Norwood Park in Chevy Chase/Bethesda – 4700 Norwood Drive, I believe. About 1/2 way between Friendship Heights and Bethesda Metro stations.

          • 930 am Saturdays.

          • That is a hump for me living in DC but I may come out there one day to check it out. Thanks!

    • To me, the failure started with Zusi taking his sweet time coming off the pitch at start of stoppage time. It was so blatant that he was trying to kill time that they put an additional minute on top of the 4′ they had already deemed for stoppage. Right there was the killer as you now made your team stay on the pitch another minute, which is when the level happened. WTF, you are allowed time to come off the pitch but not so slow that everyone is screaming at you. Amateur hour.

    • Beasley, again… I think he was genuinely scared of getting beat in the winding seconds. Though, I wouldn’t place all the blame on him. You mentioned Bradley (is he doing this to avenge his father’s sacking?), but what about the defender who failed to track back? Varela seemed to be wide-open on that last play. What gives? I understand that everyone was tired, but that’s no excuse. Pretty disappointed with our finish.

      • I agree with you and I am not trying to put it all on Beasley. As I said, the whole back line is at fault including Howard. Bradley…nuff said. He is playing so poorly. I am sorely disappointed as well my friend.

      • Did you also notice how they moved CR7 over to Beasley’s side. CR7 plays on the left side do you know he was sent over there to attack Beasley and mark my words Germany will go out him tough. Muller and the boys are going to try and break him down technically and it won’t be hard especially given that is not his natural position. And it showed in the last 30 seconds, a natural defender would have been stuck to CR7 and not trying to get into the play.

        • I did notice… Beasley was woeful against Ghana (I think we exchanged words about this before). Unless Klinsmann is able to pull some back-door moves with Low, we might be in for quite a thrashing on Thursday. Either way: USA! USA! USA!

          • I don’t want to even put that in the air but I feel you… Germany is one one my favorite teams from way back. But with that said I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!!

  • Construction has started at the Bacon Funeral Home on 14th St. NW

    I walked by Saturday and they had started excavating the interior of the structure, for what I’m assuming would be a garage and blue print architectural plans were visible on site.

    • No way. Seriously? Pictures or it didn’t happen.

    • Nuh uh. That backhoe has been in there for years. It just sits and rusts. The only difference is that a piece of plywood fell of a window-hole last week, and now you can see into the shell (and see that they have 2x4s propping up the ends of I-beams). I just hope no one is walking past when it falls down, as appears inevitable.

      • The holes and mounds of dirt are fresh, not eroded by recent rains. The architectural plans sitting on the wall were new and undamaged by the elements. The rear parking area has been fenced in and is full of dirt. The dirt mounds and tracks in the ally are from recent activity.

  • Rave: Summer Traffic is awesome!!!!! If only it could be like this throughout the year…

    • +100000000000

    • No kidding! 395 was a breeze this morning. I call it a good day when I go above 20mph – today I was running 60. Amaze-balls!

    • Rant: Drivers gloating about summer traffic πŸ˜‰
      Related Rant: Endless crush of tourists on the Metro, in particular Gallery Place lower level and the L-turn on the upper level.
      Rave: The Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the National Gallery. Stunning!

    • RANT: Summer traffic and idiotic tourist accidents on I-95. So many clueless out-of-state drivers from the Northeast. The I-95 corridor is a MESS on the weekends.

    • Yes, the bus is a much more pleasant experience too bad the construction downtown ruins that experience.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: World Cup
    Rant: Portugal scoring just 30 secs before the end!

  • Questions about fenced area across from Randall Mansions Apartments at 19th and Lamont in Mt Pleasant: Is this actually a dog park? Has anyone considered working with the city to make this an official dog park? The fence is permanently locked in the open position and there is one section of fence that is kind of busted. Is this something I can bring up to China Terrell our ANC rep?

    Also, why are there ALWAYS chicken bones in that park? Do people just throw bones in there because they think it’s nice for the dogs? Do they eat lunch there and use the park as a garbage can? Do you think I could post a sign discouraging that behavior even if it isn’t an official dog park?


    • That’s a lot of questions. Here’s my feedback: No, yes, of course, who knows, probably not, perhaps but I doubt its lunch and not a snack, go for it.

    • It’s owned by the city – there’s been discussion in the past on the Mt Pleasant Forum on using the space for a dog park but with opposition from the apartment building across from the park the idea was dropped. This was some years ago so things might be different now. Contact your ANC person and see what might be possible.

    • Actually, I think this is technically in Jack McKay’s district, not China’s. I believe the idea of making this a dog park has come up before, but there were concerns from the residents in the neighboring apartment building about the noise this would create. However, the city has set up an application process for establishing new dog parks on city property. See the link below. If you’re serious about this, I do recommend going to the ANC. I’m just not hopeful of the result.


      • Thanks so much for your feedback! I did see that application on on the DPR page and was wondering if this had been attempted before.

        I will reach out to China and Jack and maybe post to the MtP listserv as well.

        Thanks all!

        • You might also want to reach out to Paws of SW – they’ve been trying for a dog park in Southwest for several years and construction has finally started.

  • Rave: Rowed two good races Saturday, winning the second, with the whole boat really coming together to come from behind.
    Question: Why are we erecting a civic memorial to the people who dies in the Red Line crash. I suppose I feel as bad for their families as I would feel for any eight random strangers who died, but it doesn’t strike me that there’s any larger “message” delivered by this that justify the DC government getting behind it. Seems odd.

  • Here is a breakdown of our situation for the World Cup. But it is best to go ahead and just win but there is nothing to say that we might “conveniently tie” if all is level after the first half or deeper into the second. There is a school of thought that says “Hey, we tie and we both are in (Germany and the US). Why kill each other, risk getting hurt, tire out…the game is almost over, let’s just knock it around and go our separate ways and maybe meet again”. Trust me, it happens, Germany vs. Austria back in the day is actually the reason game 3’s are played simultaneously. They knocked it around with minimal pressure to ensure an outcome and they both moved on knocking out Algeria. It does happen but how probable is it? Don’t forget, Germany’s head coach is Jurgens former assistant coach at when he was the head coach of Germany…Secret phone calls anyone?


    Anyway enough of that. Here is the our scenario:


    If the US beat Germany, they will have 7 points, which would put them at the top of Group G and would pit them against the second-place finisher out of Group H.


    If the US tie Germany, they would also advance to the knockout round. This time, they would come in second and face the first-place finisher out of Group H, most likely Belgium.


    If the US lose to Germany, they will need to rely on what happens in the Portugal-Ghana game, which is also on Thursday, concurrently with the US-Germany game (noon ET, ESPN2):


    If Portugal and Ghana draw, they will each have two points and the USA will be through to the Round of 16 in second place.

    If Portugal win, things look still quite sunny for the US. The Portuguese would need to make up five goals on the US, no easy feat.

    If Ghana win, things get a bit hairier for USA. The Black Stars would need to make up just two goals against the US, which would happen if they win 1-0 and the US lose 1-0. But If that scenario does happen, the US would still advance. The two teams would be tied on goal differential and goals scored so it would go to the head-to-head result. The US beat Ghana on Monday night.


    In any other scenario in which the US lose and Ghana win, Ghana would advance.

    • Just for full attribution, the scenarios in Kam’s post were taken word-for-word from an article posted last night on the Major League Soccer website.

      • Sorry, I wasn’t trying to take credit for it. I also didn’t get it from that site so I didn’t even know it came from there. Plus anyone that has read any of my writing could hopefully discern that isn’t the way I write. But yeah, I wasn’t trying to take credit.

  • skj84

    Rave: Fun weekend. I keep winning the weather lottery with Jazz in the Garden this year. Both times I’ve gone the weather was perfect. Unfortently I don’t think I’ll get to go again until the middle of next month! Too busy.

    Rave: Made some good connections at a networking event I attended last week and in the process of setting up coffee meet ups. I have two more events to attend this week. I’m getting better at networking.

    Rave/Rant: Applied for a job I really want last week. Trying to figure out how to connect with the recruiter. I followed them on Linkedin, but I need more aggressive tatics.

    Rant: Put my contacts in for the first time since last week and my eyes are killing me. Stupid dry eyes.

    Lastly PoPville brunch is this Saturday! Venue will be either Mothership or Wonderland Ballroom. Will make a final decision today. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/popville-brunch-group

  • skj84

    Also is PoPville Happy Hour tomorrow or Thursday?

  • Rant – total goals scored is an earlier World Cup tiebreaker that head-to-head results. Granted, I (i) an a soccer novice, and (ii) come at this from a US sports perspective, but I just can’t come up with a good reason for this. Can someone explain the rationale?

    • The Group Stage is about body of work, ie record over three game, rather than a snap shot of a particularly good or particularly bad 90 minutes. Total goals scored speaks more to body of work than head-to-head thus is prior in the tie breaking hierarch.

    • Because this puts the impetus on teams to keep attacking, regardless of the w/l of a head to head match.

      You are up 1-0 in the 2nd minute, you could sit back and play 11 men behind the ball for the remainder of the game. But if it comes down to how many goals you score – then you will continue to attack, even if 1-0 up.

      It incentivizes attacking play.

      • Agreed. This makes for much better TV and a better experience for the fans.
        It’s painfully boring when a team leads 2-0 and just hogs the ball for 30 minutes to drain the clock.

      • Thank you – makes sense (though it still drives me nuts, in large part because it works to the USA’s disadvantage in this instance).

        • But that is only if you get to that point. As I stated in another post, that tiebreaker is down the line. The first tiebreaker benefits us.

    • I want to make it clear that goal differential (goals against vs. goals for) is the first tiebreaker. Portugal taking four was huge for us. Total goals scored in group play comes after that if still tied.


      Check out this article from WaPo which got it straight from FIFA.


      • Huge for us only if we need a tie broken with Portugal. We’re in far greater peril if it comes down to a tie-breaker with Ghana.

      • I understand that it’s the sedond tiebreaker, and will only come into play if the US loses to Germany, Ghana beats Portugal, and the goal differential is equal. And the reasons make sense, intellectually, at least. But it’s hard to swallow that if there are two teams that each have a win, a loss and a tie, and Team A beat Team B, Team B advances over Team A because of performance against the other 2 teams in the group. It’s counter to the way we’re conditioned as Americans to view these things – in the NFL, for example, head to head is the first tiebreaker. And awarding seats in championship games based on margin of victory has been a significant criticism of the BCS rankings in college football. That doesn’t make it better or worse – but it’s difficult to accept when my entire lifetime of experience with sports screams that it’s backwards. Heck, I’d put head-to-head first – if Portugal wins, we go to goal differential, but if Ghana wins, then we advance, because we beat them. (Obviously, I don’t know enough about the game to realize the slow-play dilemma.)
        All that said, this was not intended to be a significant criticism – it hasn’t detracted at all from my enjoyment of the games, and I appreciate the explanations.

        • “It’s counter to the way we’re conditioned as Americans to view these things”
          Isn’t most of soccer? (Only half joking.) More seriously, the reason I like it is because it rewards overall performance, not just one day’s worth of work.

  • Rant: navigating restaurant bills with parents and especially in-laws.
    Rave: generous parents and in-laws.

  • Rave: Crape myrtles in D.C. are coming into bloom!
    Rant: Able-bodied but slacker neighbors who can’t be bothered to mow (or otherwise trim) their lawns/weeds, pick up litter from in front of their houses, or stop weeds from growing into 3-foot-tall trees next to the alley. I cut down a bunch of said weeds over the weekend, but there is a limit to how much time I’m willing to spend on this kind of thing.
    Rave: The weather this past Saturday.

  • Rave: Great weather for a BBQ with friends, got lots of work done in my garden, and it looks like work travel is going to be minimal for the next month so I’ll actually have multiple weekends to enjoy summertime in the new house.
    Rave: I love our place, even if we had to pack up for the suburbs. My commute isn’t any longer than it was from my old place, thanks to the MARC, and our little neighborhood is great.
    Rant: The outcome of that game. So frustrating!

    • We’re considering packing it up soon. Can I ask what neighborhood/area you moved to?

      • We’re in Riverdale Park, MD. In terms of proximity to DC, neighborhood amenities, and cost, it couldn’t be beat. It takes 10 minutes to get to Union Station on MARC, walking distance to the town center, Hyattsville Arts District, parks, and bike trails. Some friends moved to Hyattsville last year and we’ve been scoping out the general area ever since. The neighborhoods over here are nice because they’ve got a lot of character – you don’t feel like you’ve moved to a soulless suburb. And the best part is that we bought a 4BR house on a half acre of land for about the same price as I sold my 1-BR condo for. The house needs some work, but our mortgage is cheap, so we can put money away for that. Very happy with the move!

  • Rant: That game last night. We made some pretty big mistakes there.
    Rave: That game last night! Had a boozy BBQ beforehand at a friend’s place with some great people. SO much better than a bar.
    Rant: Being forced into a lunch with some clients tomorrow and the rest of my department. I have so much work to do, I would rather not spend two hours awkwardly socializing.
    Rave: Life is good. Confusing as all hell, but definitely good.

  • Ra–nt? My boss said I’m a “good second hat” in my performance review.

    • What is a “good second hat”? Never heard that phrase in my life.

      • It usually means a sidekick. It’s not a particularly positive phrase, as it indicates someone is naive & diminutive in stature or reputation. A perfect example is Batman’s Robin.

      • basically he meant that I am one of a two man team, and I am the “second”. I am more junior, so that is fair, but I prefer not to have my performance measured against someone else. Basically it felt like…you are a pretty solid second choice when our go-to guy is unavailable.

    • at least you’re not a bad second hat or relegated to dreaded third hat status? Do you have to fill in for your boss at all?

      • Haha I never have to fill in for my boss, that’s the first hat’s job! I am glad to be a “good” hat, that’s why it was ra–nt, but I still want my performance to stand on its own.

  • Rant-ish: Dive-bombed twice by a mockingbird this morning. The first time it hit my head (and I saw what it was) I started crossing the street. Apparently I wasn’t moving fast enough because it hit me again.
    Rave: If this is my rant for the day then I am fortunate.
    Rave: DC Impact self defense training – getting techniques into muscle memory, improving verbal self defense as well as physical self defense. And yelling really loud : )

    • Sounds like there needs to be a class in self-defense against mockingbirds! πŸ˜‰

      • Haha – well if it grabbed me around the neck or pinned me to the ground I’d know what to do πŸ™‚
        I’ve had mockingbirds fly at me but this is the first time one has actually hit me. TWICE!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Oh dear, your rant made me giggle. It’s a funny mental image. I’m guessing you are ok and there were no hummingbirds to peck your eyes out.

    • skj84

      Do you need lessons on how to Kill a Mockingbird? πŸ˜‰

      • Maybe arm myself with a tennis racket? Or, avoid the area until mama mockingbird’s little fledglings fly the nest and the street will be safe again (until the next brood of baby birds comes along)

        • Umbrella. I had to carry an umbrella while taking out the trash for several days last summer, after having been body-slammed by a bluejay.

    • This happened to me this morning too! There are two blocks in the city that I just have to avoid now because there are mockingbirds that dive bomb me every time I pass them. πŸ™

  • Rave: Amazing weekend. It was the perfect balance of productivity around the house and fun social time with friends.
    Rave: I have major house envy after visiting my friends and bbqing on the back porch of their new house. Definitely motivation to save for that down payment. And I will be spending many future weekends drinking cocktails at their place. I think.
    Rave: I had an intake session at my friend’s accupuncture clinic. I’m hoping this helps with the anxiety and sleep problems I have been experiencing.

  • Rave: amazing weekend filled with friends and family.

  • Rave – A former boss forwarded me a posting for a great job and said she’d put in a good word for me if I apply.
    Rant – Job in is NYC. My family is also in NYC and it would be great to move closer to them, but my boyfriend is here in DC. I’m not sure if I should apply for the job or not.

    • Apply for it and then make a decision. You’ll never know unless you try.
      If you get the job offer, then cross that bridge regarding the relationship. DC-to-NYC relationship is not too tough. I’m currently doing DC to Williamsburg and we manage πŸ˜‰ Though, my girlfriend is moving to Los Angeles in early August for work and it’s going to become much tougher.

      • True, it wouldn’t hurt to just apply for it. The thing is that me and the BF have already done to the NY/DC relationship and thought the long distance part of our relationship was over when he got a great job in DC and moved here. Now my job in DC is sucking and this opportunity in NYC comes up! I could apply for it, but also look for jobs in DC.

        • I’d say apply. Even if you stay at your current position, with an offer from somewhere else you might be able to leverage a raise or a change in the tasks you do or do not do that might make your current position more appealing.
          Unless you really know that you would never take it and it wouldn’t be a good bargaining chip where you are. Then you’re just wasting everyone’s time (yours, the people doing the hiring, the other applicants who might have to wait longer to hear about decisions, your reference writers, etc.).

    • ABSOLUTELY apply!

      You can always say no if its not right. From a career development stand point you have nothing to lose. Also, you don’t know what kind of flexibility they may offer if you wanted to split time between DC and NY or remote work. You will get to update your resume, practice interviewing, and network. Go after it!

  • Rant-ish/Query: Two activities that I’ve heard good things about are “water kickboxing” — which the Club MAC offered in Bmore, and GoGoZumba — but so far, I haven’t been able to find similar classes in DC. I’d like to do something fun, playful and non-competitive in addition to swimming and yoga. I’m also hoping to be able to do this without having to get a gym membership — which makes it a bit harder to find classes that are both fun and convenient.
    Rave: I went to an outdoor party over the weekend and only got two mosquito bites. Hope this trend continues through the summer!
    Major Rave: Spring allergies are pretty much gone!
    Major Rave: Playing “auntie”. In the past month, I’ve “borrowed” two teenagers, a 3 month old, and two dogs: All the fun, some of the expenses, and minimal maintenance!

    • epric002

      not sure which neighborhood you’re in, but a fellow petworthian recommended http://salsawithsilvia.com/fitness-classes-dc/ to me. i’m planning on checking it out as soon as the $*#(@$*! sprained ankle is healed.

      • Thanks for the recommendation! The classes look great — and I’m thrilled that at least one of the classes will accept walk-ins!!!!! I’m on the Red line, but I’m up for anything within a few blocks of a Metro stop.

    • A few of the public pools were offering aquatic kickboxing and Zumba at one point! I totally would have done it if it were near me.
      Personally I like Jazzercise a lot!
      Also one of the rec centers has started doing no-men no-alcohol dance parties, which sounds like a really fun way to burn calories.

  • Just spent a great week in San Francisco. Even eating and boozing at devil-may-care vacation levels, I managed to lose almost ten pounds, which shows the value of power-sightseeing!

  • Becks

    Rave: Had a great four day trip to my old college town. I met up with some of my buddies and we walked around campus. It seems so small now!
    Super Rave: Went by my old dorm which just happened to be open and in my old dorm room was MY desk! It was still there after 20 years! God I loved that desk. If I could have gotten it out of that room I would have kept it! It is one of those heavy oak 1940’s desks with the pull out board for your typewriter.
    Rant: Flight out and return both had delays and missed conections. Not happy with the customer service. It was like they wanted the plane to be late since they overbooked to begin with!

  • RANT: The state of infrastructure in the US. I ride down to Williamsburg in VA every other weekend to see my girlfriend. The trains are typically anywhere 45 to 90 minutes behind schedule, even on weekends. The Amtrak shares lines with freight rail, which completely bottlenecks the lines. As you approach Richmond, the train will move 2 miles in 60 minutes due to clogged lines. Furthermore, why do we not have cell phone towers next to the entire length of the rail system in this country? This seems like such a no-brainer, if you want to encourage rail travel. Every modern 1st world country has cell phone reception throughout the length of their rail system.
    Seriously, we are doomed.

    • Well, we ARE doomed. In case you haven’t noticed, “encouraging rail travel” hasn’t been much of a priority for this country for over 50 years. Instead, we’ve invested heavily in supporting the car culture. I was hoping that Biden would be able to garner some serious long-term support and funding for Amtrak while in office. My fingers are still crossed — but they’re starting to cramp a little.

    • This is silly. Rail travel among densely populated areas within relatively short distances of each other makes sense. DC to Williamsburg, VA does not quality as such. Fact is, the US has a great rail system — freight rail. Just ask The Economist: economist.com/node/16636101

      Passenger may seem like something cool that we should do because everyone else does it, but when you look at hard numbers you realize that — outside the NE corridor — it makes no financial sense. For the kinds of trips to places like Williamsburg, bus is a much smarter option.

      • Bus doesn’t actually go to Williamsburg, VA. Absurdly enough Amtrak does.
        Regardless, the route between DC – Richmond – North Carolina is actually heavily trafficked by commuters and tourists. The trains are very full. The train to Williamsburg spurs off at Richmond and ends at Newport News. It’s actually used a lot by military personnel.

  • RAVE: Met the boyfriend’s family for the first time.
    RANT: Had a raging hang-over while doing so.
    RAVE: They thankfully didn’t notice. And, they were actually wonderful folks; I lucked out.
    RANT: USA-Portugal last-minute score for the tie. Boo-urns.
    RAVE: Going to see the Nats Cubs game on the 4th!

  • KSB

    Rant: Made the mistake of reading the comments on some of the Working Families Summit coverage today. People are losing their minds over the possibility of having a discussion about workplace flexibility, mandatory family leave, etc. LOSING their minds! What the hell?!?
    Rave: I work for a company that’s so ahead of the curve with work/life balance and family leave options that it makes me look ignorant about the real problems that exist in this realm.

    • Comments where — the Post? Local TV news channels’ sites?

    • It’s weird, because all the people with the spiteful comments are the ones who would benefit the most from these changes. I don’t know many entrepreneurs who employee people who have time to camp out and comment on the news websites.
      PS – Yahoo comments are a pit of despair.

      • KSB

        Absolute pit of despair. I really should know better! And I agree about the people who would benefit being the ones most spiteful about it (similar to Obamacare IMO.)

  • Anyone know a good tree removal service? I have a tree that is about 8′-9′ tall that I want removed from our front yard. I imagine I could do it with a chainsaw but I have no clue how to dispose of it and I would still have to deal with the stump it would leave unless a tiller could take care of that. I don’t know what kind of tree it is but it isn’t a majestic tree or anything. It kind of looks like a Xmas tree but more “ferny” but what do I know. I just know that I want it and the stump gone so I am try to create a garden. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    • No recommendation on tree removal services but fyi – you need to get a permit from DDOT to remove the tree if the circumference is 55 inches or greater.

      • Yeah, I saw that but I took it to mean the trunk of the tree and not the branches. My tree at the trunk is only probably like 10 or so inches in diameter at the trunk.

        • The measurement is for the circumference of the trunk – if your tree is less than 55 then no permit needed ~

  • Rave: Quickest read of RRoR ever because I don’t care about the WC!

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