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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: What’ sup with the covered parking meter in front of Harrar Coffee?! It’s been on there for months now? It’s blocking my morning coffee parking space.

    Rant: Everyone going on vacation now except me… Where do people get all this money from?! Boarding my pets is at least gonna cost me 100$ each per week. I’d really like to go somewhere without speed cameras and with a beach right now.

    Rant: People who talk ALL DAY LONG in their office next to mine about non-work related stuff… I like talking with people to ease the work day, but I never knew a bunch of programmers could get paid to sit around and talk about Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones for 8 hours a day.

    Rave: Happy Frickin’ Friday!!! I earned this one so hard this week.

    • Vacation money: I have driven the same car for the last 10 years. It’s 13 years old. I don’t drink coffee almost ever, and when I do, I make it at home in a French press. I don’t have any pets. I cook at home a lot, and I bring my lunch to the office four days a week. I don’t have a gym membership. Thus: Two weeks in Europe, here I come! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 400 sqf rental, tiny wedding, no honeymoon, no cable, no gym, no iphone = 1 year vacation. :)))) Though my old roommate has been boarding my/our pet for free for a year now. I think I owe her a big present.

    • Driving the speed limit = no speeding tickets for me! That’s vacation spending money right there.

  • Rave: Dear sweet Friday, I thought you would never come.
    Rave: Having girlfriends over for a clothing swap on Saturday. A great motivation to purge my closet and clean up the house. I’m looking forward to getting some new threads and hanging out with friends during a low key afternoon.
    Rave: BBQ on Sunday at a friend’s house. I’m excited to see their new home and eat brats.

  • epric002

    rant: another 3 weeks in the mothereffin ankle splint.
    rave? got a RX for physical therapy, so hopefully that will help speed things along.
    rave: sister, BIL and fat baby nephew are visiting this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚
    rave: it was COOL this morning!
    rave: happy friday popville!

  • Rant: AirBnB ruining it for everyone. Now I need a business licence to have a frickin roommate.

    • care to expand?

    • That’s if you want to be above-board.

    • Yes, tell us more.

    • Accountering

      Rant: This. If someone wants to rent out their basement, or front room, or couch, or whole house, let them be. The site policies potential landlords WAY better than DCRA ever could. If your place is a dump, or unsafe, the comments will reflect that, and you will not get renters.

      • You sound like a free market Republican…..

      • You sound reasonable…..

        • Accountering

          How is this unreasonable to say that I feel a crowd sourced website would do a better job judging quality than a government agency. I feel like Yelp does a pretty good job nailing down which restaurants are good, and which ones stink. How is this any different? If you stay at a hotel, you know if it is quality, or if it is nasty/dangerous. How would staying at a persons house be any different?

    • Why did AirBnB cause you to have to get a business license for a roommate?

    • I’m pretty sure you always *had to” get a business license for a roommate, but nobody does. Are they enforcing it differently now? It’s not a new rule.

      • I’d appreciate some more information too. I had heard that AirBnB might start enforcing State licensing requirements. Is that what this is about? It actually helps legitimate vacation rental owners who are competing against a lot of unlicensed properties, which is especially a problem in Hawaii and Florida and perhaps other states. The real problem here is that DC licensing requirements are ridiculous (if, in fact, you need a basic business license for a roommate). I think requiring a basic business license for any rental is just another way of DC getting more money out of you. So long as you have a Certificate of Occupancy, which requires inspections to show the property is up to code, etc., that should be enough.

      • Sorry it took me the whole day to respond to y’all.
        No, you didn’t always have to get a business licence for a roommate. Per DCRA themselves, in 2010 (yes, via a wordpress blog, but still):

        If there is no kitchen in the basement and they have open access to upstairs, this sounds more like a roommate situation and you really donโ€™t need a license and the zoning issues would not come into play.”

        I don’t know what/whether they’re enforcing, but if you call, they will tell you that even if your bedrooms are on the same floor and you share a bathroom and a kitchen, you should have a licence to rent out a room, even for several months at a time (unlike AirBnB). I know because an unethical scammy former roommate/tenant threw that information in my face when she gave me 4 days notice of her leaving, threatened small claims court to get her full security deposit back, and reached out to DCRA asking whether I have a licence to rent out a room to her.

        • I went through a long DCRA process about 6 months ago (getting a C of O for a basement apt. ) And I also asked about 19 different people about regulations/permits/BBL for renting out bedrooms in my own home where I live.

          The general consensus was that one does not need a BBL for roommates – but with DCRA you never really know.

  • Rant: The guy that sings hymns outside of Foggy Bottom and Farragut North has a terrible voice. Pack it up, buddy.
    Rave: It’s Friday, so I gave him a pass today. Sing away, big guy.

    • I love that guy! He is so terrible, but he put so much into it. That’s awesome.

    • My boyfriend and I have started calling him ‘Yelly Gospel Guy.’

    • Ugh I always really disliked that guy when I had to go to Foggy Bottom every morning. I feel really bad for the people in the lower levels of the hospital who have to listen to him yell/sing. Very discourteous of him. Can’t a poor sick guy get a moment’s peace?

    • There are sick people in the hospital that you’re disturbing on one side of the FB metro stop, and medical students trying to learn how to treat the sick people in the library on the other side of it. Seriously, of all the places to stand around and be annoyingly loud about religion, he picked the least compassionate.

  • Rave: First half century ride of the year this Sunday. Also, first one I’m not riding alone. I’m driving out there with a friend who can fit both our bikes in his van.

    Rant: Havent gone on any long rides since last weekend. Hope I’m ready for this one.

  • rave: Friday and it’s been a good week!
    rant: nats lost last night, hopefully we can turn it around tonight
    rave: took a moment to realize that I’m pretty lucky yesterday.
    rave: VIVA LOS CAFETEROS. man, I could watch those Colombians dance all day. make me happy to see how much fun they are having

  • Rave: Contract got extended through september
    Rave: Going to see 22 jump street tonight in georgetown with friends and bar girl
    Rave: Its friday and theres no one in the office, could be good or bad thing
    Rant: nothing really, just a bunch of little things i need to do that i just keep pretending will go away (return clothes i bought online, re-newing my license, ect)

  • SweetEpiphany


    Why is it taking the city so long to fix the potholes on Rhode Island Avenue?! This was already a rough road before the crazy winter weather did even more damage. The drive from around Shaw up to about Langdon is horrendous. Not only is it doing major damage to people’s cars, but it’s a safety hazard when drivers are making sudden maneuvers around the gaping holes. I feel like it’s getting worse every day, and I have seen practically no road crews out fixing it. Ugh!

    • Have you reported the potholes to the city?

      • SweetEpiphany

        No, I haven’t. Are city residents supposed to do that? I’ll happily report it if that will get them fixed. I assumed that the city monitors these things, but please let me know if I’m wrong. Thanks.

        • Accountering

          Uhhh, yes. The city monitors these things, by having them reported. 311 is super easy and quick. You would probably be off the phone with them by the time you reach the next block.

          • Are you encouraging the ranty person to call 311 WHILE DRIVING?? God, as if we didn’t have enough problems in this town.
            Hang up and drive, people!!!

        • If city residents want things fixed then yes, they’re supposed to report it. It’s like illegal dumping, broken sidewalks, burnt-out streetlights, etc. The city can’t possibly know every single thing that needs to be fixed. You see these potholes every day, the crew that fixes them obviously doesn’t. That’s what 311 is for, so that citizens can report problems that city departments are supposed to take care of. You can either call or report it online.
          If you report it and it still doesn’t get fixed, then I think you can complain.

        • I’m not entirely sure I agree with these responses.
          I think in general, the onus is on D.C. residents to report things like broken streetlights and illegal dumping, and to report potholes on side streets… but it seems like DDOT ought to be keeping track of the condition of major arteries like Rhode Island Ave. NW.
          So yeah, SweetEpiphany should report the potholes on RIA to 311… but he/she really shouldn’t have to.

          • Oh, and 311 isn’t always as effective as it should be. The other day I reported illegal dumping (for something that had been dumped on a sidewalk), and either later that day or the next day it was closed with a note saying “Request for street cleaning.”
            Street cleaning on my block doesn’t even seem to catch lightweight litter in the gutter! I don’t see how street cleaning is going to take care of heavy dumped items on the sidewalk.
            I’m going to try reporting it again, this time in the category of “sanitation enforcement.”

          • It’s easy to say the city “should” be doing this and that – but there’s a lot of road out there and I personally don’t necessarily want the city to employ people just to be out there looking for problems that may or may not exist. Whatever the case, it’s easy to report a problem – almost as easy as complaining about it on a blog.
            As for your example, I don’t see why you’re assuming that their “request for street cleaning” means regular street sweeping. That just doesn’t make sense, but you seem predisposed to assume the worst about city services. Why not give it a couple days and see what happens?

          • Anonymous 12:55 pm – Because I’d like to see the household that’s doing the dumping receive some kind of warning, so that they stop doing this.
            I’m not predisposed to think the worst about city services, but I’m finding when checking the status of past 311 requests that some of them were closed out without anything ever happening. And when it comes to junk sitting on the sidewalk, I don’t want to wait indefinitely.

          • Textdoc, how would you even know if the other household got a warning or a citation? It’s not like the city is going to post a big red sticker on their front door or something. If they do get a citation, it’s going to take a week or two to arrive in the mail. And, if the city believes that the garbage is the responsibility of the homeowner/resident, the city will leave it there for the homeowner/resident to clean up. (The only reason I know this is because I received a citation for illegal dumping that I reported. It was a pain in the ass to resolve but interesting now that I know how stuff like this works.) I don’t like junk sitting around either, but I think you’re making unfounded assumptions about what’s happening beyond the view of your own eyes.

          • Anon 12:55 — How would I know if the other household got a warning? Because for something that I submitted in the “Sanitation Enforcement” category, the record said “Warning Issued — Close Service Request.” That’s how.

          • Oh, and for the dumped sidewalk item, the wording was somewhat different than I remembered. It didn’t say “Street Cleaning Requested – Close Service Request”; it said “Street Cleaning Needed – Close Service Request.”

          • Textdoc, I just don’t believe that you can know exactly what is being done based on the terse wording tagged onto a service request. Perhaps you do and that would explain why you are frustrated with 311. Trying to understand it from any other perspective than your own might ease your discomfort if not satisfy your desire for swift action.

          • I can’t know exactly what is being done, sure… but I can make reasonable guesses based on past experience.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: no faith in humanity
    Rant: GREECE! You are all on the list!
    Rave: URUGUAY! I may never be able to spell you without help, but your rocked yesterday!
    Rave/Rant: Picking countries for today. I can’t watch so many of my picking teams rules won’t work. Switzerland is in by default. But I have no clue about the others. Need to look at some flags.

    • pablo .raw

      If it helps: my country of origin is neighbor with Costa Rica. I lived in Costa Rica for a while. I’m rooting for Italy.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I”ve ruled Costa Rica out b/c they beat Uruguay on Saturday. Let’s go Italy, Switzerland and…Honduras!

    • Italian men have cute butts…does that help?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Pretty much everyone playing has cute butts/good bodiesa. Dig deeper! What does their hair look like? Do they look good in their uniform’s colors etc. I picked Uruguay because they seemed like they were having fun singing their national anthem (both teams in that match were equally hot).

        • pablo .raw

          They played an amazing game yesterday, Uruguay.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I wish I could have watched. I had a pal in England updating me on Twitter. I was so happy they beat England! (I hate Rooney.) My pal was not as happy ๐Ÿ™‚

        • You remind me of a woman I heard on a talk radio show during the last NFL season. She won her office pool by basing her picks on the team names. If they had animal names, she chose which animal she preferred. If the name was a color, she chose her favorite color. I tried that with my Superbowl pick, thinking that a Bronco could easily beat a Seahawk in a fight. Obviously I was wrong.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I also have favorite and hated players to twist things up. I’d root for ร–zil’s team even if he weren’t already on my favorite. And I would never root for Rooney’s team. I also randomly hate countries like France. It makes it more fun to have diehard love or hate when watching, even if it is randomly chosen hate.

          • skj84

            I think a real Seahawk could plausibly take on a Bronco. Peck its eyes out or spook the Bronco. I think Mental Floss asked experts this question around the time of the Superbowl this year.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Oh yeah, and for American football, pick the team on the West Coast. The time zones favor them. I learned this from NPR who learned it from scientists who studied the win/lose patterns.

          • Emmaleigh504

            If you want to pick an actual winner that is and not blindly follow a team ๐Ÿ™‚

          • My mom won her office March Madness pool by picking the cutest of the mascots. I suppose it’s as legit of a method as any!

        • I’m not saying that it is right or wrong, but I just need to point out that if a male made similar comments about rooting for a female sports team because they were all hot or all had big boobs he would be raked through the coals on this site and be told to not objectify women like that.

          Are there different standards for men and women objectifying the other sex? It’s ok if women do it but not men? Food for thought

          • Men aren’t objectified in real life. They’re not subject to street harassment purely because they’re men. A man rooting for a women’s sports team because of looks, etc. would be just “more of the same.” Emilie is turning the paradigm on its head, and good for her. #YesAllWomen

          • You’re absolutely right, there is most definitely a double standard here. But in a way it’s leveling the playing field by making women look as shallow and disrespectful as they claim that men are. Some people will think they’re making a very clever point by doing so, but I don’t think they’re educating anyone who needs to know, and they are annoying the people who don’t. I just tune it out.

          • I’m not sure I could objectify a man if I tried…and believe me…I’ve tried

          • You can make up whatever reasons you want to justify it and make yourself feel better about it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s very hypocritical and undermines the #YesAllWomen message. I was always taught that two wrongs don’t make a right, but what do I know I’m just a neanderthal male and clearly I’m not able to grasp a concept as complex as this.


          • If you believe that all women are hypocrites then there’s nothing that anyone here could say to change your mind. Yuck

          • Yes, objectively the act is the same. There is even a world cup hottie bracket on one of the news sites, ABC I think. The difference is not in the action but in the reception. Men receiving this kind of attention are, and I am making an anecdotal assumption here, going to be flattered rather than demoralized. Men have not over the vast majority of space and time had to prove themselves beyond their physical attributes. Men have not over the course of space and time been bullied by women into a submissive posture through physical attributes. The biological dynamics of the male body have not been used against men to keep them in their place. Etc. etc. etc. Thus without that baggage, when a woman expresses appreciation of the male form, the recipient of that appreciation can feel good about it. It is unfortunate that the history of male-female relations have led to women likewise enjoying being appreciated. I would much rather be able to take a comment as a compliment rather than a potential power/dominance play. But that’s not the way of the world. Be indignant if you wish, but know that you men are still the ones in the privileged position.

          • To Anonymous 1:03 and A Woman – Your responses are thoughtful and well stated, thank you. To be clear I’m not trying to attack the OP (or women in general) but I’ve seen a lot of “OMG go Team X because they have the hottest guys!” posts on social media since the tournament started and I know that the women saying this aren’t saying it to show their deep rooted feminist beliefs, they’re saying it because they have a thing for European and/or South American men.

            But I must say that it’s very presumptuous to assume that you know how a man feels when he’s being objectified like this, just like it would be presumptuous for a man to think he knows what a woman is thinking when the roles are reversed.

          • I acknowledged that I was making an assumption based on my interaction with the men I know. I can image situations where there are men who would not react the same as the men I know. And I do presume that these particular men in this tournament who strip their shirts off when a goal is scored or other moments do not have any issue with their bodies being commented upon. But, I think, I presume, I whatever, that when comments are made about the looks of men in this tournament it doesn’t detract from their athletic talent and accomplishments whereas for a woman in a similar situation the looks would become the whole story. I realize this is a vastly generalized statement. But a woman can be competent or she can be attractive, or if both is somehow suspect. A man can be both, and if both all the more better.

  • Rant: the other supervisor in my office made a comment about me wearing jeans. It’s Friday, I have no meetings, and my boss is not here.
    Rant: going to the gym and missing the 12PM World Cup game. #OperationGetChose
    Rave: ESPN Go app- I can watch and “work” at the same time

    • Can you tell me about what else you’re doing for #OperationGetChose? (Another single female here – so far low cut shirts and getting drunk with my girlfriends has yielded pretty low quality results!)

      • Where are you going with such shirts and how is the dynamic in said locales? If you’re in the bar and still in a group or 3+ it’s just to big to walk up and start a conversation. I’ll talk to any group of 1-2 girls at the bar…”What are you drinking?” is the easiest opening line ever

        • The group thing might be killing me – we have a great group of ladies, but it just keeps growing.

          • That’s always a predicament, I’d say grab the one whose a good conversationalist and post up away from the group at the bar for a bit, or if everyone is at the bar, at least put yourself on the end. Gotta stay out of the middle of the herd to get picked off!

          • Too many chicks is a bit of high & intimidating hurdle for a single guy to approach. Lose some of the head count.

      • Just going out and being my bad self ๐Ÿ˜‰

        No really– just exercise for me (and Tinder dates). I did go on a shopping spree and got some cute(low-cut) dresses. My only luck was at Nellies when a “straight” guy hit on me. Oh well, summer is just getting started.

      • Maybe I’m clueless about all this but why not try #OperationChoose instead of #OperationGetChose? I don’t understand people who leave the work up to other people and then wonder why nothing’s happening.

    • What’s OperationGetChose? (Which I want to correct to OperationGetChosen.)

      • Fresh (she’s a blogger/queen of Black Twitter) has been on an exercise kick. She calls it #OperationGetChose which is a take on UGK’s ft Outkast (they’re a Southern rap group) song International Players Anthem (I Choose You). Bun B says “we trying to get chose.

        TL;DR version: campaign to get your body right

        • “Get your body right….so that someone else will find you attractive and choose you” sounds more like it. Not a great message IMO.

          • I agree. If it was OperationGetComfortable or OperationGetHappyWithYourself, I’d be all on board. But “get chose”? Makes me think of the way prostitutes line up so the johns can choose.

          • Getting my body right is more for myself than anyone else. Making sure I eat right and exercise right will make sure I live longer. And just b/c I’m “chose” doesn’t mean I “choose” that person.

        • You basically just revived Popville for me…. God bless your explanation for getting chose. HA ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Wtf is Black Tiwtter???

          • There is a new Wiki page on this.

          • It’s like White Tiwtter, but black.

          • skj84

            My sister and I loveling refer to it as “Blitter”. I love black twitter.

          • It’s so funny the things/groups/etc you can attach “Black” to and nobody blinks an eye. But if you did that with “White” everyone would scream exclusionary.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I should not weigh in on this but…
            That’s because everything here is default white, no need to put the qualifier on it. For example, we don’t have white history month because most history taught in schools is white history.

        • I Googled it (I’m not the one who asked) and had trouble finding a page that explained it so I’m glad anon asked.

        • FYI, I googled it and still couldn’t figure out what it was. Poor use of “LMGTFY”.

          • Emmaleigh504

            anonymous seems to be extra grumpy and argumentative just to be argumentative today.

          • dcgator

            I love that we can just lump all anonymi into a collective anonymous.

          • Hey hey, I may be a bit grumpy, but not at all argumentative today. Also, I had no part in this exchange, so please, let’s stereotype us anonymi.

  • Rave: Boudoir photo shoot tomorrow. I’m excited for cute hair, makeup and outfits
    Rant: Kind of nervous that the photos will just confirm all of my insecurities
    Question: It’s my first time doing anything like this, are you supposed to tip makeup artists and photographers? How much?

    • I don’t know the answer to the tipping question, but I’m just curious… what’s your motivation for having these photos taken?

      • Just thought it might be fun

      • pablo .raw

        I did a Boudoir session for a woman who wanted the photos for the same reason, just for fun. I used The Grand Odalisque as an inspiration.

        • Yep, I’ve never taken non-smartphone pictures before so I thought why not do it now and why not make them sexy! Are you a photographer? Do I tip!!?

          • pablo .raw

            Yes I am. In my experience, some clients tip, others don’t. I welcome the tip but I don’t have a problem with clients that don’t tip. Basically I don’t expect it. But that’s me.

    • skj84

      Wow, Boudoir pics are awesome! Roll in there with supreme confidence and you will look great. Seriously don’t over think about how you look. The stylists and makeup team are there to work with you and make you look fantastic. They will help you bring out your best side. I don’t think you need to tip the makeup artist and photographers, in this case it’s built into the price? I’m not sure.

    • I totally want to have them too. Motivation = to show my grandchildren. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave: Despite all the negative, hateful feedback here a few weeks ago I had a great conversation with my girl friend about her upcoming adoption consideration. And yes of course we’re still friends. You should really evaluate your “friends” if you can’t have candid conversations with them without breaking up the friendship. And maybe don’t always assume the absolute worst of everyone online?

    • Accountering

      Interesting that you felt the need to “I told you so” — I didn’t comment originally, but I certainly feel you were in the wrong to have that conversation. Glad it worked out, and you didn’t lose a friend though. You very easily could have.

      • Maybe if everyone hadn’t been so unwilling to even consider a circumstance they might not have all the details to I wouldn’t have. I mean who has the time to sit here and spell out every aspect of a relationship. I just asked for HELP, not HATE. There were like 3 people out of 50 who weren’t cynical, judgmental assholes.

        • You posted on the Internet. People expressed their opinions. Now you’re upset? If you wanted advice from someone who knows you, and who could ask for more information/clarification, then you should have asked friends not Internet strangers. But disagreeing with you doesn’t make someone a cynical, judgmental asshole. Besides, I remember your question and you worded it in such a way that it was insulting and criticism was to be expected.

        • You asked for help in voicing to your friend an opinion that many PoPvillagers found flat-out offensive, and that many others thought you had no business voicing to the friend, regardless of whether it was offensive.
          If you’re asking people “What’s the best way to be a busybody?” and the response is “Don’t be a busybody,” I don’t think you’re justified in saying, “But I just asked for HELP in being a busybody!”
          You’re perfectly entitled to have an opinion. Whether it’s appropriate for you to share it with your friend is another matter.

        • epric002

          just because your (apparently kind and patient) friend actually had a conversation with you about something that was truly none of your business, doesn’t mean that you were right to bring it up in the first place. i think that says a lot more about her than you (especially since you’ve decided that everyone who disagrees with you is a hateful, cynical, judgmental asshole). yeesh.

          • To be fair, she has a point regarding how presumptive people here are. Take a look at yesterday’s low income housing post for a pretty clear example.

          • epric002

            where exactly is her good point? it was none of her business. it didn’t blow up in her face. that doesn’t make what she did right. what am i missing?

          • You have no idea whether it’s “her business”. You’re making an assumption, and assuming negatively, which was her point.

          • epric002

            if believing that deciding the sex of a to-be-adopted child is no one’s business other than the adoptive parents (unless explicitly asked) makes me presumptive/assuming negatively/hateful/cynical/judgmetal asshole….i think i’m ok with that.

          • Agreed with epric002’s remark at 1:21 pm.
            It just isn’t anyone else’s business. It would be inappropriate even for the parents/siblings/cousins of the adoptive couple to weigh in unasked, and it’s definitely inappropriate for a friend to do so.

          • Where is this book on what’s appropriate in every situation? I would love to know how you’re all so informed on other’s lives.

          • epric002

            le sigh. this has nothing to do with information about other people’s lives. there are some subjects that, unless explicitly asked for your opinion on, are none.of.your.business. that doesn’t mean you can’t privately have opinions on those subjects, but without first being asked, to think that it is appropriate to volunteer your opinions on other people’s highly personal decisions- that is presumptuous. and that book you’re looking for likely has the word “etiquette” in the title. you could also ask miss manners.

    • Really? We’re hateful? Saying two women cannot effectively raise a little boy is pretty close-minded and short-sighted on your part. Pointing that out does not make anyone hateful.

    • skj84

      I still think your ideas were really freaking busy body. I mean its good your friend entertained your opinion, but it was really none of your buisness to tell her. But hey, at least you’re vindicated against us hateful internet commentators right?

    • Oooh, tell us more about the conversation. Were you able to change their minds?

      • Yeah, I don’t think it’s fair to come bursting in here with “I told you so” and not divulge the details!

    • jim_ed

      “And maybe donโ€™t always assume the absolute worst of everyone online”
      That’s a great strategy if your goal is to end up in a drainage ditch somewhere with a random weirdo wearing your skin as a bathrobe. No thanks.

    • I think it would be hard to evaluate if you’re still friends right now. Just because they were polite during the conversation doesn’t mean they didn’t discuss their discomfort with your approach amongst themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start excluding you from their lives. That how friendships usually end– not with an explosion but with a quiet death.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Summer Friday! Awesome weekend coming up. Leaving work early
    Rave2: First day of summer (even though DC summer started this week haha) and hanging out on the roof tomorrow. 50% chance of rain, but definitely hoping and thinking we are going to get the 50% chance and have no rain

  • Rave: Live music in the atrium today for World Refugee Day.

    Rant: I may be a little hungover today.

  • jim_ed

    Rant(ish): I need to rely on PoPville’s collective wisdom (stop laughing) to deal with a problem (seriously, stop laughing). A Northern Mockingbird has decided to nest in our front yard, which is fine, but it has taken to attacking our dog anytime he’s out front. The bird has more recently started flying perilously close to us and our infant when we enter and exit the house. I called animal control, and was basically told “tough shit”, as disturbing ANY bird nest in DC is apparently a $10,000 fine. So I ask – anyone got an idea for a humane bird removal? Any non-profits or bird enthusiasts I can call upon? I’m all for peaceful resolutions here, but I’ve also got no moral compunction dealing with the bird myself if it continues to harass the dog and baby. Thoughts?

    • Accountering

      Its impossible to read those first couple of sentences with out litterally laughing out loud. Thanks for that. No tips, just thank you for the laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

    • pablo .raw

      The only thing that can stop a bad Northern Mockingbird, is a good Northern Mockingbird. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Check with City Wildlife. They have an interest in birds and might be able to refer you to someone who can help. I know they have a group that is concerned with lights in the city and birds flying into windows at night.

    • I hear you. My dog gets attacked by a mockingbird if we walk down the unit block of R Street NW. I probably look like a lunatic, as I’m swinging the end of his leash at the bird as it tries to attack the dog’s tail. Is the fine just for disturbing a nest (i.e. if you were to say smack the bird into a wall with a tennis racquet, but didn’t touch the nest, then what?).

    • Dive bombing & harassing is unnerving, but it’s not like they are going to grab you (or the dog) with their claws and peck your eyes out. The humane removal is to let the eggs hatch (2 weeks) and the chicks fledge (2 more weeks.) Once the nest is vacated, remove it. Some people advise hanging bright dangling things in bush or tree next year to discourage rebuilding.

      • Have you ever been dive-bombed by a good-sized bird? I got attacked by a bluejay last summer (as I was rescuing her fledgling from my trash can, damnit), and I don’t know how a four-ounce bird managed it, but I had a lump and a cut on my head.
        And in one of those “co-workers’s dog-walker’s cousins said” type stories… my neighbor back in the old country (philadelphia) got a massive vet bill when a bird-inflicted injury to his dog got infected.
        (For all that, I kind of agree: they fledge fast… I think you’re stuck Jim. Maybe carry an umbrella to and from the house.)

        • This is what we are concerned about. Not necessarily about ourselves, but more for our 5 month old. As much as I believe we can protect her, that bird is fast and nasty. I had to shield her from a swooping last night as we were walking into the house. I partially swear that bird just sits on our front gate waiting for us, stalking us.

          That being said, thank you everyone for the advice!

        • Yeah, I’ve actually been dive-bombed by a seagull – now THAT was scary! It even chased me down the beach.

    • I think you should call Boo Radley.

    • Leave a hose out and spray it with water? I’m assuming that the nesting and fledging doesn’t take too long — so if you can discourage the bird from swooping near you, when I”m guessing you’re near its nest, it should be a time limited problem. Beyond that, if your “home renovations” remove the nest once the nest is empty, that might prevent issues in the future.

      • I’m not sure a hosing would work, since cool new studies show that Mockingbirds recognize individuals who mess with them and subsequently focus their “attacks” on those individuals.

        “Mockingbirds can remember people who have threatened them and even start dive-bombing them if they see the person again, a study has found.

        An urban population of the songbirds ignored most passers-by, but took to the air when they recognised people who had approached their nest days before.

        When the birds spotted a previous offender, they started screeching and set off to harass the person with swooping dives, at times grazing the tops of their heads.”

        The mockingbirds seemed to recognise individuals after just two bad encounters, a skill that Levy suspects is rare among bird species. Pigeons need extensive training to recognise different people.
        . . . .
        “Sixty seconds of exposure was all it took for mockingbirds to learn to identify different individuals and pick them out of all other students on campus,” Levy said.


        • jim_ed

          Oh yeah, that’s definitely where we’re at. I open the front door and it flies over to the porch railing and mean mugs me. It initially just went after the dog, but when I started shooing it away when it swooped at him, I apparently also made the bird’s enemies list. I think my wife and daughter are guilty by association with me and the dog.

    • Try calling Woodend in Chevy Chase, it’s an Audubon associated site and I’m sure they could provide some advice.

    • It’s only a fine if you get caught.

    • Totally sympathizing with you on this. My dog and I got attacked by one of these suckers by the Beatley library and I swear it was trying to take a chunk out of my ass. I have no idea where the nest was but you better believe we ran to and from our car. Very unsettling stuff.

    • what about borrowing a friend’s cat?

    • Something like Irri-tape – reflective Mylar-ish stuff – completely deters the birds from hanging out on my front porch and pooping on it. you might tie some onto the fence when the mocking bird sits, or attach some to the baby stroller. The reflective pattern messes with bird depth perception or something. Mockingbirds are pretty tough, but it might work. and as soon as the babies are out of the nest, remove the nest.

  • skj84

    Rave: Jazz in the Garden tonight! It’s going to be gourgous weather wise.

    Rant: One of the last restaurants I worked at is closing this weekend. I saw the writing on the wall and left a few months ago, but still sad to see it shut down. Plus I’m not sure how to list on my resume in regards to references. I worked there a long time and I don’t want to take it off.

    Rave: Made homemade crabcakes yesterday! Found a recipe online and loved it. So tasty.

    Rant: Crabmeat is really expensive! I had no idea. Guess homemade crabcakes will be an occasional treat.

    • My brother always uses the recipe on the Old Bay cannister and it’s surprisingly good!

      • skj84

        Oh I’ll check that one out. The recipes on food packaging are usually pretty legit. I still stand by the traditional nestle bag recipe when I make chocolate chip cookies. I may change the chocolate chips up a bit, but its a standard. And now I want cookie!

        • And the best basic chocolate cake is the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa container!

          • The recipe for pecan pie on the Karo syrup bottle is a classic.

          • Agree on the pecan pie…that thing is amazing. There’s also a really good fudge recipe on the marshmallow fluff container (is that a bottle, a jar, I don’t know!)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I had a similar problem looking for work up here after Katrina b/c the places I had worked were closed and coworkers had scattered in the wind. I had 1 job that was still there and all my references came from that job because I couldn’t find my other references. I left all the jobs on my resume and if anyone asked I would mention that they were closed. It turned out not to be a problem because no one noticed and/or asked. Hopefully it won’t be a problem for you.

      • skj84

        I figure if anyone asks I’ll do the same and mention it’s closed. I’m going to ask my last manager if I can list her as the point of contact for the restaurant.

    • Rant: I was hoping to take my girlfriend to Jazz in the Garden tonight, but she’s sick with the cold I had earlier this week. ๐Ÿ™ Need a contigency plan!

      • You gave her the cold…what dontcha stay in with her and make her a nice evening at home.

        • She’s at her mom’s… in Burke… I might go out there but sitting in a dark stuffy house (her mom apparently has something against natural light) is a sad way to spend a beautiful weekend!

          • Anon from Above – oddly my parents live in Burke, so I dont blame you. I only know of glory days and well, glory days. hahah

          • Haha, thanks for the empathy. I’m willing to trek out there every now and then but can’t bring myself to do it 3-4 times a week like she does!

    • Harris Teeter sometimes (like last week!) has crabmeat on sale for $13.00 a pound – which makes 6 generous crab cakes. Still more of a “treat” but a pretty good treat.

      • skj84

        Will keep an eye out for sales! I was thinking of heading to the fish market in Southwest some time to see if they are more competitive price wise.

  • pregunta: need a moderately priced steak restaurant recommendation in philly. not trying to break the bank, something similar to Rays the Steaks if possible. Or just a good restaurant recommendation in general. For next Saturday, table of 6 lets say. Going out after so don’t want to be disgustingly full. Thanks!

    • I’m not well-versed in Philly to shell out a recommendation, but they are one of the most underrated food cities. If you don’t get any good recommendations, relying on yelp would still be a safe bet. Also, Stephen Starr (Le Diplomat) has a bunch of restaurants there. Might be worth looking through that list.

  • Accountering

    First real rant in a while: Called 911 on a clearly intoxicated driver coming back from Bethesda last night. Guy was all over the place on 495, drifting everywhere.. Almost hit someone on the cloverleaf to River Road, and then drilled the curb on the ramp. Called 911, and was easily able to stay within following distance due to congestion all the way to the DC line. MD 911 operator stayed on the line, and I updated her as to where he was. They were not able to intercept this guy and stop him before he crossed into DC and turned onto Western Ave. Super lame.

    • So you were driving and talking on the phone? And he’s the one you want arrested?

      • +1

        Accountering are you a “Maryland driver?”

      • LOL really?

      • They make these things called hands-free bluetooth headsets specifically for this purpose. Don’t be an asshat when he was clearly trying to help.

        • He never mentioned being on a Bluetooth. Given the way this guy has posted about behaving in the car in the past I wouldn’t put it past him to think he’s above the law. Remember the horn honking at cars 8 lengths ahead?

          • Yea, that’s definitely a clown move. “This guy…”

          • Accountering

            I was on my hands free device. Either way I think it is a false equivalency. Even if I was on my phone to my ear, I certainly subscribe to dealing with the largest issue at hand. The (likely) very inebriated driver was a much bigger issue than a person speaking on their cell phone.
            Much like how in college, if a bunch of people are drinking, and they call an ambulance because one of them got alcohol poisoning, they do not get in trouble for underage possession, as the much bigger issue is the kid who is on the road to death.
            Also, serious LOL at the above the law bit. I give a reminder to a driver (who is likely texting!) a few cars ahead of me, and now I am above the law? That is a very tenuous connection at best!

      • Being on the phone while driving isn’t against the law unless the phone is handheld. And Accountering had a valid public-safety concern, i.e., reporting a dangerous driver.

      • There are exceptions for emergency, and in this case, the risk of Accountering using the phone while driving was likely outweighed by the risk posed by the driver he was reporting.

      • Accountering

        Yes, I was driving and speaking on my phone, and I would like him arrested for DUI. Was that a serious question?

    • Yes! This has happened to me before, going down 16th st from Brightwood to Mass ave on a Saturday afternoon. The driver was everywhere- the wrong side of the road, the sidewalk, stopping occasionally in the middle of traffic. I stayed with 911 for 15 minutes until I lost him at a light and no units responded. It was so frustrating, and made me concerned about their ability to respond to even more timely issues.

      • Maybe they couldn’t respond to you *because* they were responding to more timely issues.

        • Yeah, not like anyone’s ever been hurt as a result of someone driving drunk *rolls eyes*

          • No one said that, smart guy. From the perspective of emergency responders who have limited resources to deploy at any given time, a possible drunk driver is not always going to be the number one priority. Sorry if it upsets you but welcome to real life.

          • I guess it’s like the cops not showing up in time to catch a drug deal taking place. Someone was doing something illegal, and someone could have gotten killed, but a lot of times no one is hurt.

    • One of my exes (we weren’t together at the time) was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. The drunk was driving on the wrong side of the interstate! Had numerous DUIs and a suspended license. So, thanks for trying to do the right thing Accountering. Pay these anonymous a**hats no mind.

  • Rave: Fun plans for the coming weekend
    Rant: Work is not over yet
    Rave: but it’s quiet and I’m the boss for the day.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I cannot concentrate on work at all. The boss is working from home so I’m mostly safe from a busy day.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Happy Midsomer!
    Rant: We don’t celebrate it here.
    Rave: When I move to Sweden I will celebrate all the holidays!

  • Rant: 5 pre-foreclosures listed on my street, including some really good neighbors that take care of the block.

    Double-rant: The craptacular neighbors across the street aren’t going anywhere, of course. Wishing we could trade them out instead.

    • Five? Wow that’s crazy. Where do you live?
      I’ve been in area that had a lot of short sales and it definitely sucks when the good neighbors are the ones who fall on hard times but the shitty ones manage to stay around and keep making everyone else’s lives miserable.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Day off, World Cup on all day while I assemble patio furniture.
    Rave: AC guy came and did annual maintenance, now pumping out 10 degrees cooler!
    Rave: Love that Hyundai commercial with the dad whose little girl spoils the game result.
    No rants today, all happys.

  • RAVE: LOS TICOS!!!!!!!!! Victory! I love seeing all the traditional powerhouses losing to the underdogs. Spain, England, and now Italy. I’m praying someone upsets Brazil. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Not sure England counts as a “traditional powerhouse”, but I get what you mean.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Have a heart for the host country! I always feel badly when they lose whether in the Olympics or World Cup.

  • Rave: I’m so immature. I have the column for Subject sized narrowly for work email so it looks like today that Martha Stewart sent me an email with the Subject of “After Work C*ck.”

    And yes I took a picture of it to send to friends My inner 12 year old is still giggling.

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